easy to be pockets of everything

August 26 [Mon], 2013, 11:34
; Jin Yuan brother, what is that in your hand? Huo Narcissus busy let Aqiu, toward Chen Jinyuan ran Qiu, helpless, followed at the front of Chen Jinyuan, looked curious about Chen Jinyuan's hands and pockets. - look at ah, I give you a magic! Chen Jinyuan did not answer, the mysterious smile, will pocket tied to the untied the rope, hand into the bag, as if in search of something. The boom of a sound, and two daughters didn't see how Chen Jinyuan action, just feel at present a flower, Chen Jinyuan from the narrow mouth, took out a white se huge monster. What is this? Huo Narcissus looked curious about things Chen Jinyuan removed from the bag, said is a huge monster, in fact, is not too big, four four square, like a box, but Huo Narcissus has no name, only ask Chen Jinyuan. This thing called washing machine, with it, after you wash clothes wouldn't have to do it myself! Chen Jinyuan smiled and put his hand in his pocket. Dong! It is a dull thud, a big black pig fell out of the bag. This is what? Huo Narcissus more curious. This is called the diesel generator, used to generate electricity use! Washer? The generator? Huo Narcissus shook his head, never heard of, have never seen, but Chen Jinyuan take these things out, must have her intentions, she stood aside and looked curiously at Chen Jinyuan and Qiu busy. Chen Jinyuan replied, Huo Narcissus, he kept from his pocket and many large and small things. TV, video machines, induction cooker, electric cooker, microwave oven, electric lamp, table lamp, wire... Large and small, a superb collection of beautiful things, not for a moment the yard was filled with all kinds of household appliances. Huo Narcissus female is open mouthed at Chen Jinyuan kept from the small pocket out of things, as if it is a bottomless pit, always cut is not clean, Huo Narcissus know, the bag should be holding space of the baby, because she master the pigeon Mo empty have a nano materials for beads, Women's North Face Softshell Hybird Sale more than once she saw. OK ~ Chen Jinyuan out soft, easy to be pockets of everything. Turned to look, his body week has become a household electrical appliance city. Jin Yuan brother, what are you doing? These things, no one is Huo Narcissus know. In this regard, her heart could not help wondering. Oh, you get out of my way, I put these things move in for a while, you know how to use the ~ Chen Jinyuan smiled, put aside the Huo Narcissus and two women, one begins to work again. Spent half RI time. Chen Jinyuan will be all the electrical appliances furniture found a place to put, and the wires, the diesel generator works, noise big and scary, Chen Jinyuan will put away, busy for a long time, as tired as a dog, the Oolong court finally the initial realization of the electric apparatus. [. Night. Huo Narcissus in the boudoir. Two women stand in the house, looked up and looked curiously at the head of the shining light, it does not charge fees wax Lodge Vest oil is not. How could so bright? What, Canada Goose Langford Parka Men is it right? You see clearly that the lamp? Voltage of some slightly unstable, lamp flashing from time to time, but still the whole room shine as bright as day, watching the two women even on that side;
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