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June 28 [Fri], 2013, 11:16
> Autonomous prefecture-level city under the power supply company branch project started, with meicheng this pioneer, you only need to establish an independent accounting system, line zoning, each of the counties, county-level cities have set up branches supply the electrical work more detailed work assigned to subordinate units. Cheng Xiaoyu with people not directly to the autonomous power supply company, but in the following way directly into the power supply branch area, there is no ready team with convergence, Ding Kai, who directly led to the following distribution stations, substations and other front-line units to conduct research directly, since the choice of high-profile, high profile in the end it is simply the way. Yili will drop ten. I have a higher identity and status of all of you, I am a leader in the public, a natural advantage you will have to listen to me. Have emboldened people dare to take the so-called real identity that matter, it is also fortunate workplace rather than bureaucratic, difficult temperament or personality Cheng Xiaoyu fared fast, and offend a bunch of people do not say, and finally will be Curl huge whirlpool escape. In Pei Sheng Huai leap and sporadic speech under the influence of high-end, in Zou Jicheng, Luo Dahai, Sheng Xiaolei, Liu Xin and other equipment level of words and deeds, Cheng Xiaoyu now nor smelt, the struggle to understand him clearly, but he advocates to strike addressed, and never went more than a waste tongue negotiated. Own abilities, let him in on the merits of quality equipment components have a natural advantage, the construction of the equipment can be assembled half a layman, you can just know the bottom bar equipment parts quality, quality checkers easy for him, with occasional inspection The investigation also missing when filled, will be out troubleshooting, the overall calculation expenditure and revenue was flat, his side was so, but it alarmed the entire provincial companies and even large areas. In the past, no matter how large the seaside district assessment, or repair meicheng electricity, Changbai Mountain rescue are special areas in the technology sector which, aside some administrative cadres selfishness, his influence in the power system is too small,oakley sunglasses, concern many people, the true nature of their ability to have a lot of different speculation, have become accustomed to making exaggerated resume, curriculum vitae even seen Cheng Xiaoyu, except for some countries with some of his great wisdom or understanding, basically do not too will believe in the resume, and some people will resume directly to the contents reversed, that it is a rhetoric of generation, otherwise it will not do such a beautiful history. Now, how many pairs of eyes watching Autonomous watching Cheng Xiaoyu a pedestrian, he did the first time white spoon will be understood by everyone, Ding Kai The engineer is what level is below what level technicians, we knew that belly that the state is so efficient investigation and hidden, thorough investigation of the quality problem, the speed high efficiency are people yesterday tongue, even more frightening is hundred percent accuracy rate, no matter what your department is not hidden faults, Material quality problems grasping a prospective, a power supply branch, subordinate units along the route to go down, general manager of the power company here Autonomous personally come to meet with the leadership team, originally by level general manager should not have come, but unfortunately Cheng Xiaoyu this day and night made history, quality of materials worth more than a million there have been significant problems, several routine maintenance should be out of the failure investigation did not repair it, leading cadres of the existence of corruption situation, the existence of non-technical personnel as the situation? This question sent to, suddenly the whole monstrous waves off a provincial company, which processes the first deputy chief engineer of the fire's too busy, that is the beginning of flames, up and down the entire Autonomous power company complaining, either leadership or cadres layers, have been scared to sleep at night this group of people are more or less on infrastructure when soiled point edge, which if thoroughly investigated together stakeholders who can not run away, we normally also used to muddle along, but also something no one would catch hold, who wanted to put this first fire burning up that can not be curbed. Cursing Cheng Xiaoyu, but also began Grudge headquarters Zhou Qian, who provoke bad, to provoke such a Lengtou Qing, hurt everyone followed suffer. Said research, gradually turning nature Cheng Xiaoyu's identity is automatically converted to a deputy head of the discipline inspection, emergency mobilization of the company from the provincial discipline inspection and autonomous workers to continue to carry out infrastructure along the checks could not hide here, tried to hide the top mostly along the advance maintenance, troubleshooting as possible to avoid the problem investigation is growing. Ping also sit still, just as he wanted to give Cheng Xiaoyu called and when the research team to a big turn, directly followed by the Autonomous Region to the power company, in accordance with the other arrangements for routine research, heavy pick, light light down. In an interview with the autonomous community leaders after dinner, Cheng Xiaoyu stopped within two days did not go out of the hotel, on the third day, all the workers have returned provincial discipline inspection company, with Ding Kai, vice president and autonomous workers, technician, began a statewide overhaul