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June 13 [Thu], 2013, 18:18
> Although the West two holy and Haotian previously have thought something like this would happen, but they did not think things would come so fast, so some of them by surprise, but now they want to close hand three clear, female milk empress and Red Cloud did not give them this opportunity. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Hongyun evil dead, but after it appeared laughed and said: "Andy, you can do this really amazing Heaven. Was a little bully Yaohou are actually found in the head of the people of Western aid, You said you would move into the face of my oriental Immortals where, when you had just to help with Hongjun Taoist Gods of the war. above is bingqiangmazhuang heaven now and you have to beg the West Buddhism, such behavior Heaven is not the end of the road, it seems that among the three realms of the legends you in collusion with foreign forces is not groundless, see you move indeed this may! "Red Cloud remark puts off Haotian and XiWangMu pushed to the ruin of the on such a large charge, but direct to kill him. At this time been secretly hidden in the western two holy will have to come forward. Although this is a great day of Buddha Mahayana Buddhism main presence, but he did not want to talk about qualifications and Red Cloud West two holy one appears. Red Cloud then sneered: "Pindao thought two of his fellow preparations have been in the dark does not come out!" Face Red Cloud satire, escorts sage said: "Red Cloud Daoyou remark to avoid too far-fetched, though, said ground star has changed, but also how Haotian Young has nothing to do with the collusion of foreign forces side, after all that Xu already out in the year will be to heaven, "little saints have to say escorts forbearance He is amazing, there is no mention that they Hongyun The remark only speak for Haotian, his move has won the Haotian's favor. Red Cloud sneered: "escorts sage remark Pindao can not agree, do not Debu said that Xu is not heaven sent by the ground out of the people, as long as, it is said that the matter has nothing to do with who will believe Haotian, fellow of the will not let go of the Monkey King from a deliberate Haotian reciprocated it. " Red Cloud came forward later. Sanqing not let subglottic disciples idle, Taiyizhenren as Ziwei Great taught his disciples came to take inside the celestial palace elaborated above. Said: "When the Emperor as Wal sake of heaven. Heaven This was in heaven destruction of Wal-Mart, this wind was not long, should make a representation, while the Monkey King should punish reckless." Taiyizhenren represents Yuanshi Senior position with Lao, so for him the words that Haotian's face became very ugly, Leng Heng said: "Tai, I do not know what should do what you are guilty of the following treatment?" Haotian remark one, Taiyizhenren then sneered: "Pindao can not take this review as TEIN one Pindao right to remind the Emperor not to let himself forget the public." Haotian sneered: "Tai, you have forgotten the public because of what is meant, as I have been in Heaven Taoist statue of orders from Western Taoist Tai Hing but personally under the command I as Emperor naturally to fully tie, but is blocked everywhere you have to explain to teach this truth is to do what, in turn Taoist where the order is placed?. Haotian find it difficult to ask so Taiyizhenren reply Haotian drag Taoist as a shield is not Speaking to him that as a junior. else is right Taoist disrespect. Taiyizhenren been taken into account, but Red Cloud did not take into account his comment, just listen to Red Cloud sneer: "Well, a Western Taoist Tai Hing but the order was I wonder if you secretly release Haotian Zhou Peng Xingdoushan help solve the issue of what should do what Gill explained Haotian you can not tell it is not your Pindao heaven should do. And four Sea Eye is the existence of what you do not tell Pindao yourself clear, you should give this matter right Pindao an account? . Gill Peng Hongyun filed regarding Haotian, West Queen West two with a cold heart Ancun Saint said: "The past is finally come, if not this off too bad today may Dorje less!" In this matter Haotian and XiWangMu also thought about how to respond, but no matter how they want but can not find a good reason, after all, the gill Peng last things that was in line with the three realms enemies. Haotian sighed and said: "This is indeed somewhat remiss I did not optimistic about Zhou stars, so that the force is gill star Zhou Peng," Zhou star large array, the hijacked United dereliction of duty at this point, but " Zhou star power of a large array of small Quefei heaven are able to resist! "Haotian with" Zhou Xingdoushan large array, say things, in order to serve their own claim to be a very brilliant relief means, after all, have gills Peng body perishes, Even if he is dead and can not speak more exaggerated cross-checks, put the blame upon himself gill Peng admitted dereliction of duty not only to take their outlet Hongyun excuse. Unfortunately Haotian saw Red Cloud, Red Cloud has been determined since he would not have to clean up any take into account, and he took "Zhou Xingdoushan large array, for things can stop Red Cloud. Just listen to Red Cloud Cold know laughed: "Andy, as you move Heaven make everyone feel ashamed, like you did not play the role of the Emperor really rare, you do not need to take" Zhou