ultimately proved to be wrong

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 17:54
(); Zhao Yaning did not blame the goalkeeper, it was also the defensive fumble problems, but this time, do you? Jumped him out, again have what meaning? He needs to be encouraged, not abuse. But, until now, Zhao Yaning has not lost all confidence. He always feels, oneself still have a deficit of hope. That is because the French team played really bad, but also because of the French team goal, never too much. The French team since 98 years, has been regarded as the whole of Europe, and even the whole world one of the most powerful team. 98-02 this time, they did show incomparable dominance, especially in 2000, they are almost the same with the walking rhythm won the European Cup, Canada Goose Women's Dawson can be said to be the national team competition force rule in the middle, a team, the strongest sense of art. Therefore, they have been a lot of people are extremely respected. But the team is not without problems, and thrown to the unity of the problem not to talk, the largest tactical problem actually has only one: the problem. The French team from front to back forward problem, is not the first time. In fact, when the title from the 98 year, the problem of the French team is very serious. The team while the half court play to the extreme, even a lot of teams met them, over half are very difficult, however, the team's problem is, they don't fight back. Lack of speed, the lack of counter attack tactics, has been the team's Canada Goose Men's Hybridge Hoody problem. There is no problem from the Jacquet era, until the later also have not been able to solve. The 2000 European Cup, Lemerre's tactics basically is completely copy the tactics of the Jacquet system, without any big changes, he achieved success. After Santini took office, and by 2002, he was made the change, blindly playing 442, but in 2004, the French team rule for football is totally collapsed, his reform, ultimately proved to be wrong. But Domenech took office, his tactical turn back into Jacquet's set. In fact, the French team since 98 years later, tactical is in the Jacquet - Jacquet - Jacquet back and forth between the changes, but also from the French public opinion, this route will strive for a long time estimation. In this sense, Jacquet was known as the French team's godfather not. And now the French team is the same, wash away the route of Jacquet Domenech, also not to be able to promote the French team there has always been a problem solving. France has been advancing problem, a large part of the reason, is because Zidane problem. Although Zidane in the early years of Juventus, playing rhythm is fast, but in La Liga, already did not have that Canada Goose Toronto Outlet when young to play the rhythm. After all of his age, and the technical characteristics of the decision, he is not very suitable for playing fast rhythm, the most suitable for him, or control the pressing play. But, if only with technology, but also better adjusted, hard spell words, can run, but in the Real Madrid's Zidane, at a later stage is more and more attached to him for?
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