just as Wei beads to the Royal

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe latest chapter can not blame sixteen elder brother specially mentioned Bing Shang Shuyin community ,now he is be scorched by the flames .
Bing Han Shang Sun Zhihao died in June ,the new Hanshang book had not sent down .As a church official ,being picked for Mongolia imperial outside buy camel ,this saying is glory ,still be inferior to saying is retribution .
At the beginning of the war ,no horses ,the court had allowed the policy so stop ,A Rabutan led his army exchanges ,this is great humiliation .Kangxi was a gas ,the ranch into the Department, bingbushangshu Yin community responsibility .
Yin community was also wrong ,the Eight Banners ranch duct has several masterless ,where he can do advocate ?Besides, the ranch of malpractice, not a matter of two years ,month after month and year after year ,more and more virtual account ,even if he will cleanse the Augean stable ,no power capable of saving a desperate situation .
This truth is no place to go ,he only brought to a respectful ,naturalized along the acquisition camel .Is empty white teeth ,said to be carrying baggage acquisition ,but keep the board signed signature .
Like the camel such large animals ,and more concentrated in the Mongolia aristocracy .Won the war buy the camel news ,they are indicative of herd herd to slave the grasslands grazing to .
Poor community from Yin ,his officials goods ,outside rush about half ,eat a lot of sand ,the camel didn close to horses .The decree on the required amount is four thousand horsepower ,will receive the full, in Xuanhua Datong feeding ,next spring to the army before the .
Inteb at this time but not bluffing. ,if the delay the fulfilment of a military plan ,combined punishment for several crimes ,future can be completely ruined .Then ,he was suffering to the Royal recourse to .
Hear of Cao Yin for the community ,is very glad, from the resident was greeted personally .Cao Jiasheng is needless to say, is the emperor of Cao and pro grandson-in-law .If I can get Cao to be his deputy .
Buy back camel really a mistake ,this punishment will be the result of Cao ,different .Besides, Cao was a financial success .The tea boy ,and now village ,the large amount of it is thick .
It is not, as long as he please do so ,let him temporarily out of silver ,the task first .Is good ... ... Inteb thought ,face smiled even more ,see Cao ,as if saw a golden hill general .
Cao was staring at the hair ,with the official ceremony .See Cao misconduct shelf ,good manners, yin deficiency a busy community ,said: it is not in the government house ,don bother .
Look at you than the April clean out a lot, tut .It is hard to travel back and forth ! In the hall ,two people altogether never said a few words, it is with a lot of .Cao is not a fool ,and thought .
He knew that Inteb intentions .Surface has no ,his heart is am .The Mongolia job ,he is bored ,and no interest with Yin on account to the community around .Although the army post, is the division of jurisdiction ,but is a holy life ,let oneself headache to Yin community .
The heart has a mind ,Cao would not stay .Without Yin community opening ,he excuses and sixteen elder brother about ,go away .Inteb personally sent by cao .Looked at his back, the heart has to think how to plead in the royal .
.. ... Cao side end is relieved ,the heart also wondering what way ,want to avoid being conscripted ,Yin community .Otherwise ,it received the purchase four thousand camels job, if it is to export to stay out until the end of the year .
The cold weather is not afraid, to stay a few months .He is afraid to go back, his sons did not know his father .In addition ,also remember mother production .Whether it is small or little brother ,sister ,many siblings are good, that is ,Lee was old ,bad .
The sixteen elder brother tent ,but only Zhao Feng took the two eunuchs to pack sixteen elder brother clothes .Nowadays, already is late August .The wear warm hat .See Cao came .When Zhao Fengmang bowed .
Cao waved his hand, call him up .: sixteen ,this is the drive to see ? Zhao Feng Gongshen replied just is the emperor of Wei duct to pass in front of the will, the upload of our Lord to the Royal accounts over to .
It is said that Zhungeer will do ,so nothing ,Cao joined Zhao Feng gossip a few, are asked to Jehol and Beijing news .Two people to speak ,she heard footsteps outside ,sixteen elder brother came back, accompanied by and Wei beads .