the technology, all the way lived outdoors, in cold and windy in the three crowded in the dirt road in the car, wearing canvas overalls, carry with them a comprehensive set of tools, with helmets, two pickups behind filled with many of the materials, equipment, supplies all the way to overhaul the way, each branch would feel bane again, who knows this time Cheng Xiaoyu entirely to the identity of skilled workers to come to the superior detection capabilities to the extreme, all the way down , technician who was an eye-opener, I really did not think there is such a powerful technique strongman, you really will not tell each other exactly why so strong, is entirely unreasonable check it out, do you think it would go up credible, ensure that there are errors and omissions. Soon, a large district and provincial companies jointly issued a document, given the number of leading cadres Autonomous reprimand, demerit, fines penalties bonus, given general manager Wang Ping warning, reprimand given zoning Vice President, General Manager of giving Autonomous reprimand, Minister Zhou Qian administrative demerits punishment, demotion use; give Autonomous vice president, chief engineer demerits punishment, demotion use, giving Autonomous deputy chief engineer, several middle-level cadres removal treatment. A series of documents, and then came the work that is off-site transfers, a series of initiatives will the leadership of the various company departments began off-site transfers, retirement also several general mobilization. Seem menacing, but in reality only truly affected only a few people, some warnings, critics and the like are nothing but frill, fine money is a mere trifle, the fire's heat, all of a sudden people realize this new to drive the level of vice president of engineering, it seems everyone's l circuitous no means accidental. Then we remembered the first line of work has been deeply number yao Cheng Xiaoyu, the original people are not Lengtou Qing, but won them the taste of Oil Stick, playing this hand too beautiful,Oakley M FRAME, that played their own power and prestige, but also to establish from the majesty of the others, will also be severely Zhou Qian fan of a big slap in the face in mind, I will proclaim Cheng Xiaoyu was not a little guy like you can carry. Then view other people's work, from start to finish so you pick not go wrong, come up with a power supply branch warning to others, then that is a normal research work to appease the people, and finally to show the level of self-repair. Half the time, walked around the entire Autonomous Cheng Xiaoyu, black thin, but in the entire Autonomous be leaving power company reputation, the following line of skilled workers and patrol work every day this kind of work, can not consume overhaul of time and effort, they would be happy to obey orders and arrangements, some of the device's internal aging have also been singled out. When Cheng Xiaoyu a return to the Autonomous pedestrian when Zhuo Ping discipline inspection team leader with, chief engineer Xue Chengjiang personally greet them half a month of hard work since condolences. Xuecheng Jiang Cheng Xiaoyu shook hands, his face full of excitement of color, heavy shaking his arms: "Cheng deputy chief engineer, really hard." "Thank you, Chief Engineer of care for Sit." Love words, Cheng Xiaoyu bite heavy, its meaning is obvious, do not think some little tricks I do not know, but I Landelikuai Bale. Xue Chengjiang smile make fun of the past, the evening held a company-wide staff dinners, Wang Ping and Cheng Xiaoyu after another speech, reward frontline technicians dinner, Cheng Xiaoyu applause following his speech particularly intense, half the time, ushered in the The first snow of this winter, he used his practical action to conquer the whole supply company's technical staff. Early next morning the king of equality of people have left, Xue Chengjiang stay with Cheng Xiaoyu summarizes the work of this period of time, the power company will have the entire technical department for technical conferences, such as the promotion will be able to conduct large-scale promotion of the province . Xue Chengjiang aggregated with people first, tired half a month Cheng Xiaoyu being the first day of rest, until Xue Chengjiang will make the following general summary is completed, further meetings to study. A sleep until half past nine pm, Cheng Xiaoyu took a bath, wanted in a hotel meal, then come here to think of a return, do not eat a pure eating dog meat, grilled specialties and cold, it seems that some apologies themselves. Always energetic called on the dark wood, also known as the period of time were just too tired to death Kuroki Gifted and Zhou Lei Cui pigtail, four individual driving a car to leave the hotel, go to sleep this time, the dark wood has car repair again, internal and external to the depot cleaning brush again. Q5 to leave the hotel at the time, in a dark corner of the street a pair of eyes, the hands of the phone call: "Zhou brother, they came out, ah, do not worry, he at Chung Town is a personal matter, the third of the acres , you want to fix him not Shoudaoqinlai, depriving we now smelt one, you worry, I'll give him a profound lesson,Oakley FLAK JACKET Clearance, will not let him be found in your body, you do not worry do I work? "knowing , this time in the car, drove Zhou Lei, dark wood smoking a cigarette pointing road, eyes swept the copilot's rearview mirror from time to time, have felt early on Cheng Xiaoyu said: "doing something is to offend people, some we have been eyeing gangsters, and with no need for me ...... "" Oh! seems to hurt some of the first fire did not burn in, then Gaga fire! "(To be continued) <
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