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November 05 [Mon], 2012, 15:29

> That thirty-four wolf seems to have found Xie Jun, or from the air, smell the smell of them very uneasy, whispered from the throat to issue a few times 'whining' F; looked back toward Xie Jun stealth direction looked the wolves suddenly accelerated pace, quickly disappeared in the sight of Xie Jun, leaving only a wisp of stirring up the dust. Original dead or life, but these two life does not seem good and the generation, but encounter them more brutal than a hundredfold special human, the king of the night only tucked tail dingy dust to go. And so on, why is the dust away? Dust? Wolf is known not to posture nimble it? Mention these He Huiyang from the dust in mountain survival of the wolf, it? There are weird! Xie Jun suddenly recovered, these wolves have carefully observed around and around very quiet, not anyone haunted look, Xie Jun leaps lightly, like a ghost to just wolves activities bushes and ran. Crouched behind a bush, Xie Jun then moonlight carefully watching traces of wolves activities, also picked up by fragmentation C Shanshi squeezed, watching subtilis was riding dirt left footprints, broken crack rocks, Xie Jun, mouth revealing a trace of a smile. This weight! The weight of the wolf is clearly something wrong too deep footprints, hard stones will be broken, and this shows that a few wolves inside the wolf's weight problem, just the direct observation of Xie Jun wolves obviously is about the same size. An overweight wolf,Short Bomber UGG Boot, were removed from the opposition wolves, wolf when Xie Jun body electronic equipment all hang, what kind of contact it have? Just when electromagnetic shielding, Xie Jun has been found that the electromagnetic shield with previously encountered in the the Dongtian defensive circle completely different, the Dongtian circle electromagnetic shielding is a fully electromagnetic shielding of electromagnetic fields conversion has curbed In other words, the electric and magnetic fields can not be a smooth transition, it seems that the middle is inserted secret link the results of the electric field converted into other energy rather than magnetic táng, the result is completely shielded electromagnetic field. However, this encountered in electromagnetic shielding is not the case, but by a strong magnetic field completely convert the electromagnetic Yigai into a magnetic field, but can not be re-converted into an electric field, the result is the same, of course, the transmission of the electromagnetic field to be curbed. In other words, the electromagnetic shielding those seen with Xie Jun than the more brutal, rather than the kind of understatement is ingenious. Therefore, Xie Jun, whether this is the Dongtian the defense circle doubt, just discovered not far from this small-scale activities wolves, natural, Xie Jun will be two completely unrelated things to Contact up, those wolves stare for a while, and finally found a strange place. In fact, come to think carefully wolves there are more curiosities, such as the number of wolves, why so little? Why is the prey of the night here Xiaguang tour, rather than prey? Unfortunately, Xie Jun electronic equipment can not be used, so, you want to rely on electronic toting to detect suspicious Wolf unlikely, and that seems to be in hiding from the human pack of wolves, in the mountains around looking for channeling do not know what they are doing in the end? Xie Jun patient followed these wolf does not not in a hurry to control or seize the bird is strange wolf, and the reason is very simple, if the wolf dog overweight is really a problem, Xie Jun, absolutely not believe that the problem is out in the body of the wolf, must be the wolf behind what, in that case, this will certainly be a last resort to prevent leaks, once the secret of the wolf was found, is likely to occur extreme means to completely lose the clues. Xie Jun, does not appear within visual distance of the Wolf, but traces of them to be tracked during the encounter from hostile forces,Canada Goose Ontario Parka, Xie Jun, easily cleared, Xie Jun to the purpose here is not to enjoy killing , of course, felt not refuse to kill, since it is the enemy of China, Xie Jun is also very happy to be rid of, so killing what, really just dig is not to kill and kill. After a few days, day and night tracking, Xie Jun wolves or predation, but during the day, in some valleys, many herbivorous animals do live, that a pack of wolves in go to those valleys hunting in the daytime, and then rest at night, this strange small wolves began patrolling in this area, as if what mysterious instructions received very activities the law. As for the number of wolves is why so few, Xie Jun is very easy to understand, because the wolf is the only wolf of the problem, Xie Jun,Canada Goose Borden Bomber Sale, found that the wolf should be