heartless machine

August 10 [Sat], 2013, 17:15
Yueyang; deep fear of his dream dreams will be displayed through the dream emerald, exposed the blade strong woman the biggest North Face Down secret. Afraid of their own to do a color dream, like the dream emerald ruined. Although the dream emerald is not very high, however, it is very rare, want to change into other treasures, Yueyang was not so important. Dream emerald and desire is for class Epiphyllum North Face Ski Clearance treasures, wish Epiphyllum once failed, it will wither; dream emerald through dreams reflect, once failed, then be broken, disappeared. In fact, Yueyang had never withered hope to complete the battle angel epiphyllum. If you fail, after three years, can also be used again. After thinking about it, decided to use 'dream emerald'. The basin never withered desire Epiphyllum, Yueyang also hope to use it to complement, will battle angel then promoted to the artifact! In order to ensure the success rate, Yueyang students have a good sleep. Cold water bath to wash a good, no less, fast burning incense...... Looking for an excuse, the Yue rain please research laboratory, Yueyang hold 'dream emerald', lying on the crystal essence body side, success, failure, even if their dreams to suck! Unfortunately, four North Face Fleece Clearance Niang refused to help, otherwise she moves, the greater the chance of success. God, God, God fall blood flow, Titan's heart, crystal body and so on are all ready, and they sent the last step together, Yueyang as long as the 'transformed' into a perfect body. On the other side, on the extreme, night, Aixian Mihito, snow and flawless, Sissi, flower's female blood. There are many little, especially the blood collecting only a few drops, cannot easily be wasted. How will these 'transformed' into battle angel? On the dream emerald for ability, because Yueyang has not been able to realize manufacturing war angel of arcane, manufacturing a heartless machine and even, it is no problem, but that's not what Yueyang wants....... Yue rain a little curious, but she takes good care of Yueyang, did not go in, but remained quietly waiting outside. Yueyang closed his eyes, began to fall asleep. First, do not enter the blade strong woman dream world, but into a wonderful world full of energy. In the world, there is no weight, even without any body, only the existence of the soul. Yueyang felt free to fly, or at any time, it is not called to fly, and pure mind moving, fly fly, go away. Yueyang feel this energy world, is holding the dream emerald deposits for energy world, is here to pray, and then in the reality in which. If the mountain rain into the lab, you will find Yueyang now was shining, and his hand holding the dream emerald, is blazing as bright as the moon in the night sky. How should pray, pray to the direction, to do what the gesture, Yueyang did not understand. He felt the energy world, in addition to energy. A piece of empty. Can your heart not pure? Still not enough devotion? Yueyang let their hearts out ideas startled, hurriedly put on a serious look like pious, silently praying a, content is: I hope the dream emerald manufacturing of a life, wisdom, ideas, feelings of battle angel. In order to succeed, the first time Yueyang quietly pray.!
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