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May 27 [Mon], 2013, 15:58
> Houses among Kerim raised his glass, poured the wine cup exhaustively throat, and my heart only said happy. wWW. QUanbeN. Com "Kerim adults, you said new aristocracy who would obediently pay ransom you?" Rui Kete this time has some drunk: "a pariah,Coach Handbags Sale, to value so much money?" "Energy value, of course, be able to value . "Kerim While drunk, but still sober head:" I saw a quasi-Man, that guy was originally a pariah, but the awakening of the forces that his master was obviously trying to train him as a knight, Otherwise, how will he then coupled with a good armor and weapons? "" He that owner must be very rich. "Kerim said:" The ability of a Dalit Additions a less luxurious equipment, why not order his life more spend money to do? '"said also, a Dalit me better than we wear." Rui Kete raised his glass, the wine refill: "Kerim adults, and other things are after, can not be that guy that body armor gave me. "Kerim a slight smile on his face stagnation:" things are after, things are after. "things are after, with a thousand gold coins, what is that armor is nothing to Rick special does not matter. "Your honor, then we do? I want his hat and shoes." This is the whip Sarin. "Armor hat shoes are away, and then I want a shield can not get too, since previous adult kid like a secret weapon found a hand, it is better to give my arms Nabing how?" Four Li Maite The most sober, the same ability is particularly fast, this guy is done before pilfering, and occasionally part-time killer to his habits, but it is not love to drink, to have always awake, ready to respond to potential crises. "Secret weapon?" Rui Kete and Saleen put the cup on the table: "The adults also from that kid who search to a secret weapon? Better come up open our eyes, that boy received so tight, what could there enchant armed. "Kerim smiled, laughed some reluctance, though not what he gets enchant weapons, but not necessarily worse than the ordinary Enchant Weapon, so you want to keep yourself secretly, for self-defense, but do not want to see even by Matt to. "Is not secret weapon, just a regular guy, not what enchants armed." Kerim will Tri Shanker took out openly on the table. "What Enchant Weapon,Oakley Sport Outlet, dark,Air Jordan 1 UK, no blade, Matt, your head is cow kicked it." Rui Kete, then suddenly let Kerim my mind joy, laughed to myself, this guy really does not know what's what, just He began to get this weapon, they also feel nothing, but if you carefully study a little, only to find the beauty of this weapon is simply the devil's weapons ah. "Maybe cow head was kicked, I really fancy this weapon." Matt laughed, he was accustomed to petty theft, if not previously seen Kerim tried this weapon, he is do not know what, but see, the situation is different, his power is particularly fast, strength is satisfactory, but if you have the good weapons, it will increase the combat effectiveness of a more than doubled. Kerim "Oh," laugh: "This is the weapon can not afford to just give you, if you want, that are part of a ransom of one thousand gold coins that you will not be asked for a copy." "Kerim adults . "Matt looked gloomy, triangular eyes green eye looks like a wolf eyeing the same, then a cold seep seep to say, seems to lower the temperature around a little. "Matt!" Rick King hand pushed him: "a broken weapon only, as you do?" "It is necessary to ask Kerim adults, let him explain this he secretly hid the what weapon is something. "Matt sneer, the word will be secretly bite particularly heavy. "Oh?" Rui Kete seem to understand what, together with the next Sarin is looking bad looking Kerim. "Kerim adults, please explain to us how?" Rui Kete also sneer. Kerim immediately answer, in turn, staring Rui Kete: "Rui Kete, you seem to forget your identity?" "What is the status?" Rui Kete sneer: "Without us, you count something, go early went to a street vendor on the street, you have a shit face, you want to keep up the good to go on, you're honest point. "" Oh, if I say it? "Kerim also bite and hold the mouth:" There the ability to kill me, look at those Rogge will not spare you, aristocratic entourage murder masters, hey, you are challenging the entire continent aristocratic bottom line, even if it is the Kingdom of the nobility Wisconsin Ticketmaster you will not be spared. "" Of course we will not just simply kill you. "whole body enveloped in a cloak of Sarin Yin Cece said:" If you are the devil we report sent spies infiltrated the camp Rogge it? those who have been oppressed us nobility biting people no one believed, but if us, it is different. "" Yes ah, how do we never have thought? "Rui Kete and Matt also reflect over:" already see you unhappy , and fell on this point, and also put what Cape, to see who ah. "Matt's face proud smile:" less of a person, we would have one less person cents, hey! "" No, You can not! You can not do this! "Kerim finally some panic, but in the end was a wise man, and soon calmed down:" You tell, I say you are accomplices, this time we have done so many things together Rogge who hated us, and you wanted to run away? And, I am dead, you will be driven out from the aristocratic district, my property, will be confiscated camp, hey, do not look upon you money Many, however, I am afraid it can not hold your money, you are not noble, how much money will certainly be confiscated as my money, you can move back to the time outside civilian areas, to take life by doing mercenary I enjoyed. "Xu is anxious, Kerim head ever played, actually in the moment to come up with so many words, said the sentence is reasonable, Rui Kete three-phase, as a look, have some looked at each other, On the force they still can, but play head, they really play, but Kerim. "Given the possession of treasures Kerim adults, this time no copies of his income, and we think how kind?" Rui Kete early years mercenary background, experience, personal force is the highest, so talking about words to some convincing. "Well, then according to the meaning of the boss said to do." "Kerim adults, you do not view it that this time." Rui Kete adult words will bite wearer. <
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