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> One hundred and seventy fifth Length: Medical examination car into the army compound, under the command of the Qi Ya, a short while in a small villa in front stopped. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Han Qin down car helped unload stuff Qi Qi Ya Ya center selection of clothing in the equipment installed several packages, which require her eleven organized under the trunk and taken to perform tasks using the wealthy son of northern girlfriend, no sets of high-end clothing line Qi Ya mouth is also a challenge, playfully laughed: "Comrade Colonel, thank you for sending me the Land Rover luxury car plus you this shape, it is too pull the wind two people are past men, courtyard rang, from the inside out one looks very delicate privates, followed by another out of a middle-aged woman dressed in civilian clothes, middle-aged women ** Ya competent, crush and between Qi Ya very much alike. middle-aged women are Qi Ya's mother Zhang Weihong, army hospital medic. Zhang Military see parked in front of a luxury Land Rover, and a daughter was talking and laughing young blond hair, my heart suddenly flavors mixed Chenqi Ya see Mom over the Han Qin whispered: "Colonel, this is my mother not to be identified," Han Qin a frown, I do not want to comment this image most people, you let me know what your mother but since it is a colleague, a minimum etiquette but also Han Qin mouth a blanket, laughing: "auntie" Zhang Military look complicated and looked Han Qin a, big tall guy, very handsome face, but,,, world do you want a color hair dye Han Qin that a blond, green for the tone in all armies large yard, very bright Zhang Medical lived half my life in the army, it is for this avant-garde fashion frown frown frown upon return, since and her daughter is a coming, it should be her daughter's friend to see this atmosphere may also not an ordinary friend, Zhang Military naturally there will be no undue said perfunctory said: "Hello, Hello Thank you for sending Qi Ya back , go break it, "Han Qin embarrassed smiles:" Thank you Auntie, I have other things, do not go in "Han Qin Qi Ya mom found a pair of eyes like a searchlight in general, in his head sweep to sweep , I found myself scared I'd better find a place to hide, do not grind naked, in a circle shame known female nurturing mother! Zhang Military clearest daughter's mettle temper, Qi Ya grew stubborn good strong military after graduation, even given a free hand admitted to the General Staff two, he became a female agent Zhang Military Although female agent who does not know what specific job, but the TV movie fiction female agent, so Chang Military was very worried that her daughter is not too dry Thanks to Bai Jingming bureau in the capital to take care of it, otherwise, a pretty girl shop and agents, so Zhang Military how assured girl,Jordan 13 Shoes, once married like all the pretty girls, the daughters also let Zhang Military couple very peace of mind, twenty-year-old young lady, young man less there to pursue a reinforced platoon, both army officers, there are ministries and government cadres in the eyes can be as long Ya Qi in the head in general, simply Nobody can enter her daughter discernment guy can bring doorstep, this is the first time only, Zhang Military really do not understand, you daughters of this character, how would fancy such a young man hesitated for a while, Zhang Military no longer could not help but wonder, asked: "Young man, you live in the unit work? "In fact, Zhang Military knew that I ask is white asked a great capital, government, and military authorities who have seen, there are orang Lvmao imprisoned Han Qin naturally clear this image on their own, if that is the East City, Beijing Office Director, and will definitely be treated as a liar, say it altogether in accordance with the false identity of the son of the brother who moved here use one. Han Qin said: "Auntie, I now go to school in Europe, but did not participate in the work. "Zhang Han Qin Medical hear say this, nodded thoughtfully, asked the sentence:" Young man, your parents Which department do? "See Mom started questioning them, Han Qin heart smile, the mother-in-law meant exposing the phase glanced Qi Han Qin Ya, this beauty secret one, even where ineffectively lips laughing, as if watching the show generally Han Qin here being wrestled with how to answer, Qi Qi Ya Ya there opened the chamber ** mother stepped forward to grasp his arm,Oakley Radar clearance, hard rocking, smiled and said: "Mom, do you ask so clearly, people just come to see me, it was you Review again Account "orderlies have put Qi Ya luggage moved into the yard, Qi Ya gracefully waved smile smiles:" Miss Korea, see you tomorrow, "Han Qin have no words, waved away by car and sped away car very far away, where Chang Military still shook Leng Leng looked Qi Ya Mom ** arm, smiled and said: "Mom, do not look, people walked away," Zhang Military surprised to see her daughter, said: "Qi Ya, how do you know such a fashion youth? "Qi Ya Qiaolian a cold, said:" You and Dad are worried that I marry, I think the hair is quite characteristic, casually picked up on the street a "daughter of the word, let Zhang Military suddenly dumb without Introduction to leave the army compound, Han Qin suddenly have a