the legacy of the Habsburgs

May 27 [Mon], 2013, 18:57
> Four hundred and ninetieth eight chapters telegraph "Sir, I understand your worry about things. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm" Louis took a deep breath, dignified and said,Jordan 9 Shoes, "the time is not yet, but I will follow the plans to promote reform in the near future to make the transition to this country the ideal state. "but that is only an ideal state is also ideal, even the British monarchy kingdom has its own problems, nor is the real system ** superior ** system regime. However, ** system fundamentally avoid the emergence of a tyrant, and even from the institutional eliminate ** **. In ** system, a master absolute power tyrant, is much greater than the harm to the country under the system in ** one thousand selfish politician. When a person's absolute control of a national authority, if this person is mediocre mediocrity, that country will fall into chaos, on the contrary, this man, if brilliant tactics Mingjun may also endanger national and nationals. From Alexander the Great to Louis XIV, leave your name in the history of any of the "great king", which is an inevitable road to fame is its own people and neighboring countries by the blood soaked the red trail. Thus, if the country truly sake ** must be to eliminate, ** system must end of life sleeping. Change the system is to change the thinking of the premise, and when changing the thinking of the people, the people that will become terrible. Traditionally only two ways to change the system, one is top-down reform, the other is bottom-up. ** ** Radical damage can only be brought about, but difficult to guarantee as achievements. If radical reform becomes also possible to form ** burst. Thus, only the slow reform party can already truly harmonious society. Although he wants to France of Louis built into such an ideal situation, but he also knew ahead of resistance is not small. These thousand years of feudal resistance both to participate, some recent centuries ** conservative, more difficult to change people's minds the idea, but he knows best among all the resistance, the biggest one is his own . By promoting the reform ** **, which is undoubtedly a fire in the wind, the flames probably has not risen, it has been the wind blow. Difficult for anyone to resist the temptation of power, no one has the desire for power. Louis to power after the greatest feeling, is difficult to self. He was always eager to get more, you can get after they fear to get everything. If he can not be willed this reformer, that reform can not continue, he could only become another tyrant. Louis not only emotionally reluctant to Voltaire, Voltaire deceased is afraid after the hard hearts of the powers ** for effective control, he needs to have a man in the next supervision, prompt. After listening to the words of Voltaire Louis, pleased nod, but he did not see Louis hearts not confident. One to Louis hide too well, nothing was revealed in the face. Secondly, that he really did not have much time to waste. Louis is disturbed, the listen Voltaire and said: "Your Majesty, I have one thing to say to you." "Please say" Louis listened carefully, he did not know whether at its meeting today after he fully these words as Voltaire's words. Voltaire looked up, looked dome frescoes, earnestness, said: "the ancient Greek legend, the sun god Apollo always drove alone to catch up with his sister, but he was able to catch up anyway, so only the sunrise and sunset. "He turned his head and looked Louis,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, said:" The king is destined alone, can endure this alone, is the measure of a great king whether the standard. "Louis dignified nod. Voltaire said that he understood the truth of these words, but he did not dare do not want to believe it. Because in his mind, there are many dear person. Mary? Antoinette, Marie? Adelaide other woman, he and these women born prince, princess, king's daughter who also grew up with his half sister Anna. They give him courage, had also inspired his sustenance, so that he does not think of himself as a human being lonely. But he also knows that in addition to these people outside it would be hard to be trusted who have it. Because others, he is not who is the king, the king is destined alone. Just then, suddenly ran out of the room attendants a tanned girl. She is the original purchase of the slave in Nantes Susan, now, the former American slaves have switched identities, became king maid around. "Your Majesty, just returned from Paris to intelligence." Said Susan handed out a letter sealing wax intact. Louis took the hand, opened the letter and saw, they immediately surprised. No one can anticipate a thing happened, the Elector of Bavaria on the day before New Year's Day died, the cause of death was smallpox. Elector of Bavaria upright middle-aged, was originally not so premature death, but the weather is unpredictable, he is really dead, but died too