more than patience is very boring

July 29 [Mon], 2013, 10:19
> How many grasp? This problem touches Ray shaking hesitated a little, purple night he also saw the first battle, and lonely all the screen Ares preliminaries he also read it again. If you want to say in the next plane is not sure he can beat most opponents, so absolute solitude Ares only this one person. Intuition tells Ray shaking, loneliness Ares like him in battle are hidden strength. "I only hope that in the back too early knockout hundred met him." Ray shaking thought again and said: "This matter is I'm still on him, is not a good thing." "Quest!" Veterans haha smile, raised his beer exclaimed: "Come, we are doing in order to win the cup!" "Cheers!" six glasses collided, hops scattered, elegant wine. -Together in the bar after the end of Ray shaking again down the line into the player forum, and this time he did not go to see the screen playing area, but went to the PK contest devoted area. As long as there is enough eyesight and judgment Forum is a gathering intelligence rivals the best place, Ray shaking would like to look for relevant information Ares lonely, lonely Ares is currently the most popular PK contest win, there are always some guy who likes to show off can reveal so little useful things. But one enter the forum, he first saw a good few posts have their own ID name fluttering above the home, and continue to be among the people from the top. "Tigers do not eat people, real man!" "Tiger does not eat people no technical skills are not, thanks to equipment bully people, strongly questioned the game unfair!" "Tigers do not eat people, if you are a man, you accept my challenge! "Watching a little dizzy, Ray shaking never thought of himself actually so popular here, three thousand finals players. First one hundred hot posts were actually there seventy-eight and he related, and click to ten million are calculated. Ray shaking know life is to enjoy has been lurking in the forum for his many vest gunman campaign, but most of these posts, and he does have an enemy, which this reminds him very curious. Under the curious, he is no longer alone Mars to search for information, will boast a curse that a few posts look at it again, and finally saw what had happened. Originally had a guy shoot his beauty sheep which Battlefield fighting video, this guy might have a professional level. Angle towards the United States Frankie, her fight to the death from the whole process looks quite poignant. Originally this is nothing. But this guy does not know for what purpose, wantonly belittle U.S. sheep sheep wolf until the whole family level, in the anonymity of the video post sarcasm sarcastic words abound, and the text of a high standard, not a dirty word. Pleasant and Wolf family in the second world fame loud. Naturally have many friends and supporters, especially the United States known as the family's first beauty Frankie is many fans, she and Ray shaking a battle lost would have let a lot of people sad and disappointed, this post will undoubtedly set off a huge powder keg. The thread that is more to fan the flames of people who are posting Fashion Show Collections Sale mine shaking friend, in order to publicize this dynamic drinks deliberately belittle others to be speculation, so that more people aroused discontent, so have these fierce battle forum posts . Several sheep wolf family finalist issued a direct challenge to the thunder shaking the book, asking him to apologize and so, of course, to support mine shaking caused some people with ulterior motives or counterattack. Scenes of considerable confusion. The forum managers a better uphold the principles of the more lively, only to kill those who have personal attacks and profanity content ID and the post, the other war was again busy regardless. This forum arena sometimes better than the game world to be more calm, in fact, there are a lot of players usually play the game time is not long, but the bubble forum is a senior master, the crowd favorite is Xiaqi, the water mixed with the more fun the more upsets. Originally Ray shaking would not care about such disputes. But he hung BOSS money now, but advocacy name. Must consider the influence, so in life is to enjoy seeing a forum letters sent to him after. Ray shaking or made a clarification to post. Honestly this forum polemics Ray shaking really no experience, but life is to enjoy long considered this point, I do not know where to sent a gunman to a statement he had made, and he just copy paste out what you can the. This post is written really well, first to clarify what goes videos themselves and anonymous posts nothing shameful, and then praised about Frankie's PK technology, says modestly that he was just on the equipment accounted for cheap, Finally Zhengyilinran to rage against those who seek to sow conflict with ulterior motives, and expressed their willingness to accept anyone in the game's challenge. Eloquent thousand words, even the thunder shaking and seeing them feel that they are elegant gentleman justly incarnation man's man, with an estimated sheep to the wolf family after seeing two men will feel ashamed, but there is some lack of expertise Louis Vuitton Taiga Leather and career-related areas He was himself slightly modified. With his ID posted this message like a heavy shelling broke the forum confusion, life is to enjoy the full Kuangding gunmen swarmed make this statement immediately became a hot posts, such as the number of clicks and thread rocketing. Among them are some of you would like to continue to pick their noses clean, but the gunmen were under siege in soon smell the street, the wind of public opinion at once Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Clearance backward Ray shaking side. Watching the forums situation change, Ray shaking a wry smile and shook his head, searching read some of the latest information about loneliness Ares left the hustle and bustle of this uproar forum. PK Contest, Points Round Robin Day, QL015 numbers game map. Ray's third opponent is shaking his peers, a sniper called archery hand, comprehensive standings 1854. Regardless of how his credit, a sniper capable of strong competitors such as Lin reached three thousand strong which in itself is a minor miracle, in fact, before the start of the contest, everyone recognized soldiers and control of those two big job will mastered the entire game. The fact that also the case in the final three thousand among the players, soldiers and control of those players accounted for more than 85% share. And other professional players to the finals, must have its own unique, so Ray shaking despite their best sniper bit familiar opponents, but not the slightest effect. Wind, blowing from the other side of the hill over, the system start time. An attached one, large and small rolling hills occupy all this map location estimation system is given to two participating players are snipers of the reason that the map area is the largest three square kilometers. These hills, though not very high, but also blocking the line of sight, wanton weed plains, dotted with countless unknown flowers, the breeze blowing, the air was full of mud, grass and wildflowers fragrance. Originally this environment most appropriate to bring his girlfriend and a few friends to a barbecue dinner, but unfortunately now have to carry out is a life and death fight. Switch out the sniper rifle, summon McDull, let it give himself a one read the force shield, thunder shaking heavily toward the front area of ​​relatively gentle hills fast forward. Prairie hills, not much for hiding places, two snipers hit the moment of life and death is likely to decide on the spot. Although not underestimate opponents, but did not intend to thunder shaking a step, if two snipers hidden in the hills behind the hide and seek more than patience is very boring thing. He does not mind letting the other side to open the first shot, his body did not read the force shield in case of attack can be maintained for 5 minutes, there is enough capital snake out of its hole. And most importantly, where the terrain is destined not very far apart the two sides fighting, even without using the sniper or binoculars, can be found visually Ray shaking initiative opponents. Psychological attention to the opponent, the opponent tactically contempt - a strategy that is shaking thunder, seemingly bold but it is a manifestation of his strength and confidence. Ray shaking nonchalantly forward uniform forward, eagle-like eyes scanning the surrounding hills, as long as finding the target with absolute certainty that he had shot at each other after a short period of time to fight back with the most. His strategy was successful, unless it is made up mingled draw attention to stall for time, or the opponent can not sit and watch Ray shaking blatantly walking through the hills. Bang! Gunfire shattered the tranquility of hill land, bullet never far from flying from a small hill, hitting Ray shaking, read the force at break his shield and also directly to his body caused no small damage! Picture penetrators! <
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