See Cao that moment, sixteen elder brother look a little stiff ,eyes revealed concerns about color .Cao and his years of intersection ,will show his unusual place, want to ask, but was stopped sixteen elder brother eye .
If you trust ,here ,is just to make people declared emperor ,he Nibi see . Sixteen brother seems to have returned to normal, touch left Ivory fingerstall ,said with a smile .Cao line of sight from the sixteen elder brother hand over ,heart more certainty is change .
This is the sixteen age a little ,feel nervous or vacillate when, this action is .So secretive ,even considering Wei beads .Weiju was laughing up to Cao Cao ,said: the amount of it ,the king still waiting ,you tell my past .
Cao points shall be the head ,and looked at the sixteen elder brother eye ,just as Wei beads to the Royal accounts over there .Wei Zhudi face but do not see color ,on the way to somewhere quiet ,he is whispered to Cao Cao Road : God ,the palace some news ,listening to a bit strange, heard that the Dragon Boat Festival, end the master in the garden and die ,her grand odalisque also lost .
In addition to end house master ,not a few old people ... ... This is the lady harem after thing ... ... Finished the sentence ,Wei bead tightly pursed mouth ,no more words .
Although he spoke pay no heed to ,but Cao also understand he deliberately reminding yourself .It seems that mother life ,the palace has informed the elderly ,but do not know to which begins .
Wei duct ,thanks ! Cao Yi is a low voice .Wei Zhu is a humble smile ,said: I kind of cao .But I still, say gossip only, do not have heart . After all is the Royal servants ,when not relations ,Cao understand with their heart ,and said no more .
The Royal accounts here ,but many people to see this property ,including three ,fifteen elder brother elder brother ,Yin community ,but also some bodyguards officials .Because the Royal tent .
No noise ,all are mute man ,and met each other .Weiju has entered the Royal accounts ,less time, out of all in Senji ,biography ugg boots on sale.Cao was surprised ,see like this, is already like small audiences ,but missed a sixteen brother ?Sixteen brother, worried about what the heart trouble ,what is it? It is the sixteen brother Cao belly Ascaris lumbricoides .
Think for a long time ,or a blank without a clue .Kangxi dressed stone blue suit ,sitting in the Royal after the case .Only a few months time ,he seems to be a good old age ,in the tiny spots .
White also many .Some of his eyelids drooping ,looked at himself for his princes and ministers to kneel ,and said: wake up ! Cao position ,in fourth rows, with everyone together to welcome you back to the right column stands .
Kangxi eyes on Cao body, narrows his eyes ,said: Cao ,in ? Cao column ,in the middle ,in accordance with the rules .Once again kneel down ,said: officers in . Kangxi voice is not out of anger ,said: come back ,my account for your job ,got ? Cao be ordered up ,look at the case after Kangxi ,always feel that something is wrong .
He is a little thought, thought of back .It is the day of the month following orders of beijing .A few months for a few days to offset the Grand Lama resident ,several month several days to arrive were army ,a few months for a few days to see this uliastay hou .
Talking about this ,Cao wanted to know where is wrong .Royal guards on duty near the case ,no ,only Weiju and a fact middle-aged Chamberlain station .Recent bodyguard ,in the Royal accounts door listen Cao reported series of dates ,Kangxi listened to nod .
Keep in front of the hall to the officials ,also can with .Kangxi listening, refers to a nearby place .Tsao said: should stand here .I have something to say to you for a while . Cao crustily skin of head, face the official .
In the side stand .If the eye is the knife that Cao ,who this time do not know how many holes .He absorbed ,do not look up, thought Kangxi would soon ask yourself what .Next, the Chamberlain words ,is jarred baby moving cao .
