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June 11 [Tue], 2013, 10:37
> Volume XIV Ghost Ship Chapter 12 cents for once pen is still a huge ghost ship floating in this sea. Www, quanBEn, cOM yes, floating ...... ship's cab, a person does not exist. Moreover, it can not manipulate the ship. In this sea, as if it were the source of a nightmare. Sea, is the source of life, but also a place of life is ruined. Meanwhile, there are also, humans can not imagine exists. At the moment, silver night rushed to the cabin top layer. And Yetian Chen and the others followed, Luo Cheng's death has just let each of them fear to the extreme. Just think of the body is pulled into that side wall, most people shudder it. Perform blood horrible word indicates when the candle guttering in life is simply no different wind conditions so cruel, so that everyone caught up in desperate situation. And now, the only hope is to pen immortal "Xun Mexican Maya" high school girl suddenly grabbed Yetian Chen Ying Xun ink, said: "You say you will call pen cents, and tell me there, just a few names that are remember it? "" name? "Xun ink Waizhaonaodai thought Pangtian Xiu Ying Mo Jun, Yan Yan Aya Aya ...... what was the? "" Ling Xiao Yan, Yan Ayane is two sisters. There Yan Ling Xiao's daughter Anna. "Silver night to say this sentence, but also represents, he has acquiesced Please pen cents. Practice just a ghost, let him judge, Zhang Hongna likely leave the text is way out tips, so this After the killings began ghost. Moreover, this blood on a total of seven hours of time, and is now close to seven o'clock, and not much time to time, with the ghost constantly killing their turn is matter of time and, according to letters of blood, I am afraid that they will become a ghost priority target killings "Anna. "He said:" According to Zhang Hongna text left, said 'Anna' is the most likely. Write down this name come first. "Meanwhile,Oakley M FRAME Sunglasses, silver nights to guard around, now four persons in the cabin of a small ballroom. Area is fairly large, escape, then there is a chance, however, the surrounding is too dark, you need to shine a flashlight, to be able to write down the name. "This looks really like" ** "mean ......" handle flashlight in his mouth, Xun Ying ink roll of paper on a table, take out a pen, in the above, write the "Anna" word. "Well, go ahead ......" Xun ink Maya then spoke, and then watching the three individuals who, who will join me please pen cents? "Everyone you see me, I see you, have some hesitation. Who do not know, please pen cents in the process, what will happen? But it also is likely to be way out, if this curse can be eliminated,Madison Coach Online, and that seemed to take some risk is worth it. Perform blood word indicates, the risk did not want to get a hundred percent way out, is impossible. In the final analysis, performed in letters of blood, often faced Bet choice. "Wait a minute ......" Silver night and looked around, he was very worried at the moment. Please pen cents process, a ghost is likely to come out interference. According to the statement, please pen cents, pen cents if not invited, after saying good-bye, there will be some trouble. Do not remove the curse, but added a new curse, however, no matter anywhere in the ship, can not guarantee, please pen cents process without any unexpected situations. If this is the case ...... how to do? Based on past experiences in letters of blood, can be seen a ghost find a way out for tenants made after the act will do everything to stop, had to win midnight sealed with a coat hanger that evil, at the so-sensitized chopped off her feet, only to desperately success. "Ke, we have much time ah" Xun ink Maya immediately said: "If you do not immediately decide if ......" Originally, silver night to say, ghost killed a man after a time lag and then continue to kill, you can think of more a good way, but think of the last forest in the sixth, party promising, Xiao Xue, Ji Tianyan murder of three very short time interval, let him hesitated. Blood word indicates the law is constantly changing, because the devil word indicates the level of blood's sake do? So far, only one person to perform Dr. Tang Guo Beelzebub level indication in letters of blood, apartments intends to continue to expand the difficulty to force tenants to perform blood level devil word indicates it. That will happen next? Debris in the hell have not gathered complete contract when, apartments or do not relax the pressure on household do? "Mr. Orr, I also believe it is right to do first," Xu Rao is a step forward, has been stretched out his hand and said: "We have to seize the pen with it, ah ...... is that right?" Silver Night sighed, heart think, nothing, anyway, if they had died, and only laid down his life a stroke it. Anyway, enter the apartment people, life, already does not belong to himself. Caution, it is sufficient security conditions in the context of the judgment, but in this increasingly frightening word instructions blood, excessive caution would ruin their lives. Courage, but also the successful implementation of an element of the word blood. But, way out should not be so simple fishes. After all, this is the sixth in terms of the blood of their own word indicates ah silver night saw two people are caught pen nib on the TV drama sheets, suddenly feeling very disturbed mind. This, which will not be a dead-end trigger condition, right? No, no ...... Luo Cheng is dead, if dead, then it has also been opened. If Luo Cheng did not die, silver night was definitely not agree, please pen cents, because that would trigger the dead more than the possibility of up to 70 percent. Instruction word in the blood, the risk rate of more than 50 percent of the acts he would prevent ourselves, only the complete life on the line when the tiny possibility would be to fight to survive. Of course, the probability of this kind of thing, anyone that is not clear, comprehensive variety of conditional probability, it may not necessarily reliable. Even the so-called probability of 100%, is doped with a number of subjective ideas. Absolutely safe, there is absolutely no risk of the way out, would be impossible. Although multi-way out on the assumption has been a certain degree of