The Man With That Cold Heart - Part 2 (Unfinished) 

December 16 [Sun], 2007, 23:10
it's been 6 years since he was taken captive into the safe haven in Japan, known as HEAVEN. Kei had heard rumours of the place ages ago from his mother... if only, that hadn't happened... if only he had managed to runaway from them... if only...

no matter what he thought right now, he was here. there was no escaping this place once you were already here. unless if you were willing to take your life, that is.

HEAVEN was reputed to be the top security male education safe haven in the world. majority of the world's royalty borned males were sent to this education institution, therfore admission to HEAVEN was quite guarded and stricted. as Japan refused to spend any sort of money to import the lower status males out of the country to another institute, HEAVEN was divided into 3 parts.

The Meeting With That Cold Heart - part 1 

December 15 [Sat], 2007, 2:03
it is the year 2xxx. most of the denizen civilization has crumbled, primarily due to the constant raging religious and political wars that were initiated by men. after decades of being thumbed down by these outrageous beings, women have decided to seize control from the men and put an end to all sufferings. now, every primary state government in the world are ruled by women.

during the war otherwise known in history as The Rage of Supremity, the male population which used to be a mere 75% population in the world has thus reduced drastically to less than 15%. men being scarced now are treated more like entertainment objects and slaves mainly used more for sexual reproduction. experiments that were conducted to enable women to survive on their own without the need for a male have failed miserable thus making it all the more necessary to harvest and maintain the 15% population of males.

The Court of Hera, formed by the first mothers who fought and won the vicious battle against the men laid down the rules that all men were to be kept in a safe location far from women and to be trained to obey them. each country would educate the men to follow their customs or set rules and must ensure that these men are completely under their control. these men would then be divided according to their hierachy ranking, judged upon looks, strength and seed.

all women who have gaven birth to the opposite gender would be allowed to keep their child until the age of 10 whereby they will be sent and educated. these women would be compensated tremendously to regonize their efforts for producing and protecting the child prior to his education period. it is mandatory that the child should be sent for training. should they fail to do so, they will be strictly punished, being murdered or tormented in the most horrendous manner before the child after which the child is wrung from the mother and sent for training.

each men must be shared amongst a group of 10-20 women in which he must copulate with them. men who're unable to impregnate women would be killed and women who do not share the men with another women will be punished. at a prime age of 35, the men slaves would be killed to make room for fresh seeds to come in. only very few live to the old age of 60 and most of them are from the supreme crop, breeded by the queens of the world. these breeds would be auctioned to the highest bidder when they've reach the age of 20.

very few lower class people have ever made it into the supreme crop breed and usually those who do are outstanding in one field or another. many aim for it and yet so many others fail. as the pressure heaps up, many men have committed suicide or ran away from the education institution. those who escape still retain their lives if they run to the outskirts of the city and even then, it wouldn't matter as they would still ultimately help copulate... they're just lucky to still retain their lives.


December 15 [Sat], 2007, 1:51
*bang bang*

sounds of gun shots rang up in the air.

heaving and puffing as he ran with the gun in his right hand, the little boy kept looking back once in a while to make sure he wasn't caught. just a while ago, he had shot his captives and he wasn't going to let himself get caught by them.

he quickly entered into a dirty small alley, praying and hoping that they would never find him there. all he wanted was his freedom, away from everyone and especially away from them. his fear escalated as he heard sounds of them running about, screaming his name, trying to coax him to come out. no matter he would never give himself up to them.

poor little boy. behind his back crept one of them, holding a taser laser. before he could even utter a word of protest or look behind him, he was tasered. he fell, eyes close though finally encaptured by them.

radio wave signals were then later transmitted from that very location reading, "We have captured SIREN code 058. I repeat we have captured SIREN code 058. Boy's name is Moriyama Kei and will be sent to HEAVEN immediately."
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