Make beautiful buttock meal

July 08 [Fri], 2011, 11:54
In inclusion to large heels, modified pants, sports, plastic material surgery, empress bum also can consume it!!!
Want to create hip, below the spine tail bone should turn out to be warped. desire to QiaoWei bottom bone, waist potency strong, the kidney can be beneficial our blood circulation, the vitality using the dai jade deficiency of attractiveness didn't turn out to be QiaoTun testimonies girl. We elaborate allocate available for you three way using the food, the kidney waist right away cook try it!
The kidney potency waist elements:
Eucommia, yellow over sixty many years of age, yellow good (ginger mountain), QianShi, cinnamon, velvet antler, jade bamboo, cordyceps sinensis, abalone, GuiBan, walnuts, and oil, Ma, commonly, chestnuts, duck, sea cucumber.
QiaoTun one meal-abalone meat soup
≮ foods raw materials ≯
Abalone (canned) one, the pork tenderloin with waist is wonderful (2) two, as well as the eco-friendly Onions one a seasoning salt, one small spoon.
≮ foods ≯ exercise
1. Abalone slice pork, scrub and slice. 2. eco-friendly leaves, mind should go to wash, minimize into sections. 3. The exercise of one materials in to the skillet, as well as another element of leaf choose within your 1st to join. consider three bowl of soup cans confirmed abalone consuming water to boil, simmer WuHuo simmer for about 30 minutes, eco-friendly onion, include salt to taste, rolling 5 mins for.
≮ efficacy ≯
Having the liver and kidney, advantage shrewd eye, heat, thirst for fire Yin deficiency, dizzy human brain swelling, and dried out eyes, appropriate for large our blood pressure, tuberculosis individuals to eat.