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July 24 [Wed], 2013, 17:37
> 【To thank cold-hate of the and the the illusion Xiaoyao two brothers's to fight reward! Thank you for your red votes in with one click and! 】 Buckley big open eyes Tao: "will not bar, that is you Last trade as of come of that Chinese little man?" Jordan God in the old locations nodding. Www, quanBEn, cOM Barkley Tao: "Do you really not in the kidding Mody?" He is really is no way to do not doubt, because he well aware that Jordan has consistently is the arrogant arrogant people, for those who the so-called Mikado superstar do not placed on eyes of the, let alone the Analects an tiny foreign country rookie up. "Said Charles, you would dare I bet Mody?" Jordan smile Tao. Buckley not convinced authentic: "bet the respect of bet! First talk about your condition." Jordan Tao:, "so be it, we team's ginger is the name of organizational point guard, I am bet he certainly able to get 20 points or more, or the yes 10 Assists or more. these two conditions are met a is like, how kind? "Buckley crooked a crooked mouth, the cheeks of the fatty meat Du shiver a few times, Gang have to agree with, suddenly changed his tune Tao:" and also plus one condition, is that you of the team To victory. how kind? "Jordan frowned, did not speak. Although the In the just now's prewar mobilization middle, he encouraged the Jiang army make good play, but Jordan also not allowed to grasp Bobcats team will be able can not victory over Miami team. After all, The two sides the players book on the's gap is too great. Barkley a look at Jordan hesitated a, very yes proud, Yaotouhuangnao and said: "how, not dare to bet a? So be it, if you lose, put the your total championship rings to send me an. If you win, I'll spend $ 1 million to buy your an ring. "Jordan is also the addicted to gambling of the people, a see the Buckley's was Joseph look like, blurting out Tao:" Well, I Jiugen you bet up! But if you lose, but also add upper an condition, that is, on television heel Jiang to apologize, said he was a idiot! "Buckley Ziya Tao:" No problem. this condition even if the append the bar! "7:30, the two sides match officially begun. James the first an appearances, he still before the old habit of, went to the recording front of the stage, grabbed a magnesium powder, forced thrown to the the sky, the Heat's fans a burst of cheers. Ever since formed a Big Three after the, the Heat's fans very excited, they feel every day is in the unto the feast. Other players in turn come out, and finally yes Bosh and Dwyane Wade, from order of appearance point of view, Wade still team boss. This three individual's friendship very good, because Wade the age big two years old, moreover is the team The original core, so James and Chris Bosh by far the and does not appear compete for the team boss of the phenomenon. Bobcats team middle, ginger army the first an appearances, Jackson the last an appearances, estimated that if Yao Ming does not injured the words of, it should be finale of the players up. The two sides starting lineup have been identified. Bobcats team is the ginger army, Jackson,, Budinger, Thomas and Dior ancient; while the Heat team returned yes Arroyo, Dwyane Wade, James, Bosh and Big Z Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The master referee is the NBA name whistle Ba Weita. An indisputable ball O'clock, Big Z after all his elderly, simply do not take-off, Dior the ancient put the ball another wave of, ball to the the organizational point guard ginger army hands. Jiang Army Slowly dribble move forward, Arroyo blocked in front of him, far ground festooning. Arrived too former field, ginger Army a look at Heat team's defensive airtight, there will be no choose to break, but rather passed the ball to up Jackson. Jackson than the on a bit of Wade high-some of the, shipped a two lower ball, that is, a jump shot. While the Wade Although the head is not high, bouncing force but it is alarming, at the Jackson jump shot the time, leap into the sky, almost build them up to the ball upper. Jackson had no choice but slightly adjusted the the next shot posture, but just making that deviation, leading to ball arc Gao up some of the, the force Road is not enough, smashing in the basket above the bounced up, rebounding being Bosh to get. Bosh passed the ball to Dwyane Wade, Jiang army hastened to forward defense. Wade but did not stop the ball, and that seeing James has to fly also wildly fast under, he of the ball a long pass, accurately ground to the the full-speed run's James in the hands of, Jackson hastened to forward defensive, James but no matter regardless, carrying the Jackson layup. Ball into the! Moreover caused a Jackson foul, plus penalty hit. One opening, James respect of violently ground to the Bobcats the basket initiate shocks. Wade and James this pretty connection, making the Miami Heat team Shoukaijilu. It seems James's strength of is very large, not the Jackson could contend with's. Next, the ginger army Daoqian Chang, passed to Budinger, Budinger Zhang hand shoot threes, James lightning generally ground jump will up and capping, under his interference under the, Budinger's ball is also no carry. Big Z grab the Daoqian Chang board, training and preparation Arroyo, Arroyo did not dribble, the direct efferent. James in the midfield De Qiuhou, but also forward straight protrusion, Jiang Army an see Jackson sweaty,oakley eyeglasses sale, they forward pincer attack James. Unexpectedly James direct thrown onto the the basket on top of, Wade three big step after the, leaping high, after the ball a note dunks, oath to defend Miami's sovereignty. Five ratio 0! James and Wade two men superior athletic ability, at once put Bobcats playing varsity Mongolian. Commentary gallery Buckley overjoyed, watching the Jordan Tao:, "Michael, you might is going to lose up!" Jordan is also very worried, according to this continues, Bobcats team indeed difficult to play. However, he uphold fooling with Tao: "This has just started yet! Everyone wait and see!" Ginger army Some of anger up,Monogram Idylle, he decided to himself come. To the front The three point game line, Jiang KPA has