Today is..Today is.. is.. 

2005年12月02日(金) 12時34分
Happy Happy Birth Day to u>_

Why do I choose this photo to celebrate your BD ??
in the sky, there is a love.
sky is always around us.
and so, u r always surrounded with love.
I have the love for you in my heart.
I luv u

!!Long Time No See KYUMICHAN!! 

2005年11月27日(日) 1時42分
First, I have to say to u !! I'm sorry
Today, i participated in the meeting which determines JADE manager.
After that , i met EPPI do u remember many things about her
she doesnt change so much !! it is said "AIKAWARAZU"
we went to shinnjyuku!!she recomend restaurant @mycity to meit was so nice. do u like CHIDIMI?? if so, you should go there!
it is famous for the CHIDIMI
and so, i overoverate I'm in big trouble
i have to myself"Diet Diet Diet"
How have u been these days??

many things start !!! 

2005年09月27日(火) 2時20分

As KUMICHAN write to her diary, scool starts
i also had 3 classes ;Business administration, The history of economic thought, Present art
after class, i was practice dancing
actuary, practice dancing for MITA festival also starts
i was enjoying that

and do u know that keio university student was caught in hemp possession today

finally !!! 

2005年09月26日(月) 0時23分
this is the diary that i write in English for the first time
today , i went to Hiyoshi for meeting
gaaaaa--------School will start tomorrow it's so--- sad
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