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July 04 [Thu], 2013, 11:35
> Two Ann said nothing wrong, under normal circumstances, Terran, and evil, is the kind of basic wire die endlessly relationship, as long as the two sides met, the best phenomenon, but also unable to rout the party to fight, but Lee You do know, in fact, is not the case, or that the failure is. Www, QUAnben, CoM king class Changeling evil, as invincible, generally speaking, an absolute loner, even if it is the tide of World War II, when the beast. Four Changeling Wicked are also fighting each other without contact,Coach Bags Cheap, basically from the beginning to the end, even if it is knowing when things do not have the king, are definitely not helping hand extended, so as to be monks falling one. But now, the flame inside the six of swamp-shaped Wicked, even complete all gathered together, but also to be together for a long time meant, should say, they even had to unite it. Why? Wisdom do? Because, as king of the strongest form of evil is defeated, they are now also understand, relying solely on the power of invincibility that some are still very inadequate, so I plan to do to improve? It should be that way! Li You think yourself nodding. Euro RSCG has been opened as a Changeling evil, know that they are not always in the mind, the catch has always been known for their wisdom Terran. Therefore, only after the defeat, with the new Ming Wu, who intend to find some family to steal the division. To watch a real David and Goliath battle. Should indeed for their own cultivation, can have a lot to improve, so white-haired old man bird, the king will be gathered from all evil, and to never shot gesture, hidden to the rear slowly watch it. Steal the division? Lee Yau and shook his head helplessly. Know but also how they think, their own or can not do ah! For myself. In front of the battle, however, are necessary to stop it. Anyway, those Changeling Wicked smarter. Should not a bad thing, again, because the Wicked smarter, for the wisdom of the original peoples, it touches can have a good effect to improve. Well, it should still do not control them. "Can continue yet! Sir?" You see Lee's eyes finally lit up the opening battle Shiwei Anping said. V. Vion did not ask to have the topic again. Because good at thinking of the soldiers now understand, you want to use the fastest speed of finishing this new cane inside his mind, what can not we have other ideas. "Can, thank you!" Sighed softly, Li You smiled V. Vion said thank you. They once again converge all the emotions. Countersunk started wanking unfinished production. Both sides of the battlefield to the monks inside the temporary law camp, a group of monks from the East end Dan, is saying something around Meng ancestors. "We have not hurt them, and they can not hurt us like this, does not seem to be a, what measures it!" Kong Guining sigh, said some of her silver sword, have been back four or five times bombers completely No scored witch tribe approach. Even more exasperating is that girl who BoA now surprisingly chose not to follow orders mindless, it is somewhat labor does not contribute to cope with the attack several times, still not fully explain why. Seems to be opposed to such a struggle is more right. "If that Li Yau his fellow, I think we monks family, should easily be able to deal out those damn witch family! Really do not know that people would not understand the boy, now go where to go!" Hole Bing still medal of honor Lee You just blew a song, a team so that they end Dan monks, get enough sleep all day, can now'll put that cover the full range of supernatural powers, to take over the case, should not generally easy to use. "Oh, by virtue of the child's perception, he has probably already know we are in trouble, you should rush Wang Zheer as a monk, if he let go of this opportunity to do good, we estimated that he would not the chief alchemy teacher! "Meng ancestors Xiaohe said hand also did not stop to help a few monks Results Dan accidentally injured, slowly physiotherapy with injuries. "If you follow your ideas to do, he is not Lee Yau up!" Has been lying on the side of the back of the body has BoA, rather abruptly threw a word. "Your little girl is said that he would come to resolve this struggle is not it?" Meng ancestors still still tilted to see the back of the body was lying sleeping Boa. "Should be!" BoA has been throwing the word out. "Oh, I hope so Meng grandfather ah! But it seems that there is no possibility of resolve out, but fortunately we both stalemate, they do not cause any damage can not be avoided, hope he can actually arrived before the advent of the loss and find a solution now! "Meng ancestors look to the front of the battlefield, said slowly. In fact, this battle, all the monks oriental one, or rather do not want to get involved in. But the witch family first wave of attacks. Indeed hurt their digital knot