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> Tomb of both sides of the two villages, one called Sesson a village called top Wang, Jin Fei village is located before the top Wang village, but he was in his four-year-old when they were brought back his father, twenty or so Because Liu Yue, when they leave here feeling reasons. wWW, QUANben, cOM so for this top Wang Village is also considered very familiar with him, after all he still lived here for more than a decade, but the front of this man is Sesson people, and not just this young man obviously only a little more than twenty years old, and thirty-year-old Jin Fei compared to a difference of almost ten years old, gold fly past ten years have been here almost no return, for these young people do not know that it touches. The front man did not seem to recognize gold fly. Man called Chou Shu, is a farm child, and classes in high school when a girl fell in love, just next door to the top is the village girl named Mandy Wang. Two people love each other, together in high school, but Mandy bad not been able to go to college to learn. Stomach to go to Shanghai to college only Choushu a person, but the boy did not forget his heart since childhood favorite girl and said that she made money on their own, such a good come back for Mandy to leave this backward village,Oakley Radar, each one little girl in the village do not want to starve yourself this life here, though Mandy is a good girl, but no exception. Jin Fei quite understand such a thing, for it was a decade ago, Liu Yue's parents is for this reason why they despise themselves forced to Liu Yue to marry someone else, go make yourself angry the military army. Only now, myself and Liu Yue went through so much, and ultimately live in together. Remembered Liu Yue, Jin Fei felt some regret their psychological, this should be said at this time is very poor woman's plight in Xiamen is also not optimistic ah, their courage to deliver such a major in her hand, he now felt psychology is very guilty,Oakley Oil Rig Online, but it is no way to be able to look at this woman, because now is not the time. "What happened?" Golden fly casually asked, in fact, he is now even do not ask too vague already know the answer, if the girl is still now Mandy men around, he would not be here crying very tough battle. "Then I graduated, see you now older should also know that rural out when the child is just not as good as in graduate school, not to mention money, even a place to stay are not, let alone anything else. I looking for a job in Shanghai, very hard work, I really was very hard work, I want nothing but to make money and then be able to pick out Mandy, but ... only "Yeah,Oakley Sports Sunglasses, but a college graduate in Shanghai Making money is a very difficult task, especially certain amount of money. "Golden Boy's words fly then." I spent a year's time, but the consumption of the big city Shanghai is too high, and I earned money for life has some constraints, how will the province under the excess money, no money how can I pick Mandy to enjoy life with me. I try to live frugally, work hard. During this period I have been back to the village several times, and Mandy said my situation, I begged her to give me two years, no more than that, as long as two years, because I do not want to go with me Mandy suffer. Really, living in this village has been hard enough, and I do not want to Mandy and I went to the city after the same will suffer, and this is my motivation, but also my efforts. "" ...... "The man said here paused, Jin Fei did not speak, but listening to the men continue to say that he knew would happen next story." Mandy agreed to my request, because at that time she had parents let her face a lot of pressure to get married as soon as possible, so when she said this time I am very touched, really, I do not doubt that she'd be a liar, since she said he would wait for me, I'll Gordon believe she will wap.quanben. c om1 | 6 | k slugger four official signature dishes, etc. I uploaded a lie. So I quickly left the village back to the cities, to make money to continue my career, I rarely come back time after village, as much as I use my time to make money, the only way I will have enough Mandy told me money to live a good life, until recently, my grades were always very appreciated, that I was promoted in the company manager, so I know my good day is coming, so I can not wait back to the village want to put this good news to tell Mandy, I want to say to her, I finally will have enough money to be able to let her go with me to Shanghai life, and in the future no longer have to suffer in this village. "The man said here when his eyes flashed an excited, Kim conceivable to fly back when a man was how excited soon be able to follow their deepest love girls live a happy life, and he certainly will be excited, but excited about a man just to quiet down, the sound appeared bitter: "But, when I came back it was too late, too late. "The man said and looked down, uncontrollable sobs." When you come back Mandy already married? "Jin Fei looked somewhat pathetic but fragile in front of the strong man, he does not know what to say to comfort the little man than himself, for it was a decade ago, he also met almost exactly the same situation, Liu months of forced married, desperate to leave their own and this man who happened ten years ago, is simply a replica of himself, but that he has now begun to slowly take control of their happiness, but still in front of a man wandering among . "Yes, she has been married. She had told me a year ago those words are false, just as I left the village soon after she was married. "Men have been driven to distraction and some sound also some trance." Maybe she was forced by their parents forced no way, on the outside you do not want to work so it did not affect tell you. "Jin Fei sighed, can say." No, if he was so sad I will be forced to do? I yelled at most twice and then turned to leave, then I will find a way to snatch her by my side. But this is not true, is her own wish. She tell me that she had suffered had enough, do not want to suffer again in the future, and I do not seem able to give her a happy life, so she could not wait for me, she wants their grasp opportunities, so she would marry the richest man in the village Tang's small three sons, married to now has been almost a year now, but I did not know until. "Men see Jin Fei tears:" You say that I made for her so much, but what they got was such a result, if it is you, you what? "" Maybe you do not necessarily thought wrong. "Jin Fei speechless looking man, the heart that a woman's mind and how a young man can see through, just a dozen years ago, such as Liu Yue, he is not a fool, she can not be a fool in the past? "I do not know. "A man with her head no longer speak." Your heart is now very hate her? "Jin Fei did not answer the words of men instead asked." I do not hate her, I think I still like her heart, her choice is not wrong, I know where every woman thought a good day, I was not smart enough I hate myself how not smart enough. "" If you were given a chance to snatch her, your heart will receive it? "Jin Fei suddenly asked one." What did you say? "The man suddenly looked up at the golden fly, and then they smile shaking his head:" No, I am now, although in the company promotion, but still want to earn enough money for many years, Tang's small three very rich, his I was the richest man in the village of Wang top, I can not. "The man said bitterly. Jin Fei looked like a man, no longer speak, but stood up and walked toward the outside:" If I have a way to let you in a short time on the net worth billions of dollars, you must take win back their favorite woman. "" Ah? "The man looked up puzzled gold fly back, speechless, he thought Jin Fei crazy, is truly a madman, he is a small college, how could in a short time on the net worth billions of dollars? fantasy! Jin Fei pushing the wheelchair out of the tomb of the dragon knows no boundaries, but saw a familiar figure. pale wear, a long baggy rolled in the back of the head, revealing a delicate Qiaolian , with a touch of ice into an indescribable charm a woman standing in front of several bodyguards, but these bodyguards but did not get rid of this woman. saw come out of the Jin Fei, a woman walked brisk over, facing the Jin Fei smiled, stretched out like a small white hand: "Hello, I'm Lin Weiwei, the first meeting, please take care. "Jin Fei's body shocked, stay Leng Leng looked familiar face of a woman, scene after scene are the same as five years ago, the same words as the face ...... <
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