Good night! 

October 05 [Fri], 2007, 23:26
Maybe,Nobody seeing this blog now.
My name was "sy"until now is this blog,
My new name is "sari" from now on.
"sari" is my true name.

I try to keep the diary of blog by English!
This plan is very difficult for me.but I like English!
In addition,I try to write this diary without dictionary.
Sometime,You may find a spell and grammar mistakes,
but,allow me.please.
I wanna be a intelligent woman who can speak English very well!

Strange Story-

On Wednesday this week about at 11:00 p.m.
telephone of my house's rung.
I took it and said "Moshimoshi" of cause in Japanese.
But!Someone who in the telephone said "Hello" It was English!
It was very surprised me.
I said only "Ah-,ah-,"...that's too bad.

English is very difficult for me.


Introduce Myself!

I'm sari.
nineteen years old.
I'm a student of twcu univ.I'm a freshman.
My major is Japanese literature.

My hobby is many things.
Drawing pictures,Cooking,Reading,Internet,
Eating,Sleeping, and more.

My favorites thing is a
foreign animation,comic,Owarai-comedy,sweets,
fashion,my pet dog, and more.


today diary is all.
Thank you for read all this diary.
I am so sorry.My English is very poor!

p.s part is Japanese diary.
Thank you.
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I'm 19 years old.
Japanese girl.
I study Japanese literature.

I try to keep this blog in English from now on!