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May 21 [Tue], 2013, 15:35
> Barren wind in the body coolness. www. quANBen. com leaf morning slightly Yi Tan, turned and walked along the highway the other end, did not walk a few steps, they met a car hit the guard on the rock the broken lights smashes, the bonnet Alice, goggles on a blood, it is clear that the driver has been killed,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, his figure a move, they come in a hollow, over the car, drifted down, continue to walk forward. Along the way, knocked appalling cars, spilled blood, and half arm, body, and some drag bloodstains everywhere, showing that the outbreak of the disaster, on that highway how panic and move sāo and tragedy. Ye Chen came from a corpse. Roar! With the original seemingly dead body, suddenly opened his eyes, a light green sè eyes glowing bloodthirsty, reach out to the heel of the leaf morning arrested, and suddenly, bang bang its head, such as balloon exploded , the black sè brains and blood soared to four scattered. Ye Chen recovered pistols, cold glance headless body, and turned back around. On the road has four lying on the ground, or zombies climb in the car, motionless, these zombies if the food is not met, we will go into a "sleeping" state, is no different in this state, completely dead , there is no breathing, no heartbeat, and in such a state, can be four or five months without eating will not die. Bang, bang ... not far from the head of the original zombie sleeping, have opened his eyes, turned to leaf morning rushed in a threatening manner. Flat leaf morning God sè hand gun wing open, three green beans energy bullet soared shè the the out, all of a sudden put these head zombie head popping. Not long gone - "Roar ~ ~ ~" All of a sudden, the highway not far from a building at,Nike Jordan 3 Sale, sounded an angry roar, then, is the sound of a building collapsed. Ye Chen help Yizheng hand beside the rushing of a zombie kill, they turned and went to the motorway, Ningmu the place whose monster roaring looked, I saw two buildings stood a physique like the wolf , about twenty feet (6m), body hair was the tan sè, a raised packet monster on his forehead, three bloody holes in the side of the abdomen, blood has been cemented for the scars. To horns! "Ye Chen somewhat surprised to horned beast is a rather rare late monster, such as the evolution to full body on his forehead president out to a black sè thorn angle, you can guide the sky lightning supporter , at this stage, to horned beast is also the presence of the 30, plus the special structure of the body, and even some 35 monsters must give way to the front, in the land creatures, has been considered in the upper reaches of the jīng English class. Turned around and looked in the horns in front of a two-storey, covering a surface active and extensive building, a red A woman standing, standing against the breeze, wore a the red sè skins manufacturing Leather, plump raised proud peaks perfect sketch out white navel, exposed, smooth and flat lower abdomen, lower body a skins skirt, covered only to the thigh above, against the background of a pair of slender white legs, the world's best hot enough to build most men shed nosebleed. However, the most striking, but this looks Allure pour country woman, a cigarette dangling from the glamorous red lips, actually, and in the hands, holding a heavy machine gun muzzle like ventilation, do not stop random chatter bullets crackling soared shè the out the other end to horns forced East West channeling, these bullets can not hurt it, but if they are hit, was able to break open the fur, the meat shè in. Jenna snapped! Madden Women the red sè soft Leather, red lips, a cigarette dangling from condescending to look down on the ground horned beast, machine gun casually lost in the ground next to the backhand pulled out a long knife behind, this is a the handle extremely slender the large black sè sword, about 2.5 meters wide and one foot back in the back of her slender body, a full nearly one meter high, At first glance, sword Zhebing than her own weight To be heavy! I saw this woman which is Red Soft Leather sè of holding a sword, the brown boots sè Yi Deng ground begins on the second floor of the building roof platform directly jump down, raised his sword Gravitropism horns from go like a savage warrior, the one black sè hair in the air and float in the air, very domineering! Bang! A move to corner the beast body, Bianxiang next to escape the past, large knifed on the ground, concrete breaking open a pit, this sword I do not know what material is extremely hard, and there is not even broken. Leaf morning slightly hesitated ... this woman, even the front and bottom edge of animal fighting? Could that be super human evolution? , Sub-ordinary evolution, super-evolution, evolution of variation in the evolution of humans! In this, the evolution of variation are the most rare, the lowest risk of the general evolution of variation, the body structure will undergo a major change, such as multi-grow one eye or pupil changes, you can see through human skin, the body of the constructor. This category is difficult, in the early fall, the first month will be 20 physique. Super evolution, just ordinary increase strength, improve physical fitness, respiratory changes, the position of the heart will move the initial phase 15 of the constitution! Ordinary evolution, the initial period, there were 10 physical fitness, now three months, and about constitution evolved to about 30. Extremely rare in human evolution, most of them are ordinary evolution, the super evolution is extremely rare, the millions of people who are very difficult to find one, the evolution of variation, absolute 100 million to pick one! According to Ye Chen know, the commander-in-chief of the China base city, Murong snow father is a super evolution! For this reason, it will be many commander, General, all repression, no one dared to rebel forcibly! If it does not start Superman mode, to Ye Chen now 30 constitution, can not confront the inherent advantages of powerful people, are extremely terrorist presence in the final, most of them fall in ruins, or in remains unexplored real dark creatures to kill ...... just three months, Ye Chen constitution of an ordinary person to reach 30, comparable to the general evolution,, etc. Kuangmeng enhance speed in the whole unique in the world, alone in this one! You know, wake up the end of the world catastrophe, evolution will reach more than a dozen constitution, this constitution enough to sweep ordinary zombie, monster only a few cheetahs, lions, tigers and other ferocious animals evolved before they have threatened, in this case, the speed to kill a zombie called terror far from early morning leaves can be comparable to the time he was just holding a two-edged fire ax, carefully survival, and these evolutionary who has already strutted in the street. But just three months, leaf morning to catch up with the strength of ordinary evolution, evolution of variation as spike if the Superman state! At this stage, can be a threat to Ye Chensheng life does not exist yet. Such as the Atlantis civilization excavated, the Ministry of Scientific Research from the inside of the gene fusion technology, super talent generally begin down. Occasion in Ye Chensi cable, opposite the fighting has ended, that red soft sè Leather, she is the world's best woman a knife to the head of the horned beast split it stepped on the foot, slowly pull out the knife with a rope tied, and negative in the back, and then put the angle to the body of the beast on his shoulders, body jumped, jump straight to the second floor, the toe hook, put the machine guns of the earth to provoke arbitrarily seize the figure of a dynamic made far snatched. Before long, the figure disappeared in the distance, Ye Chen slowly look back, and his heart Yi Tan,UK Nike Air Jordan, evolution is indeed the evolution, powerful congenital conditions, is equivalent to the ancient royal exist only make people a little peace of mind , anyone can evolution, even if it is a beggar, maybe after the end of the world will force jumped to the top of the stand from the crowd, beauty, food, throwing a few groups of meat can be exchanged over. Kill the process by which the world's best woman skills is a mess, but the force is extremely powerful, power to suppress, and living to horns to hack the shows that she is not an ordinary evolution, but super evolution ! 1H3 level, super evolution by about 45 of the constitution! "It seems that my strength or improvement is too slow." Ye Chen shook his head Yi Tan, 30, is very powerful, can be swept China base city of the barracks, but the case of this super evolution of the commander-in-chief, the only open Superman the state. Although he had the memory of rebirth, but the most rapid increase strength in the current force into it, such as the blood of God from Atlantis, and then set up a British jīng forces, they can go to many small relics excavated, the baby inside, to enhance the strength not horrible ...... thought for a moment of leaf morning they turned to leave, the other side rushed quickly to the highway.

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