such forces deep inside the scary

January 23 [Wed], 2013, 11:25
Broken sky defeated, suffer a big.Yu Hang strength how arrogant?It is a master - environment, Dao master he ability to fight one or two.However, breaking the sky is no ordinary people Mens Polo Outlet.He had lost the soul body, fall, but even a lower fatigue in the Sacred College, that is in general much better fix true star.Over time, this person will be a male, more than the enemy aircraft."Look quickly!Integral reset ranked first in the standings broken canopy Mens Banff Parka, the name has become a gray, God in his war world falls!"Numerous master exclaimed aloud, the scoreboard tremor, breaking the sky name became gray, integral is zero.At the same time, God and the world, breaking the sky deity has also been implicated, spit blood, pale face, the body bang bang back out, his face the color of the enmity."Yu Hang, good!Very nice.You are the first one to let me break the sky loser.But I will not leave the Sacred College, I'll stay, let you look at how I became the core of disciples from the lowest fatigue, in a superior prince, and even prince!Until then, I will step on your foot, humiliate, let you die, to report today!"Break the sky gloomy, steel teeth bite, hate not immediately killed more than air, to hate."Break the sky even lost, who is it?Who killed the broken sky Yuanshen body?It is hard to imagine, it is hard to imagine!Integral broken sky three hundred thousand have been cleared, look who got his integral?"The master said, a stare big eyes, and stared at the scoreboard above Longmen.Table light bloom, a white light to flow in the."Yu hang!Look at!The Terran boy Yu Hang integral reached five hundred and thirty thousand!Five hundred and thirty thousand ah, he was the integral is one hundred and fifty thousand, then kill many points list rankings before the master, access to a large number of integral.Now kill broken sky, integral suddenly jumped by a large margin.In this way, his score than the mysterious twilight, new king glory not belong to him!"The master was be hardly worthy of belief of color, although was unwilling, but also feel helpless.Yu Hang is too strong, no one can be the enemy."Yu Hang too strong, nobody pressed him.Again, this session of the new Wang Fei belong to him, what should I do?The Sacred College Freshmen ceremony giant hundreds of thousands of years, which is not a holy Royal genius is a rookie?This time if have been one family to win, then I holy Royal old face disgrace!No, I found an opportunity to kill this voyage, cannot develop without any."Some radical master eyes of the scintillation, have to kill more than air column list."This boat really from the Terran which fix true star?The genius Terran and I know, I have never heard of this person?"Some master with deep color, finally realized a problem."This flight is suddenly out of the same, carry the world before one was born, is which, antique culture out disciple?Yes, only those hidden world not antique is likely to cultivate such talents!"Some master began to speculate on the origin of life and the residual air."There may be a hidden world of family or clan culture powerful genius, such forces deep inside the scary, very good.In my opinion, this boat is such a Terran forces trained freak."Some master chip crush, the flashing eyes, hate not to kill more than one boat now.No people do not want to hang one hand, Yu Hang this one with eyes closed, body hovers in the void, without the slightest preparedness and power to resist, if someone moves its kill can be said to be easy Mens DAlpago Bomber.However, outside Longmen, many master all is an ancient large array guard, is beyond the realm of the Tao of the endoscope master are difficult to break the large array, injury to the array of numerous new enrollment of students."Carry the world before one, the younger generation may not be equal.If you give him a hundred years time, this person will be enemy of my holy unified the entire universe of royalty!Can't let him live, wait until the war of soul, kill him be taken by surprise!"Even some holy Royal royalty of Yu Hang up kill heart, a heart brewing evil schemes and intrigues.
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