but it is somewhat Jun aesthetic

June 03 [Mon], 2013, 17:18
> Four hundred and fiftieth chapter Kinnara billowing red blood exudes a monstrous evil spirits, the atmosphere of terror among the whole dòngxùe raging madness, the endless river of blood blocking the entire piece of vanity! But Xiao pole for the Asura tribe xìng life really are not interested in the strength of its equivalent, even if it completely refining, for the upgrade of extremely limited strength, after all, but is now closely linked with the strength of the power of law! Gold sè Jianmang as a gold sè dragon, violent sweep dàng out, the whole river of blood are broken open a space! Fengrui law cutting the power is very strong, even as strong as the Asura prince's body, the whole body can feel the pain of a Unit of the tear! "He does have the sort of ability, no wonder so under Haikou dare! But now I have become the trend of the river of blood, you have no trace of chance!" Asura prince sneer, endless rivers of blood like some kind of communication rules , even of the order as cage-like scenes, Hsiao very tightly trapped in them. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOMTXT book download ** But in this moment, Xiao pole also caught three faces four arms flaws Asura tribe to build a large array of rivers of blood, body slightly stiff! Xiao very moment being trapped in a river of blood, even the Asura prince already found their flaws, still do not care. However, so that it can not be a matter of confidence there. I saw Xiao extremely robust even completely ignore the mysterious river of blood cage,Oakley Lifestyle Sale, the body actually fly directly out! Gold sè Jianmang suddenly draw hands, surrounded by this road jīng space to the extreme of pure law completely torn Fengrui! Xiao pole mana completely poured Xuanyuanjian among the days of order treasure force play, instant breakdown of the Asura prince's body! Asura family deserves to ròu body tyrannical incomparable race, even if the body is Xuanyuanjian piercing, which for the Asura tribe still stuck with the body Xuanyuanjian blade, very difficult to pull out that Xiao Xuanyuanjian! Xiao pole if cast out day coffin, or eternal Tianfu. In the Asura tribe lù the flaws of the moment, will be able to spike! But did not reach the realm of Kokonoe-day environment, can hardly realize the closest to that feeling of kings, Heavens highest level of understanding, will not be able to play a day order treasure strength. Xuanyuanjian day order is treasure, Xiao pole only really achieve Kokonoe-day environment, can play a treasure this day order full strength! Now rely Xuanyuanjian, faced with the realm of the monks, is still difficult to kill! Xuanyuanjian hands suddenly startled, then disappeared in front of Ashura clan, once again return to day among the missing space. This is a treasure dúlì conscious days of order, far from being comparable to those monks refining magic, naturally have an ordinary day is incomparable magic. Hands of the re-emergence of gold sè Jianmang Xiao gave a very tough prince Asura,Oakley Radar Online, Asura toward the bottom of a family among many rushed! Although Xiao extremely Asura prince who does not know the identity, but can also be seen that the position is not low, the body would not be without self-defense weapon, you want the bottom pressure is not applied under the premise means kill him, probably not Too easy, so Shaw took aim at the target of these very ordinary Asura family. Gold sè Jianmang among family flying in Ashura, the power just a little touch of terror, there is a lot of family spot kill Asura! "Stop it, and I have the ability to fight another three thousand rounds!" Mouth sounds of Asura prince Puhou, Xiao pole seemed totally did not hear, directly to one day throughout Kokonoe Asura strong family bī back, again Asura reached numerous casualties among the military family. Although there Ashura day environment family among the strong Kokonoe sits, but the face edge lù Hsiao Bi-pole, is completely without the slightest resist the force. After all, every day environment away from a small state that is several times the gap, if it is just absolutely scared encountered yàn generation, a small gap between the realm, and even direct spike opponents! The Asura's son injured, bottom heavy Asura family no strength to fight back, Xiao pole will Asura family beheaded half, and devour one empty! Feel the power of law has improved, they played a mind to leave. His family with these Asura can be no hatred, has now achieved its purpose, Xiao pole is not prepared to continue to stay here, nether world today is very head to Shaw. Shadow flash, in the hands of gold sè Jianmang blaze a new trail, they move away and fled! At the moment, behind a sharp surge in blood sè spear! Atmosphere of terror Naotomo Hsiao very consistent to! "Offerings -" shrill voice, gold sè Jianmang soaring blood sè will cut directly from the spear! Do as the blessing of the law Xuanyuanjian, for blood sè rule constitutes a deadly spear destructive power! Meanwhile Xiao Jin sè Jianmang very hands flashed again from Asura prince who delineated a horrible wound! Shaw is not prepared to fight very, after all, among the entire six circles, still has a lot of kings realm of the strong, if a little careless himself, I am afraid it will forward to the road. Body flash, you want to get out of here. But heart suddenly a jǐng, quick flash to the side! "Boom -" an extreme forces of terror had just come Hsiao location,Coach Purses Outlet, a Huiyi youth, armed with a two-edged brown sè long flute, appeared in Shaw very eyes. "Kinnara!" Shura Huiyi young prince saw the God sè a move. "Heba Health Highness, long time, it seems that you had some trouble." Kinnara lù a hint of a smile, and the other looks horrible family Asura different Kinnara Although long as yīn brutal, but it is somewhat Jun aesthetic. "This is ... to kill God Kinnara!" Is the name of the Shura make other family feel very terror, even more than to see the Kill Devil Hsiao also very frightened! "There is no thought, ah, this rì famous even kill God and Kill Devil homopolymer one really surprised me." Asura prince did not make the slightest fear, but among the body's blood is kept out. In this Asura family neighborhood, no one dared to actually kill him. Because he was the only son of Asura king! Whether in front of Kill Devil, or a family of horror unparalleled Asura kill God, Asura king in front of the real, absolutely vulnerable! "Kill Devil, a bit mean you pretty good, could have been avoided my attack." Kinnara leisurely said, pointing beings quite some taste. "Your strength is also good, even in the mid-seventh day environment, will be able to make me afraid." Xiao said pole but the truth, he has no real power weaker than the late seventh day environment among the monks of the strong, but The face of the sky throughout the mid-seventh Asura tribe, even heart fear, even if the strength of the weak number of chips each. "Interesting guy, but I'm just tempted to test the strength of your fills this rì I was to avenge the Asura clan, it looks like you seem to like me purpose ..."! @ # <
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