then pointed out the underground

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 10:55
Oh, you're thirsty; Wu North Face Sale ah, happy to help you to fetch water. Lele is serious about Wukong said. But he did not know what she said, this time in front of it is using its water Lingling big eyes looking at this it is larger than a little guy. You don't know the meaning, you don't know what you said, but Lele was heard from here, Wang Pan took a wooden bowl, carefully to the pool with a bowl of water back, as Wang Pan the bowl where it came from, this is not one of her four year old the child will think about. This time she was happy to pass the bowl. Goku, give you, you drink, drink is not thirsty. Oh Lele bowl handed over, but he did not go to meet her hand bowl, although the water on it attract great. After this time but looking at where Wang Pan shouted, it wants to let Wang Pan do it, because now it only believe Wang pan. The little guy, all right, go to Wang Pan what also don't know what it means, but Wang Pan did not go for it, but shook his head, then pointed to the Lele, let the monkey go, if this time you do it, it may take longer to melt into the Wang Pan's house, so Wang Pan wants to slowly eliminate conflict it heart, a lot of it and Lin Lei they touch, time is long, will come very naturally into the home. When the first also reluctantly, but see Canada Goose Victoria Parka Wang Pan unmoved, and it called for such a long time to really thirsty, so it has approached cautiously Lele, it saw this time Lele also stare big eyes looked at her, and she is also very small, like the no threat from already, so it slowly go up a bit, go to the happy face, pointed to Westmount Parka UK the hands of her bowl, and then pointed out the underground. A happy also don't understand, but after a while. Lele just like that, she put the bowl on the floor, but she did not move away, but sat there watching the monkey. Monkey see Lele put the bowl on the ground. Is very happy, don't stop dancing, but it did not leave after see Lele, Rao head it constantly. It is now afraid of their own when drinking water, was caught by the how to do, want to know this two days, after which it well. Has not been someone besides Wang Pan caught. Although the happy look of force value is not very high, but it is afraid of this two foot animal ah, mother when it was born it told them two feet animal very terrible, of course, at its heart, Wang Pan is to be excluded. After all, its life is Wang Panjiu. This Wang Pan also did not press, he knew the little monkey is now on the others are still wary, this not urgent, urgent. It will have the opposite effect. Wang Pan anyway, nothing, just as in the theatre, squat watching funny. Two small guy over there is a riddle. I feel very good, two small guys don't understand each other, and there you please the other party to drink water, the other side want to drink water, but was afraid of, want to let the side of the people go away, and the other side does not understand its meaning, and two small guy at that time is not
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