verification, but also have life to wait until the second way out to get out. Luo Cheng had died, who knows ghosts choose who is the next target? Silver Night estimate, please pen cents probability can constitute a way out, probably about 40 percent, this judgment is largely derived from the Luo Cheng's death. Even so, he still could not take into account the probability of more than 50 percent, he also believes that the death of Luo Cheng apartment so there may be cloth Yi Zhen practices. But, this does not match the word apartment difficulty balancing blood consistent approach. Xu Ying Rao and Xun ink pen grip hand will start to say something, please pen immortal words. Everyone starts anxiously waiting, waiting for that pen moving. Move move ah ...... ah ...... ah fast moving silver eyes night and Yetian Chen also gazed at the two jammed the pen, hoping pen moving a little faster this time is constantly promised Rao repressed their feelings , to prevent hand movement to make the pen moving. She anxiously watched pen, the pen cents please continue talking words. Tense atmosphere of a time to the extreme. At this time, Xu Ying Rao and Xun ink, suddenly saw ...... grip pen in hand, into three "ah" Two people are scared to throw off the pen, the pen thrown to the ground. Xun Maya Mexico fell to the ground, hands shore ground constantly scared to climb towards the back. And Xu Rao is scared Mianrutuse, just Luo Cheng's death so she is afraid to get out of their wits silver two nights and Yetian Chen did not understand why women fear,Coach Online Store, had a chance to ask, suddenly, from that table tablecloth beneath, suddenly stretched out a hand and grabbed the foot Xu Hui Rao Rao had a chance to react, she pulled the whole person into the night under the table silver immediately rushed to the foot kicked over the table, under the table, however, it is empty ink Ying Xun has fear to speak, and a large living, actually disappeared so completely that simply horror movie scene silver night at this time although very frightened, but there are also a trace of joy, that is, Come in the pen cents before the ghost has been forcibly prevented. But who would dare ask pen cents that way, this process did not move, it was a ghost ...... kill three people at this time is no longer any hesitation, immediately turned around and fled Xun Maya in Mexico stood up when it comes to wrestling for a moment, she felt at the moment, the previous day to complain about college entrance examination, the pressure of high school life, in front of the face of terror is simply nothing alive as long as you can leave the apartment, even if you want to see her every day, she did not have any book review murmurings in three people have spared no shadow when, in the ballroom of another one under the table, and stretched out a hand to it repeatedly is a chain reaction in general, but there are a few successive stretched out under the table hand. One by one ghost crawled out from under the table, one for each face pale as a sheet, and the body like a puff of smoke and misty. At this time, a long-haired ghost goes off close to the ground, the words "Anna" word of note, no one will, the note as if evaporated in general, disappeared. Terrifying darkness descended on the ship completely ghost boat Zhang Hongnuo this time the other side of the deck, now she is breathless. The ship also considered great, she went to the stern from the bow, but also spent a very long time. She then ran into the cabin really can not go inside, she felt terror inside of the cage is the kingdom of God as a golden priest, she first felt tremendous fear and removed from the body in that room to get another bottle of holy water Open the lid to drink up. In fact, think about it, after four years in the past, which has long been the deterioration of water could not be bad. But Zhang Hongnuo but no matter, she thought it was holy water has miraculous. After drinking, she had a little point of courage. This time is now past seven. Zhang Hongna looked at the watch, clenching his teeth, she vowed that the next word before the blood, to intensify practice, she is probably the practice is not home, so will become so embarrassed. Leaving their message, Ke silver night they saw no? Now do not go looking for her bow, right? In this dark horror environment, Zhang Hongnuo forced himself to calm down. "It is not, I tried to play pen cents a bar, but a person can play it?" Zhang Hongnuo looked at his diary that his hand, began to recall, and Yan Ayane, Yan Ling Xiao sister about things. Yan Ayane early believers to join the kingdom of God, as she later served as a law enforcement officer, so she has a certain impression. She remembers correctly, Yan Ayane was later persuaded her sister Xiao Yan Ling went into the kingdom of God. In fact, I always felt Yan Ling Zhang Hongna night for the kingdom of God religiosity is limited. She does not like the sinister magic is so hated her sister. Each time, the new believers to join, will be met by the old believers responsible for its words and deeds. And this work is naturally Yan Ayane responsible, but the situation, although Xiao Yan Ling joined the kingdom of God, but she obviously has a certain degree of doctrinal doubt. That day, she and her talking, once you say: "black magic, we must put them all kill you? Whether you can give them some leeway in it?" Zhang Hongnuo naturally replied: "Absolutely not that we do not sinister magic can give any leeway definitely not you say, is a desecration of God's kingdom, "At the time, she then said, when Xiao Yan Ling seems to reveal a very painful look. Now think about it, she killed her husband for a very tangled, right? However, the sinister magic must die. This is the truth, is absolute. Zhang Hongna no doubt on this point, although she did not personally killed a sinister magic, but if there is a need, she will not hesitate. Anna will be the golden kingdom of God, seen as a cult, which shows she is a sinister magic. Heaven she is a must, however, did not think she had fallen to such an extent. Even her the high priest, all of Anna's ghost is full of fear. Above the sea, cursed ghost ship was sailing still can not stop ...... [..] <
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