fake fake genting doll 

February 01 [Wed], 2006, 21:16
lolz! yay! juz back from genting highlands. freeze ^o^ din get to play much coz it kept raining. <_<
BUT! the trip turned out nice when i saw choy san yeh![wealth god] although he din giv me any ang-pau [i kept walking around him but he seemed ignoring me T-T]

got this title juz to suit the make-up i did. hehehe..not pretteh i kno. but for fun! i love making-up!

dear ys frenz, i miss u all. i missed the steamboat. ToT


January 28 [Sat], 2006, 0:30
HAI! Gong Xi Fa Cai! yay! chinese new year's coming! kiong hee! kiong hee! *hakka language* ahh..school. yes. u nanny crooke! the building almost crack..u stupid hecky HM asked us to STAY in the class summore! hecky! the problem ish..i HAVENT bought my insurance yet. nvm nvm. school holiday. and..frenz! yes! THEIR HOUSES! yes! their RED ang paus! and YES! the money INSIDE! yay! the money symbolises prosperity and..ermm..good things lah.

I want the 6th glory. yes. EMERALD! GO GOAL GOLD! lame huh? wad to do? it's the slogan. if i'm gonna make one..i'd put..nah..hard to think that. >O< but! i'm gonna make sure that emerald house will be the all time champion fer the marching competition. *nananananananana* fuck you other houses! you ppl are out of idea!

Ahhh..yes. Stupid lamie guys..DUN EVER THINK that you're genius. juz a trash fer me. you guys couldnt even stood out fer the innocent girls in 5K for things they didn't done. i kno! you guys DID that stupid fucking ugly shiatty obscene drawing.

Dear teacher,
Fuck you! u should've thought bout it. which girl in 5K would draw that studid fucking thing on the board? i think i should've borrow u my butt to THINK. hecky.

I'm done. Last, GONG XI FA CAI again! buhbye!!

goodnite and sweet dreamz 

January 10 [Tue], 2006, 0:25
ahh! it's..11.29pm in m'sia. time for a cup of lipton..and movies! XDD first of all, 'good nite and sweet dreamz yintse,pi and fat robber!'
i have no idea bout..argh! why things flow like hell? why lies? why this why that? hmm..i miss mr.welcomehomemisserica. wonder how ish he. hehehehe..he gave me so much fun! love him so much! *shhh* *secret secret* XDD
tomorrow ish hari raya haji..or my kampung call the day 'hari raya aiduladha' or the malaysians call it 'hari raya aidiladha'. so i wanna wish all the islamics hari raya aidiladha!
ahh..nowadays..i got to know more and more cool people. they're fun and fun and fun! funny bunnies! they're so cool-ish! i'm gonna get myself a workshirt..hmm..black one or maybe..green! woot!
kinda busy..hafta sweep every corner in muh house. cha cha cha..and wipe the windows..CHINESE NEW YEAR ish coming! yay!! ang-paus! *dancing*
til here. *curtains down*

yo!yosh! you! aww..me. 

December 30 [Fri], 2005, 1:56
okay..first post ish alwiz..boring nothing much to say.
oh hi! i'm yourie [ai-ling]. i'm 16 this year..one more day to go and i'm 17!err...16 and the half...lolz! yesh! driving car! license!! woooo!! ahh..wait..i dun hav car. T^T
aww..okiezz..i'm maaaaa...comic freak. i read comics..in chinese. >O<
so i get to read many comics!! WOOHOO! sowie sowie..overreact.
til here..and i wanna thankz to mi! mi-chan!! i luff u! my baby doll! muakz muakzz
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