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June 29 [Sat], 2013, 17:38
> The means to deal with simulation in mind again, but I'm not sure Hyeonpung but did, after all, since this day is that the dead Master 'Shiki cases' elders, then at least it is a cultivation period end baby, yourself these means to deal with the realm of the monks may have miraculous, but to deal with the high monks themselves a big state,Oakley Batwolf Clearance, Lin Hyeonpung themselves have no confidence. wWW, QUANben, cOM seems, need no phase puppet shot. The idea one emerge from the bottom of my heart, I'm Hyeonpung suddenly surprised, since no phase successfully refining their puppet, it seems that over-reliance on, this is not a good thing. Sophisticated repair itself is the most important, all the rest are empty. Lin Hyeonpung suddenly more than a layer Ming Wu. "This news is false!" Loud shout interrupted Wu Ming Lin Hyeonpung, he felt pity shook his head slightly, then look to the loud person. This person tall, face masks blocked due simply do not know, but carrying a very prominent Sword, now stand up in the hands of this paper refers cried. Saw this, stand on the old man smiling, but it is extremely cold tone, said: "You had better consider carefully what the words say, ah, otherwise, would think you can shop shop at provocation." This old man had finished speaking, the whole room temperatures are instantly declined. Snowy monks really is, Lin Hyeonpung secretly thought, probably only Snowy monks, practicing the exercises can instantly reduce the indoor temperature to the point. But this talk of people are like the old man did not hear the words of the threat of Italy, is still open and loudly: "This news is absolutely false, the next is because listening to this false news,Christian Louboutin Flats Cheap, find fooled, only to come to your store to buy Real news, did not expect that, and that false information is almost identical. "In this case, the old man's face throughout the overcast down, but he did not attack, saw a stand on its own next to the monks. This monk immediately knowing, down the table, walked in front of the monk carrying a sword, smiled and said: "This fellow do not worry, go back in with, we talk about it." Carrying Sword monks but did not hesitate to follow up, walked twice before the little old man walked into the room. See the monk entered the small room, stand on the old man once again smile, and instantly the room temperature returned to normal. "Just now it is just a little misunderstanding, gentlemen, do not worry." Just the man, either Lengtou Qing, or is deliberately finding fault, but no matter where kind, this person will not end up looking. But this is a trivial matter, I'm more concerned about Hyeonpung not like this kind of thing often happens here, certainly, after all, although Snowy forces huge, but big tree attracts the wind, these things happen is inevitable. Now that they want to buy things, Lin Hyeonpung the Western maps and all the information written on paper into storage bracelets, and stood up. "The next something, take one step ahead." Lin Hyeonpung faint. "Well, fellow walking." The old man said, smiling. Four out of the door, Lin Hyeonpung suddenly cropped up seven to go look at the idea, but when the man told the seven porters forest Hyeonpung, go no problem, but to collect ten of spiritual goods jade after admission, Lin Hyeonpung immediately gave up the idea. Joke, we should spend so much just go in the spirit of jade, Lin Hyeonpung's net worth is not lucrative to the point. An 'unscrupulous' door, Lin Hyeonpung it flew straight towards the south, because according to that map shows, just in the Western sunset swamp just south, but I'm not going now Hyeonpung can immediately find the door, after all, he had eight years time, which is enough time to repair his eight years as a step further, some means can also be further up. Sword Hyeonpung be flying a forest trough the time, but the number of shares feeling swept him from his own soul, that was quite unfriendly act, Lin Hyeonpung instantly stopped sword in the air, cold look at the surrounding forest several eye. Since he can find these soul, then these emit soul who observed it and himself, Dan is a condensate of the monks, the monks of the condensate Dan Lin Hyeonpung can be no fear of the heart. Probably see the forest Weakness in the air suddenly stopped, and the forest a blue sky, just came in front of Lin Weakness. Is a repair in the late middle-aged monk condensate Dan, one see the forest Hyeonpung, this person is very arrogant tone, said: "In this case the cloud Levin work, please Daoyou detour, otherwise, in case of accidental injury to fellow not easy to say. "cloud Levin case? What is probably small martial Western bar, but it can be really arrogant tone, so I'm very Hyeonpung not like. Lin Hyeonpung careful with the soul to see a bit, in addition to their own eyes this man, but there are still seventy-eight forest monks hidden, either they have discovered their own initiative with the soul, and perhaps really does not know himself even hidden beneath so many people. Although he has no phase puppets have the ability to kill everyone here, but hastily and a small sectarian grudges, not a smart thing. However, if the immediately Bypass own, but appears to be too weak, Lin Hyeonpung a time even in the air, quiet down. See the forest Hyeonpung did not answer, sudden anger grow wild in front of men, so that no one has ever underestimate yourself, especially in front of people is obviously a foreign monk. The thickness of the beam of light from a thumb index finger in the man sent out, Lin Hyeonpung gently flash, dodge the attack. Did not think he could, in front of this man even on such attacks themselves, are Western monks are so arrogant? See the forest Hyeonpung dodged his attack, the man some accidents, but the thought of his fellow seven or eight people have self-confidence instantly came back. At this time, an old man appeared in the forest look like monks, but the monks an opening, so I'm Hyeonpung heart instantly sank the bottom, and the boundless anger instantly flooded out. "Young, do not waste time and get down to business matter, and those guys comin 'up." The old man looked a cold forest Hyeonpung said: "But it is a foreign monk, expel, then, is to kill." So easy word, a person will have to decide life and death. Lin Hyeonpung one, Nu Ji anti-laugh, just to move out without phase puppets, they want to make a surprise, but it felt like several people behind again. Lin Hyeonpung looked back, three different colors of light instantly went to the front. Etc. This three light one, originally hidden in the cloud forest,Oakley Store, Levin were all disciples all run out, looked at the cold look of the new trio. See their faces, Lin Hyeonpung will know, these three should be the goal of these people is that he is inadvertently trip this muddy water. <
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