February 21 [Thu], 2008, 21:02

Wooow…the last days were so strengous(;-;)
Last weekend were i bought the whole twilight-series i read through the second book!
And now i read the third. (笑)
My brain is a world full of words, sentences, dialogues, places and chaos.
When i sleep i see pages of books in front of me. It’s so confusing.
I SPEAK DIFFERENTLY THAN BEFORE! Yes, books changing your life. (笑)
I had read on writer’s homepage- on August 2008- the fourth book of twilight, comes in stores.
I am so happy ‘bout this!!! And- now, one of the best things- they go to film the book!!!!(^-*)b
I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream(*-*) When i look back, where i was in a bookstore and want to buy an interesting story-
Later, I don’t find the right for me, i go to a little table at the entrance and suddenly i saw the cover-
Was fascinated, folds it back, read the text. BOOM! My head said: “BUY IT”. (笑)

These days my family has always a bad mood. I hate it.
For a few minutes my stepfather wants me to take a walk with the dog.
But i don’t want to do it, so my stepfather was mad and shout stupid things to me, which are offensive(>_<)
I’M VERY ANNOYED OF THIS. Shut up and go your own ways…you’re dulling me.

On Wednesday i was’nt in school.
I went to an art test, for a school, which i had applied me a few weeks ago,
Together with Ashy i went to the test. WE WERE SO TIRED AFTER THIS!(=_=)
Over 40 people were there and only 24 of them, get an education. We both hope, that we are in this class in future.

Argh, my english is so bad today.
I had made so many mistakes in sentence construction and grammar, i know, i know(>_<)



February 17 [Sun], 2008, 15:51

YES! I bought the twilight-series!!!
But altogether it costs 50euro. (なく)
My last money(;-;)…*crycry*

ONLY 31 days!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darling, you know what i mean! (笑)



February 16 [Sat], 2008, 10:57

I woke up so early today! -> 7:00 am
Hard life, man(-_-)

On Thursday i bought a book.
It’s a story about a girl that fallen in love with a vampire☆★
I…I read through it on one day. It’s unbelievable!!!!
540 pages on one day!(=___________________=)
After this my head was full of words!! (笑)
And now i want to buy the second book of this story.
I love it. The quick dialogues, wonderful narrate and the sarcasm are fascinating!

So beautiful weather today(*-*)
The sun is shining and the sky is without clouds- Only dark blue!
I can see the orange roofs of my neighbourhood. It’s like Toscana vocation!!
Yes, yes- Now i want to go to eat ice cream! (笑)



February 13 [Wed], 2008, 19:50

It was so AWESOME today.
Next after school i had met three friends(*-*)
In English, we have to read a paper, but this afternoon, we only chilled!!!
It is very embarrassing, i think. (笑)
But it was funny and we’d laughed about so many things!
Tuesday we going to meet again!

Now i have to burn two CD’s of J-Rock, because a sister of a friend and my TEACHER!!!
-Yes you read right- wants to listen to my music.
Yesterday was interesting. The school invited all parents to speak with some teachers about their children.
And my classteacher said about me, that i’m a special kind of girl.
Because i give much trouble for my styling and my creativity is incredible. (笑)
I’m really really proud!!(*-*)

Yeah, 20:15, RTL, "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"! (German Idol)
Im so excited and after this runs the show with Thomas Sonnenburg!
He’s such a loser- but he helping ppl- so it’s ok.
I don’t want to be sarcastic!!!!! (笑)

There’re only 33 days until i see Mi(^-*)b
Love and miss you, darling!
I wait for the day, i can hug you. (なく)


new desktop 

February 11 [Mon], 2008, 19:37

My new desktop. (愛)
Takeru’s absolutely adorable!!!(>_<)
I love SuG so much. Its one of the best bands i’ve ever heard.
I have the whole discography, all pv’s, interviews and so on.

Today school was fun.
My class is awesome. Really funny and heartfull ppl.
Thx you for unforgetable moments, guys!!!

Which day is it? Yes, Monday! (笑)
So Ashy was at my place. We had laughed a lot, i think.
Because we’d listen to old cassettes their we recorded for 3 or 4 years.
Very very funny!!!(*-*)
And we take a walk with my little dog. The sun burning down.
The feeling was...like a summer day. I had missed such moments.
Ashy and i can’t wait for summer, because we want to go swimming and do other outside activitys(^-*)b

After school on way home i take a little walk, today.
And being this, i listen to Incubus. I love them. (愛)
The lyrics inspiring me and they recorded so many ballads.
I felt thinking on many things, when i listen to their songs.



February 06 [Wed], 2008, 22:50

Only 40 days (キス)
But i miss you so much dear!*crycry*

On Monday Ashy was here and next day we met again!
Because our schools went to the same event on Tuesday. (笑)
But the trip was so boring!!!(>_<)
We all got an information about different school reports. Pupils had to chose three kinds of reports.
I was interested in only one report and entered me there. But at least i don’t got THIS(>_<)
So i learned nothing about this school report. Great ne?

For a few times i had seen "Die Ausreisser" (Runaway)
Every show i making jokes about Thomas Sonnenburg.
Yeah, he’s kids best friend because he had the style of a young person!!!
I want also that a 44 years old streetworker be my friend!! Then i hang around with him-
He’s sitting next to me during i drink the hardest alc i can find ne? (笑)

Tomorrow i go to my fathers place for weekend☆★



February 02 [Sat], 2008, 19:23

These days i had a lot of fun(^-*)b
Today i cooked noodles together with Katharina!!
It looks so delicious ne? The Sauce tastes of nothing! (笑)
Her sister wants to listen to J-Rock!!! かこいー!(*-*)

I want to dye my hair again but i have to wait two months. (なく)
For An Cafe Live my hair should be pretty(>_<)

Yesterday i was at Janas place☆★



January 28 [Mon], 2008, 19:54

Today my daisuki Ashy was here! (愛)
We had a lot of fun(^-*)b

I want to design and decorate my own clothes.
But first i need a sewing machine(-_-)
I’ve soooo many ideas, so i want to begin!!!!!

Wah, i must go now, because i have to do a lot of homework yet.
Only one day left. After this i get my school report!



January 27 [Sun], 2008, 15:54

The month come to an end(@_@;)
There’re only 49 days until i'm going to meet Mi!!
Im so nyappy!o(≧∀≦)o

I looooove the new single by miyavi.
The lyrics are so wonderful. He is my absolutely idol.
This year, when he comes to germany, i’ll be there.(ラブ)



January 24 [Thu], 2008, 17:53

Oh my gosh! I’ll got a piercing soon. (パーティー)
I’m so happy, because i want a piercing since i was fourteen!!

I want to move to cologne. It’s the city i love at most.
Because i won’t go to school anymore…☆
Now i’m going to search after trainings near cologne.
I’m really excited, if i find somethin’!(^_^)

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