May 25 [Sat], 2013, 13:21

To tell u the truth, I broke up w/ my BF.
It was Dec. 30th, 2012.
Not the begging of the new year.
I knew that it was not good 4 both of us if we continue the relationship like that.
So, I told 2 him bye-bye.

Then, it is the new year, new grade u know?
That means, I have a new love!! <3
It has not been a couple w/ my new lover yet.
But I already dating w/ him!
It was such a wonderful dinner.
We dated from 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm!
I can't feel what actually time it was. Lol

He knows that I like him because I already told him that I LIKE YOU as a manager.
And maybe he regards me as only a manager.
Actually, that is a little bit sad thing 4 me.

BUT, I will go to see a movie w/ him in Jun.!
Can u believe this magical fact?<3
Since that incident has decided, I really want 2 b a GIRL.
To b cute, beautiful, and glamorous.
Like what he thinks is a GIRL, no, a GIRLFRIEND!!!

But there is something that we have 2 overcome.
The enter-exam.
I don't really know that it's a good idea that we gonna b a couple..

Does someone tell me THE ANSWER?!

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