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March 29 [Fri], 2013, 12:28
> Hope for so many days, a majority of the day has finally arrived! On this day, all of the wind family early in the morning got up, walked Athletics station is located in the center of the wind family have this competitive sets special contest venue, located the wind Center Plaza at home. WWw! QUAnBen! Com Center Plaza is very broad, but at the moment already crowded with people, looking ahead, dense mass are head save animals. Wind home devoted a lot of people to maintain order, but the field is still relatively scattered, the hustle and bustle of sound into the sky. Storm at the moment, a calm appearance, but the hearts are like waves rolling stop. Three elders to! Suddenly a loud shout resounded through the audience, the field in an uproar, wind families were originally many sitting erupted all stood up. The crowd in awe-inspiring to look, the wind Qingliu rate to go with elders over to see the expressions of the field of all, very satisfied with the way smiled and walked over. Pair of small eyes wind Qingliu amused, saddled with his hands so proudly to go over, although they are few pedestrians, but full of momentum, coercion overawed audience. Is walking wind Qingliu eyes suddenly a condensate, I saw there was one person, and everyone stood up, welcomed, and he was still sitting, as not seen them in general. This person is not someone else, it is well known for the spoiled son, the the Fun City Fengfu young master, wind and waves. Today's storms, a white shirt, with the past, dressed in vaguely the same, just not handheld folding fans, after all this time, or ice cold weather. A gorgeous girl sitting beside him,Jordan Superfly UK, and, although young, but look just like a beauty fetal sub this girl wavefront flow, attracting the attention of a lot of wind house juvenile. Storms the eyebrows of a challenge encounter with the wind Qingliu the eyes an instant in the air, turned Huangsi hit a spark. The weather at this time, as gloomy murderous bear can not field in general, turned out there were numerous underground from the snow. Large elders come! Suddenly I heard Rolling Thunder general voice, the audience immediately quiet down, we see Feng Qingyang lean figure, slowly came up to me, seems to be with many lonely. Now, buzz, everyone wants to stand up and greet, including just a few elders, of course, also includes storm unruly training. Feng Qingyang face would have been relatively indifferent, but he soon found the crowd a storm suddenly stopped, smiled and beckoned on storms before they trot toward the elders seats. So short a pause, let everyone see clearly, the people have looked with envy eyes storms, to get the favor of Feng Qingyang, storms can be really lucky enough. More and more people seeing the field, while the time away from the start of the game is getting closer, and the storms eyes slowly becomes hot. It said Feng Qingyang the emergence of the most sensational, and even then the wind laugh crazy about the arrival of a lot less than the. But when the wind laugh crazy over, storms or obediently rose from his chair up, look quite respectful to the face, he must give. The storms eyes sweep, and found elegance they stature of ten people in the crowd, could not help but read more glances, the face thrown a chuckle. Elegance they looked at the wind and waves, but it is the look of respectful look, saw the eyes of the storms in turn, could not help but felt a warmth in mind. Suddenly, the wind and waves to feel a cold eye shot, and so he turned to look, and sure enough it is the eyes of the storm, at his side, surrounded by a dozen buddies, looking at the wind and waves, his face revealing a look extremely hideous monster. With the continuous rising of the sun, guests are invited to come to the ceremony, have moved into the site, they are ancient home cloud, some forces smaller, but equally resounding land roles in Happy city. "Patriarch report, the mine every family owners and Xuejian League chief and the rate of people come to watch the battle!" Suddenly, a wind home disciples ran fast, to laugh crazy report it to the wind, his voice actually has a hint of trembling slightly. "Oh, really, good, grateful to the elders, as I went to greet them!" The news, listening ear crazy laugh in the wind the thrown a surprised look on his face, as hostile forces, he does The children did not invite them, I did not expect today is your own, do not know the motive. "Oh, do not welcome the wind patriarch, our unauthorized come, but also hope you do not take offense ah!" As soon as tightlipped about words sound, thunderous rate with a large group of people came in, he deliberately discourse Bring a little skill, only shook the around is a while to respond, everywhere filled with his laughter,nike air jordan uk. Ray patriarch see outside, but the wind was the government of a competition between the disciples, fear, lest your personnel busy, so did not dare to invite, did not expect or come to cheer up! "The wind laugh fanatic brow wrinkled, but the other just being a visitor, really inconvenience this regard expulsion out, the reception staff had to arrange Wind home, pay close attention to the people of the two arrangements seats. Advance did not expect that there will be two families have not been invited, so the field for quite a while, this chaos slowly quiet. The storms I felt that thunderous eyes since appeared on firmly pegged him, a gust of strong breath came even makes his heart chills. Know thunderous really have learned to hate him, so storms do not think there is anything strange at just secretly sneer. At the same time, the people of the Lei, flashing eyes, most of them focus in on a storm. Xuejian alliance, the same all eyes dark, wearing a uniform blood robe, looked quite terrible. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank came Fengfu spectators, not much else to say now, I declare that the children of a large majority in the wind home family, now you disciples competition ready, the ceremony began contest ! "the wind laugh Chiwang thunderous et al one, but said he knew the thunderous play idea to the proven strength of the wind family, but has allowed him unable to refuse, the hearts had to smile cursed thunderous This guy worthy of only old fox. Once ranked in the top three of twelve wind home disciples "Please come on in the scene!" Good provisions in accordance with the original deliberation wind the Qinghe standing field, drink cried loudly. With the Wind Qinghe soon Hejiao front of a silhouette of flying leaps in the air across a beautiful arc, constantly falling into a competitive Taichung, dense falling one, and then follow the seats, followed by sitting down. "In accordance with the rules of the past, the warriors in the audience, who is self-confidence can be better than any one of them can be more than took up the challenge, as long as we can to win, you can temporarily achieved their rank! Below, the challenge begin ! "Looking at these lithe wind Qinghe's face lighted up with a smile, he shouted loudly. "I wind dragon, came to challenge the wind and thunder!" Wind Qinghe voice faded quickly see a silhouette vertical up in the air, shouted loudly. Seeing to this man what he selected one of the ten wind dragon, the storms his face could not help revealing a smile, This is the first work of his coming out, do not know this wind dragon can not give him played a tricks to. "Oh, the wind dragon, fall by the wayside, and I did not expect this year you dare from the discussion of its disgrace!" Fenglei look rampant lift itself out of the chair, and his ranking is the twenty-eighth,Oakley Holbrook, did not expect the first challenges him, so the hearts of very angry, and determined to warning to others, to prevent other people think he is any punches, no one wanted to pinch the two, we will have it? Wind dragon and wind and thunder relative standing in the competitive stage, the momentum slowly distributed open to diffuse a tense atmosphere in the field, the wind family are carefully watched, wondering that later what who wins ? <
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