not stop the ball, but directly breakthrough. Wade is worthy of a "Lightning Man" reputation, tightly catch ginger army, Huan with their own strong upper limb to go touch the ginger army, hopes to give caused him turnovers. Jiang KPA has not hesitation, braved the Wade to the basket, strength upper slightest not suffer. To the basket, ginger army Zuoshi Yu layup, Dwyane Wade leaping high, hoping to give this rookie an big cap. Unexpectedly, seeing Wade's big hands has put ginger Army the sky shot space to completely blocking the, ginger army but in the air also a crosstraining, freeclimber stayed in the air, put the ball toward low-Department an shift, from the Wade's armpit put the ball pass into it. Just right immediate concern the basket's Thomas Shuang Shouzhua ball, struggling to a buckle, the entire the basket Du Huhu a leisurely observation tremor up. The original, ginger army long seen the towards the basket ran's teammate Thomas, an exquisite's pass, brush out once a assists. The "good!" Jordan excitedly screamed a cry. Wade face expressionless, as if this goal heel yourself a little relations Du did not. In the next an bout middle, ginger army do not go pincer attack James a, but rather to be defending Wade. I saw the Wade after the ball, from the left highs began to extraordinary, continuous variable to the Canadian fans Behind step, relaxed immediate concern the basket layup. Lightning Xia How can it be catchy title, fans Step Behind How can it be legend? Buckley seen big plus its appreciation: "Dwyane's footsteps can be said to yes in the league one of the best, so that physical quality, is indeed is a rare." Dialect yet been finalized ups and downs, Jiang army has already leaping high, accurate ground fans operating at nominal Wade cast out of ball above the, the ball jerked fly out, Budinger a see the ball came, very pleasant surprise, long-distance-range raid ready to come to a storm buckle. Unexpectedly little emperors James never gave up and, from the backcourt has been chasing Daoqian Chang, finally equally gave the Budinger a super-big hat, the ball fan of the to go out. James's body Madden is evident. Wade been ginger army Gai up a big hat, is still face expressionless. To say this Wade the psychological quality of, is indeed right and wrong the same general. Wade reason for being thousands of fans dote, hit the ball well only one hand, the other hand, Wade is indeed have to be regarded as a gentleman. During the competition, even if a maliciously foul, Dwyane Wade I is also the look calm, absolutely no nonsense and excess body movements, For the the opponent's provocation, Wade also did not superfluous responding. But also in the the pitch took the lead, frequently selfless ground fell to the ground Saves Or to recover the body blocked shots. In the game frequently successfully accomplish their mission success scores, the victory really inseparable from the him. So say, Wade be able to in the all over the world are everywhere followers this is too a matter of course up. Hit the ball's is good, critical moment there are performance of the, the ball the wind Huan open and aboveboard, person but also personable, Who would do not respect do not like the such a player it? In the same year heel Pistons team and the Mavericks team's game, Wade frequently once Ci ground by his opponent tipped over, fell to the ground, he seems to have been accustomed to opponent's rude. Such an rational enough Huan enough of sound footing of the players, how able to not called the fans crazy for him? Caught rebounds, Dwyane Wade transported Daoqian Chang, a look at Jiang army defensive tight, Bianba the ball emptied that to outside line's Arroyo, Arroyo rapidly passed to insider's Bosh, Bosh stand up jumper, With the! 7 ratio 2 a. Section I end of the game,Taiga Leather Clearance, in the three giants of the to play a under the, the Heat team in order to 28 than the 15 leading by 13 points. Jun Jiang scored three runs, twice assists. Old Brown coach his face is grim, he stressed the defensive the importance of. Seeing score difficulties, he put on a off the bench players, but Jiang army still stay on the floor. In this way, Bobcats team field players that is Jiang army, Augustine, Henderson, Najera and Kwame Brown up. This lineup can be said to is a dual-defender, backcourt offensive capability is stronger some of the. While the Heat team returned put on a Zha Morse, Eddie? Winehouse, ZHU Wan? Howard and Dampier, by James took four off the bench play any more. This section, Bobcats team played relatively good, while the Heat team in the offensive on the Huan can, but defensive too weak. Jun Jiang even vote with protrusion, soon got 8 points, four assists. Score also Chase to the only to backwardness 5 points, becomes the 40 than the 45 up. Before a game, the Heat 76-90 l. to New Orleans Hornets, this ills respect of has already be amplified. That game, Dwyane - Wade and LeBron - James did not play, which was originally is the test of the Heat role players capability's great opportunity. Unfortunately yes, starters five people only Chris - Bosh (15 shots 9 middle 24 points) and Mike - Miller, (8 cast. 4, the including three-pointers the ball 3 vote 2, 11 points) scored in double figures, off the bench middle are also Only James? Jones score in double figures (15 points), but he just one-third fort, three-point the ball madness shot 11 points, two sub-the ball only twice shot. With the Bobcats's this game, despite the the Heat in the most of the time has been in control situation, but the role players of ineffective ills still exists. Halftime fast the end of the O'clock, ginger Army and the James simultaneously being benched. Jiang Army scored 11 points 6 Ci assists; James scored 18 points, five rebounds, four assists, data very comprehensive. Intermediate Jiang Army with James right on the once, ginger army found that this small emperor Sure enough deserved reputation, body strength very big, almost with their own in the days of kwan good fortune reactive two-story pinnacle of the strength of as if. [Today's update is completed. Thank you for your support. 】 <
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