man-made things, just do not know the man-made biological or fundamental is a machine. The the Xie Jun detection approach is very simple in the the wolves way through, place an infrared detector, bird strange wolf is not at all times will result in electromagnetic shielding, electromagnetic shielding felt now the probability seems to biological close relationship If you have large animals close to the wolves, electromagnetic shielding occurs, also belongs to this category of large animals. Xie Jun of passive infrared detectors record the infrared radiation of the wolf to be higher than it is around the wolf, much higher! Moreover, the temperature of the core with ordinary wolf, coupled with the bird the wolf extraordinary weight, and tireless physical, and even found Xie Jun from wolves uneaten food and excrement, the wolf seems to eat very little excrement is not, so Xie Jun wolf is likely to be the product of artificial. Discovered the secret of the wolf, Xie Jun, basically can determine, this place seems to have a mysterious figure, just do not understand, they get only strange wolf doing here? Is it just to attract people to come to build the Killing Fields? Or, here is really Dongtian, but they do not get anywhere, so to attract people to help them open the door? One any connection with the two days, Xie Jun finally found the whereabouts of the wolves although very casual, but a place where they will never go, this result seems plain enough, told Xie Jun, that place and only wolf behind people know that place, so the wolf from the do not go there. As for why not go there, Xie Jun will not be able to know. Or, Wolf went there to be dangerous, or wolf It is in the use of this information to tell people found wolf secret should go to find the real secret, this is a piece of the puzzle Tip? Or is a trap left to the wise man? Xie Jun afar with binoculars watching wolves, until they finally disappeared behind the ridge, Xie Jun, exhaled, he turned to look to the west, there is the wolves will never go, regardless of whether it is the real secret. or a trap, Xie Jun must go, hesitant because of fear, not a demand Road should choose the road. Unwittingly, has been to the lunar calendar the end of the month, and today was no moon in the night sky, is the world of the stars. Near Wolf marked Xie Jun is very careful, very common here, with no difference in the barren hills around, if hard say so, perhaps, the rocks some more, bushes also some more, but, The animal is a no. Little area, about two thousand meters radius of the middle two little hills, Xie Jun in the region around the circle, look here, without any exception, the gas field is also very normal, Xie Jun, careful confirm the underground situation, constant adjustment of the spiritual power resonant frequency, repeatedly confirmed the absence of any specific place. Xie Jun was slowly entering a patch of seemingly mysterious, but it is a very ordinary mountain. Nothing happened, Xie Jun slowly through the rocks and bushes, boarded a hill mountain throated looked around, seems to be without any exception, Is there really nothing secret? Or open secret time yet to come? Is Xie Jun was a little discouraged when a surge of energy from deep underground fluctuations suddenly pass over, etc. Xie Jun,UGG Corinth On Sale, found that kind of force has been enhanced at breakneck speed in the fast Xie Jun was going to quickly evacuate the area , but suddenly thought of something, stopped, quiet waiting for this energy enhancement. Say long time, in fact, the energy from the second time not to stabilize, a total not to, has been formed in the area of ​​energy cover, Xie Jun precisely this point, and it did not run in vain, he left The distance of this area more than three hundred meters, to within a fraction of a second is not possible to run out, since it was too late, it may wish to leave to take a look at it touches on is how the matter. Xie Jun silent feelings, energy is a standard circular area formed rules shaped l *: depicting a little one in the heart, Xie Jun, this is the style of the recent rice country to master magic, according to the energy fluctuation characteristics, Xie Jun found the circle with a strong class spirit force field fluctuations in the edge part of the the high frequency agile magnetic field formed medians, this should be regarded as the enchantment? Just so huge a powerful circle, trapped people what is used, the types of mental force field enchantment is what purpose - Xie Jun curious look, carefully feeling, also waiting patiently for this set a trap to the trapped people, why not present it? Has appeared or is somewhere looking at ourselves? The enchantment of no wind, no sound, not even starlight dark of people feel increasingly heavy repression, an unspeakable irritable heart slowly breeding. (To be continued) <

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