Dan monks, if not offensive, it also is somewhat justified. Also, those who by nature north, is now also under the leadership of Mao family ancestors, played abnormal small fire without any persuade states may stop ah. Two days later. Melodious flute, tribal witch behind the sky. Slowly wafting, but soon, very light, directly covering the entire battlefield, strange, and all because of the outbreak of fighting out of the ring, did not stop living this stock faint siren drift. Deep penetration, cold to some people trembling breath, so that warring parties, all opt startled, like a trace of Qing Ling droplets, direct point in the forehead, but also like an breeze to tear break the power of the sky, blew away the entire battlefield smoke. Suddenly appeared sober, so that both the soldiers and monks, inexplicably stopped her attacks. Look to the rear over the tribal witch. Nothing ah! But the two sides fighting, stop, and has been continuous ring, quickly disappeared in the middle of a battlefield, leaving only a trace of that the clear, quiet flute, also continued to reverberate around the battlefield, covering a full four or five miles radius, even hiding behind red clouds in the six evil king, can not have any supernatural powers, heard clearly. In dozens of breathing before,oakley sunglasses cheap, and finally completed the production of two new chiral technology to determine the absolute V. Vion exercises can be used directly after the show. Bing Xin Dan's effectiveness is not over Lee Yau, in order to exert the maximum power of clearing Heartsongs. Again dose of a Bing Xin Dan, shivering in their own degree, in one fell swoop directly blown battle between the two sides. "Oh, that guy, he finally shot ah!" Meng ancestors chuckled, jump directly to the monks floating over the camp circle. Meanwhile, the same face with a happy feel far masters, and other one congregation monk Yuan Ying, also have the leaps. Look to the Wu family camp behind the air. Just networks retracted his magic once Boa. Gaze toward the sky for a moment in front, went gently smile, do not say hello to play directly returned monks camp, in this clever beauty seems that this battle was over, and sure enough she moved without any brain ah . Originally led by the two respective members to jointly attack Kong Guining and Tan becomes fairy, then quirky as the smile, BoA's move was seen later, also gave his players after prodded. The return of the monks smug camp. For Li You understand, but they are very clear, that guy is just beginning, and certainly will find some people can not refute the grounds to easily resolve out this struggle. "Hey, um, damn kid, obviously have been here, why do not show up, ah, secretive, but this kid why Qingxin song instead lullaby it!" Is also looking at the sky behind the Wu family Kong Bing, some do not understand the laughs. "It seems that. Guys have anything to say about it, we both need to calm down before opening!" Slowly floating in his side Mengchang Jie. Interface said. The tribal witch family crowd, too sober down, turned to look at the rear of the sky, this melodious voice, they are indeed the first time I heard. A sense of shock, so that they had to stop the continuing attacks. Powerful meditation role, so witch clan, but also did not dare to act rashly's only schematically grateful witch clan fighters, careful vigilance, and turned to look at the flute together issued a position. Currently, the witch clan has clearly felt, which shares the flute and not the slightest malice, but they can not but admit that this trace of misty temperament, their hearts indeed caused no small impact, it was fortunate that good influence! Melodious flute still still slowly released into the atmosphere, however, and were quite different to that siren hair sets the position of being the witch behind the tribe over, slowly moving toward the center of the battlefield, however, still No one can see in the end what is on the move. A full quarter of an hour later, a siren moving slowly, and finally the two sides in the battle over a central location, a silver-white house, and slowly became visible in the middle of the crowd's attention. People are still very clean siren continues, but the floating door, opened it quietly, so that everyone is unexpected is that a witch clan warrior,oakley eyeglasses sale, floating slowly out of the house, did not much effort, and climbed the roof of the house. Firm to determine their own future, witch clan warriors slowly raised his hands wooden smug, Rod Vaillant on three ore shining spirit up; ::::! ,:,:,: ":" Sector: industry ":"! :,:,:,:,: Mouth ::: workers: "Thank you, kind of like Tencent and fresh feeling.'s True, two software recklessly should never unloaded, because chaos to believe that they certainly can a very short period of time, to resolve grievances out this very interesting. <
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