star big claws ... "Today Now come Pindao That does not give Pindao explain itself is impossible. system since the enemy dare again and again and Pindao, it must be prepared to withstand Pindao anger, useless nonsense to say, on the merits You know my heart, you do not need to take things for Taoist, and that the Pindao no use. " Red Cloud remark one, and XiWangMu Haotian's face became gloomy, this scene nor are they ever thought, just listen Haotian Leng Heng said: "Red Cloud, this is not heaven East China Sea, but also does not allow you so arrogant You think with your repair now able to fight with me to heaven do?. Haotian finally could not stand the hearts of anger, and Red Cloud thoroughly anti-face, which is red clouds want to see, Haotian different Yu Peng Gill, the Lord of heaven he and his beheaded Haotian succeed in heaven above, first location is not dominant, and the West will not sit idly by, they want to win the law will only be used to force ho excited day battle. although Haotian in the design, but do not put words Haotian dead, but in the name of heaven that matter. Haotian response expected back in Red Cloud, Red Cloud laughed: "Good. Andy,oakley outlet store, you just have a trace of this majesty of Heaven, since you say so Pindao will accompany you to a fight, this time again the West will not help you, right? "This is the first step to block Haotian Hongyun helping hand so that there is a danger western two holy feeling, just wanted to stop opening, but unexpectedly Hongyun step ahead and said:" I must not take the world escorts saint does not violate participate in this great things in Come on, this is our Oriental internal strife, if you insist on something that will happen cause side battle ah. "witch family has always been an ally of Red Cloud, Red Cloud remark of a fall, the sky before the sentence, said:" Red Cloud predecessors Yan is very western and again to intervene if the Orient, and I do not agree with the first witch family! "Xing Tian remark of a fall, but did not dare escorts saint brother to say, that will only make things worse aspects push, of course, the most important thing is that they seem great loss of strength under Red Cloud did not one day a war tribunal force, as long as careful and XiWangMu Haotian win is not difficult, after all, the most skilful Red Cloud "killing Gunslinger, have been trapped in the North Sea into. Thought here, escorts looked Haotian a saint, and then said: "Friends do not need to take the Red Cloud Road, then shock people if Haotian Daoyou agree with his fellow World War I naturally do not forcibly interfere with the West, but this war is not only presumably Road Friends do not please help it! "Red Cloud laughed:" escorts, Pindao always kept their promises, since Pindao naturally not looking to challenge Haotian helper, you may rest assured that they will not torture witch big shot , but do not want two Siyanerfei, or else you Western fame may completely destroyed! "Seeing Red Cloud promised so happy escorts heart that feels heavier wire dangerous, but he had to agree under the watchful eyes, Otherwise not only the Wu family will be shot, I'm afraid hearing, cut two taught his disciples would not stand idly by! By this time he can only hope Haotian duo with XiWangMu not effect, other things that they really could not get started. Escorts sage said: "So the best!" Said escorts saint can only back down, back down the Shique escorts saint implied great day of Buddha Monkey's moments like these machines will soon handle things. Unfortunately, his ideas have been Taiyizhenren did not see through to the big day of Buddha shots. The most important thing is the big day when the Buddha appeared, such as Lord of big witch punishment day staring him tightly, if this is not heaven, they were afraid of the big bad Red Cloud criminal days these people early on the great day of Buddha shot up dramatically Even if escorts and quasi mention two holy can not interfere when the big day, after all, land of Buddha, but between the pressure and the Wu family has a blood feud. See illustrates, cut two taught his disciples move. Look at the Wu family's reaction, escorts saint sighed, but can not say anything, and now expect great day of Buddha to soon resolve the issue but not the Monkey King,Oakley HALF X Clearance, unless he really want to cause the East-West shootout! Red Cloud and now can only wait for the end of the First World War Haotian. The taste of being stared at can be painful. Although in heaven before the big day to pressure the heart land of Buddha to be prepared, but he had no idea how explain, cut two taught his disciples the response would be so intense, even the Wu family will send punishment day, allowing him to withstand the immense pressure . Lu pressure to join the West as too is the reason why the revitalization Beastkin revenge for his brother, but now the enemy is in sight he can do nothing, land under such circumstances the psychological pressure is pressure can be imagined,Oakley Active, plus Wu Xing Tian those big eyes full of color challenge, but he was unable to respond. This strong contrast under pressure through the land, if not numerous setbacks, his character has changed dramatically, not so impulsive as to the former, otherwise he would have on the criminal-day witch who greatly these big shot, the entire situation to mess up. <
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