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December 20 [Thu], 2012, 12:27
Super ball. All these projectiles came whizzing in, and he fired them back with spin, challenging, provoking, pushing, all of it adding up to a hot infochemical flow that tracked his rivals and his many projects. Hire an assistant? This was the interaction he lived for, to answer and then to ask a question, which was itself another answer. Guess where I am right now?"We have three rules," said Bill Stapleton, his agent. "Keep. Lance. Informed. Nothing bothers him more than not knowing something.""Lance has a very well-defined decision-making mechanism within him," said Knaggs, a former riding buddy who works as CS marketing director. Prior to his present job, Knaggs designed artificial-intelligence software.

class="MsoNormal" style="margin-right: 49.5pt;">"He got confidence that he was smart through cancer," Knaggs continued. "Before, he say he was just a dumb bike racer. But after, he realized there wasn anything magic to oncology, to anything, and he started getting involved in everything. And by everything, I do mean everything."Like all effective software, Armstrong mind functioned along a handful of basic principles: !supportLists]-->1) Everything was evaluated on a binary scale. On or off, good or bad. "Lance cement 4s for sale hates gray areas; he doesn have time for them," Knaggs said. "He sets out to determine very quickly if something or someone is useful to him. If you not useful, you won be around long.

" 2) Attacking was better than defending. In situations of conflict, Armstrong provoked, asked questions, inflicted himself. "He only comfortable when he pushing people to the next level, upping the ante, daring you to match him," Carmichael said. "Whatever the game, whatever the contest, Lance message is, a pussy if you don match me. And he tough to match." class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 49.5pt 0.0001pt 0.75in;"> 3) He was able to forget. "You could give him the most.

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