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July 06 [Sat], 2013, 12:22
> Woke up the next morning, found himself still Yizhuqingtian Tang Xiaofeng, recalling lingering tenderness last night, could not help but Anzan said: "Sure enough, Young is the capital. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM" looking on the bedside clock, Tang Xiaofeng could not help sigh and said: "Recently, however, a little used to lazy bed, and rarely go to the gym, so can not do." Zhang looked around Lek still asleep, could not help but smile, softly wear leave the bedroom from their clothes. Hospitals like a reservoir, which reservoir water has many cages, and these cages on behalf of each of the different sections, each has a different fish in cages, but also have their own different habits. Look at the time already 7:45, and Tang Xiaofeng buns stuffed into his mouth the last one, went to the emergency department, hospital or in front of the hospital is no different, just replace the department only. "I have heard of it? Director Liu said yesterday afternoon, our department today will come a medical genius, but his surgery seemed to be very exciting, Deputy Director Liu personally seen." Has not yet entered the emergency department physician office, Tang Xiaofeng doctors' offices to hear whispered. "The operation was badly? I look more powerful wrist, did not see that come, in fact, is our Director Liu of Ayutthaya deep, but do not know where to get a relationship between the families in it." A woman's voice sounded. Tang Xiaofeng do not like the sound, to be exact he hated behind their ill woman, like to do some selfish thing to a woman. Have the right where there is strife! This sentence is right, people always consider their own interests as a starting point, so there is always the right place to strife between people. "Hello everyone, I'm new to advanced students!" When wearing a white big Gua Tang Xiaofeng smiling doctor's office to open the door, which is talking about doctors shocked, have to make hard work look. Tang Xiaofeng introduce themselves when they hear, is new to the advanced students, it also relieved, muttering words unsightly, Tang Xiaofeng glimpse through the eyes of an office every person he was looking for a woman have spoken , to see what the other is Hezun Rong. In front of the woman with a beautiful face, long hair neatly combed, pull the hair in the head, two willow Zhang Mei, revealing a rare woman exuberant heroic, broad-brimmed black-rimmed eyes, the pair of big Autumn-like eyes as bright, aquiline nose, lips rich, filled with a Westernized beauty. This woman is a song Hongmei, her figure is very high, there are about seven meters five or so, wearing white large Gua,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, giving a model-like feel, big white arrow diagrams in white shirt collar turned out, showing occupation women's noble and elegant, but Tang Xiaofeng While acknowledging her beauty, but can not imagine how such a beautiful woman, actually like to do some selfish, but behind defeating woman. No other Tang Xiaofeng think they are wrong, there may be another woman in the office, it stood solemn tone temperament beauty rebuke and said: "Look what, who arrange for you to be here internship?" Tang Xiaofeng not angry, the whole of the whole white coat collar, his eyes smiling Song Hongmei, said: "Teacher, behind their ill is not right!" offend department at the hospital where the director is not a wise thing to do,Oakley Juliet Sale, the Chinese saying goes, called the people had to bow under the eaves! Tang Xiaofeng may not think so, if failing to resist, the other will certainly insatiable, being face to ride on the neck shit he does not like the taste of children. Qu Hongmei glanced Tang Xiaofeng, she did not expect a Scholar and courage to talk back to her, so very disdain, said; "So what say you? Who knows you is not coming through the back door, is president personally brought you here I also have to say. "Then a doctor stood up, walked around Tang Xiaofeng said with a smile:" Oh, how are you ah? "Yuehua Jian Tang Xiaofeng pushing forward out of the office. Came to the office, the Tang Xiaofeng looked pushed himself out of the doctor, I feel so familiar, my mind flashed suddenly remembered, turned out to be the day before discharge at Centrepoint outside doctors, Tang Xiaofeng smiling to him and said: "Doctor, it's you, ah, you see my memory just did not think of it." That doctor see Tang Xiaofeng recognize themselves, smiled and held out his hand and said: "Hello, Ouyang Mingze." Tang Xiaofeng hesitated, he did not think in front of the doctor turned out to be hyphenated, then smiled and held out his hand, and he clasped together, said: "Tang Xiaofeng." Ouyang Mingze nodded against Tang Xiaofeng,Louis Vuitton Monogram Idylle, said: "I heard Liu said, the day falls to that girl surgery, is your surgeon performed first aid, I heard you in surgery performance very much, welcome you to the emergency department. "Tang Xiaofeng pleased nodded, but also did not expect to encounter an acquaintance in the emergency, and this Dr. Au-Yeung people seem pretty good, awaiting some kind words to say, and suddenly, I heard Ouyang Mingze shouted: "Director Liu." Tang Xiaofeng turned and saw the doctor's office director Liu came forward and listening Ouyang physician to call him, raised his head just to see, Tang Xiaofeng and Ouyang Mingze, the busy smiling went up the pace. Director Liu Xiaohe Tang Xiaofeng went to him, patting him on the shoulder and said: "OK, ah, yesterday I was you pinch it up one morning, but did not expect you'll come to my department there, I'm afraid Qin officer would upset . "Tang Xiaofeng glanced Director Liu chest work card that says PLA General Hospital, emergency department, chief physician Liuchuan Dong, Tang Xiaofeng knew he mentioning that in the Dean's Office, Deputy Director Liu plays a patient lying on the sofa, in their own him to conduct clinical operations, could not help but embarrassed smile. Ouyang Mingze two people do not understand exactly what to say, and I am sorry export inquiries have looked suspiciously two one, Deputy Director Liu Tang Xiaofeng seen embarrassment, "ha ha" smile, said: "Go, go to the meeting prepared to shift , other things one would say. "Then, the first doctor's office opened the door and went inside. Ouyang Song Hongmei see Tang Xiaofeng was launched Mingze office, could not help laughing aloud, laughing very presumptuous, as if those idle street Aunt general, it is like a curse with another aunt in a dominant frame being carried away she suddenly opened the door and walked into see Liu Zhuandong doctor's office, could not help but "Well," a cry, just find a chair and sat down. Director Liu walked into the office, it seems like Plum did not see the same song, turn around, pointing and Ouyang Mingze together came in Tang Xiaofeng said: "Well, to tell you about a new colleague, cardio-cerebral vascular surgeon Dr. Tang Xiaofeng, Now to our department rotation, we may have heard a few days ago Centrepoint patient who falls, is organized by the surgeon Dr. Tang rescue work. "office doctors are exposed to the Tang Xiaofeng friendly smile, and curved red Mei expression is somewhat uncomfortable, of course, did not escape the eyes of Tang Xiaofeng, he was cast to the song Strawberry provocative eyes, so afraid anger angry song Hongmei, indignant first left the doctor's office. E! ~! . . <
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