early. Louis secretly in mind calculations, since last May to the present, even for long ambition of Joseph II of Bavaria, also not in such a short period of time to prepare. Even if he was able to find a diplomatic allies, he and his allies can not advance military mobilization, prevention of a possible war. Elector of Bavaria, though dead, but this time is too bad. Austria and Prussia in the military will be in the same starting line, which is not as good as the Prussian army combat power of the Austrian side, not a good news. Louis's brain has an idea flashed: "Germany will have the mutation,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, which is an opportunity for France." Ambition heart bud immediately, as if he saw Flanders plug in France over the royal flag iris, he It looks like Louis XIV himself in general, riding jump over the Rhine. Make contributions to the ambition at this time inspired him, and he therefore put down other things. He folds the letter of Voltaire said simply: "Sir, I'm sorry I need to immediately back to Paris." Then she took Susan and several attendants left the Hall of Mirrors, leaving only Voltaire and the necessary staff. He did not know, he left behind the Voltaire was looking at his back, laments and said: "I hope France will not be involved in any trouble." He does not know, this is his Voltaire the last time we met. When the "Voltaire" The name rang in his ears again, they have this along with the name of the person's death. Louis drove to return to Paris, so he returned to the Tuileries, already eight o'clock at night. As soon as he jumped off the carriage, he told about: "The prime minister immediately summoned Verger Nabo MG, Foreign Minister Noel Earl and Police Minister Dion? Germany? Beaumont, Sir." Three ministers in succession came after half an hour Tuileries. Three of them, the Prime Minister Verges Nabo MG and Foreign Minister Noel Earl because of their duties, the know regarding the death of the Elector of Bavaria, while Dion is in charge of intelligence because it knew the matter. Thus, the three of them indirectly Louis said: "Bavarian Elector because there is no heir, so after death will be determined by the Elector Palatinate distant successor, but I believe that certain ambitions within Germany will not sit idly by an expansion opportunities lost. "He and Joseph II or secret negotiations between, and thus, he also went to the specific person shadow. Verges Nabo MG first said: "Bavaria is located in the Danube River, but also in the transportation hub, which is very rich, ancient Bavarian Elector also relying on the land compete with the Habsburg throne and this century has been successively launched Spain, Poland, Austria, three games on the throne succession war, I believe that will be the fourth game of Bavaria necessarily inherit the throne of the root causes of war burst. "Noel Earl then said:" Elector Palatinate territory scattered in the Rhine piecemeal River River River, some distance from Bavaria, and he also difficult with the strength of the other princes of Germany compete coveted Bavarian princes certainly unusual. "He turned and said:" Maybe a few pretenders, but both the strength and only a qualified person. "He gave Louis a concern will no longer say. "Who is that man?" Louis pretending to be asked, puzzled. Noel Earl sighed and said: "His Majesty the Emperor Joseph II." "Yes, just might be his." Verges Nabo if suddenly Huang Wu Jue, said, "his second Queen's election in Bavaria Kurfürstliche sisters, although there are restrictions Salic succession law, in Maria? Theresa inherited the legacy of the Habsburgs, the Salic inheritance law is no longer the authority of what can not be changed and, from Joseph II in Poland's performance point of view, he should be next to impossible to overlook the Bavarian border. "he was sorrowful, and said:" To win Bavaria, Austria, Prussia bound to oppose not only Prussia, Saxony will probably even out against their own interests. then, it may be imminent war. "" is not imminent. "Noel said Earl dignified tone," but inevitably burst. Majesty difficult to bundle live His Majesty the Emperor, from Poland to the event will be able to see . "" Austria is an ally of France, in the present time, it is unable to be involved Germany France disputes. "Verges Nabo MG bent on war against the British Crown, which most do not want at the same hour, France drawn into another the war. After a silence, Louis said slowly: "I do not want war burst, but not lack of preparation. Consequently, I ordered France to strengthen the armed forces from today's workout, and make any preparations for war." "Yes, Your Majesty. "Verges Nabo Jazz nodded replied. Louis then count on Noel said: "send diplomats, or you go in person to figure out the German princes, especially Austria, Saxony, Bavaria, Prussia's views on." "Yes, Your Majesty." Noel also nodded his head count replied. . . Forum Posts Links <
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