The Emperor Xuan ,mouthpiece ,the people of Zhungeer special Muer ,white wood ,see drive ! Weiju steps forward ,raised his voice and said .The Royal accounts at the entrance of the Chamberlain also follow the speaker : the Emperor Xuan ,mouthpiece ,the people of Zhungeer special Muer ,white wood ,see drive Timberland Womens Boots Sale! The voice of several stubble ,only two strong men from Mongolia and into the net .
With Cao compared to a few days ago ,the two men had been in new Mongolia robe ,originally is also lifted many .There will be a security ?Cao was a bit late, quickly looked at special Muer and white wood Aphrodite, was quite nervous .
No matter how ,still hope that they could settle some two ,don make any tricks to .Otherwise ,do not know how many people of Zhungeer will pay for the reckless life .To be seen wearing special Muer old thick felt boots ,with the new Mongolia robe not matching ,Cao geocentric from sinking .
Murphy, boots have names ?Cao Zheng wonder ,Kangxi was asked Muer ,especially white wood ,two Zhungeer state .White wood voice some fibrillation ,special Muer back playing some stuttered .
Answer content ,either a lack of food, A Rabutan .So retroaction ,light resorting to force ,people ,.Cao see them with these words ,a word is nothing ,there is seven points that they have .
He was thought to sound warning ,in front of the hall of the kings and officials are already down ,a curry favour with sound . Congratulations to the emperor ,the emperor A Rabutan Hershey ,policy so unpopular ,to be punished UGG Finnegan Outlet.
The emperor Nintoku ,accessible to the Quartet, common feelings of people want . So ,this is not the only one .Cao is tempted to outburst ,and do not say these people from the Royal farther forward than ,change ;that these people ,looked not wary .
Kangxi : what do you mean ?Imperial bodyguard are played ,let him do this gear knife meat shield as well? Still want to sound their patriotic hearts ,if she could perform a rescue ?Dog ,dog ,it is too cold .
Cao heart ,cannot help ,will Kangxi three generations of greetings .He is not a mouse ,is not willing to do the loyal test .Besides, but cherish their tight ,if you have a good ,in the house .
.. ... Think of here ,Cao was originally due to Kangxi old on the fourth a heart ,is blowing in the wind .The most lamentable is ,know oneself are mice ,also be a rush, or cause the king jealousy ,it has the loss outweighs the gain .
In a wink ,Cao is the flash all kinds of idea .Special Muer is moved ,from boots mouth pulled out a matter ,flying to the Royal table to .Cao was waiting for her ,to see him the moment, was intercepted in the imperial side ,first in one voice ,then edge into the meat ,just feel pain is not his ,subsequently, his ears all kinds of complex sound .
Cao Station in Royal before the case is fishy salty ,throat ,eyes black ,groggy , splash and fell to the ground ... ... Lee body more stupid ,impatient ,on the edge of the Kang soft couch .
Kang placed several boxes of gold, it is now the most popular style .There are inlaid with precious stones ,mosaic beads .Now at the end of the season, in addition to clothes to add less ,the family decoration can not be poor .
Beijing with Jiangning ,and have certain articles of the living .A few months what clothes to wear, what to wear matching decorative ,cannot give an error ,otherwise he will be laughed at ,be inopportune or inappropriate .
Lee is on top of this notice ,Yu is early know ,has for her mother-in-law thought .Before two months ,beginning with the Lee Yu will discuss ,gave her a few new golden head surface .
A set with pearls ,a set of jewels ,a mosaic of agate ,is a set of pure gold enameling .In addition to the four suite ,there are two boxes ,one containing a dozen gold bracelet ,a filled ground is a gold ring, this is to prepare people for a li .
Lee saw that the several sets of face ,mouth is the daughter-in-law to spend UGG Jimmy Choo Siobhan Sale,the heart is love .Do not covet it decorated ,but due to the filial daughter-in-law moved . The ruby, too bad nike store,how to use ?Leave days Hui .
Lee with a little surprised and asked .Said Cao Cao Cao Cao went to Providence ,and the Hang Seng brother and son pulled Tianhui hand ,staggered back .Xiangyu behind them ,looked at three of their brothers and sisters close ,face much envy .
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