feeling he is now homeless this image, the Beijing Office can not go back. If you let my colleagues saw myself this shape, certainly thought he got a little crazy thinking, Han Qin The car went into a hotel. Tomorrow go out of northern perform tasks on the outside checked into the hotel bar one night, Han Qin give a few head one by one BJO a telephone call to arrange next week's work. Fortunately, has come to the end of the lunar calendar, the Beijing Office's work is also relatively leisurely up for their own fate, Han Qin also done a little explanation. has an international consortium intends to invest in Dongfang City, Han Zhuren accompany guests need to study the market leader is to lead, on specific stroke, Han Qin only in passing, there is no need to say so many arrangements and subordinates End Beijing Office, Han Qin then cooking Phoenix Township thing. give the party secretary, mayor Jin Fu Peng made a phone call to learn about the work of the village progress. Jin Fu Peng detailing the work of the village according to the unified arrangements of the village, township new greenhouses Phoenix has basically been installed, the first batch of vegetable shoots had entered the shed, spring of next year, the first batch of pollution-free vegetables can be listed how to open markets , played the brand is a tough sell in accordance with the gold Fu Peng reporting, and now the village although the work step by step, no big deal, but immediately went to the lunar calendar year, as usual, a lot of things need to township party secretary clappers signature, there is no secretary signature, the relevant departments simply admit Han Qin a grin, thinking their own ability, he served as a township party secretary, simply do not strenuous, spare time to do a good look now not as simple as the existing working system, many things need to party secretary of the hands, relying solely on the remote little powerless this time, although the work of the Beijing Office is idle, the capital of the Northern Bureau of the task was imminent Han Qin spare no surgery, and had encouraged Kim Fu Peng daring to stir up the township's work burden, and clearly Tell him, so Phoenix Township work on track, pollution-free vegetables fully occupied market, himself resigned his position after the resignation of party secretary, will be in the county where the full Sponsor Gold Fu Peng served as township party secretary phrase With Han Qin, Jin Fu Peng is equivalent to eating a reassurance to the village cadres look out, Han Qin since it has been promoted to Director, Beijing Office, Phoenix Township and capital away from nearly a thousand years, part-time stopgap measure will not take long, there will be a new party secretary township party secretary office becomes vacant, the official body of the people, but the natural person thinking about thinking about thinking about normalization, in order to base this position also needs the backing of a network of political achievements qualifications in accordance with the principle of overall,Satchels Coach, the current party secretary, mayor Jin Fu Peng is undoubtedly the first Jin Fu Peng Although candidates have this ambition, but he is also clear, can seat the party secretary of the seat, all the old phrase With superior Han Qin Qin reassurance Korea, Kim Fu Peng will naturally come up with the enthusiasm of the twelfth do a good job at the grassroots level officialdom Kim Fu Peng Gunda years, naturally clear the mystery which now has his own driving through, as long as it results naturally still considered current party secretary Han Qin Phoenix rural towns can stand out from behind Xiping, Han Qin can very decent party secretary resigned from his position to earn a face to the Han Qin, Han Qin definitely not hard on myself, righting himself before leaving is the best return on gold Fu Peng Han Qin's ability to know, with him and the relationship between the county party secretary Li Morrowind recommended a mayor as township party secretary, is simply trivial payments Fu Peng got off the phone, listening to the tone of excitement Fu Peng Jin, Han Qin smile, with the full support of the doer, not the work of the Phoenix Township bother them again paused, Han Qin called the Song Jialei phone. since Beijing, Han Qin to Song Jialei a phone call, and this strong advocacy committee even ruthless hearts do not initiate contact with Han Han Qin Qin is also clear, Sonja Lei heart has grievances, he left for the village to the capital Phoenix office, is certainly disappointed and sad as separated by time and space, both the hazy relationship is ambiguous, lopsided is an indisputable fact that Han Qin Song Jialei own heart deposit grateful Phoenix arrived in their village working days, unfamiliar, is this beautiful girl at work and in life attracted support care, which can successfully open the work situation in officialdom, involuntarily, in order to go higher, can only temporarily abandon these heart-warming scenes of a connected phone, Han Qin said: "Jia Lei, how are you" over a full half a minute, the phone just came Song Jialei sad and moving voice: "Han Qin, I want you, I have thought, to resign over the years, to the capital looking for you" [..] (if chapters error, please report it to us) <
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