standing in the original ground

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 15:47
() Gently knock sounded very casual Su Tiancheng said Come, madam pushed open the door, and followed behind a girl. The girl behind the bawd, with hats, covered her veil, not clear face, the girl's hand, holding the side of the pipa, brothel There are two instruments is the most popular one is hengqin, one is pipa, these two instruments can play a girl is a lot, but it can really play good, is still rare. "Two son, shadow pity the girl came." Bawd stood beside Su Tiancheng back to the door, I heard a bawd to speak, turned, and saw a shadow pity for the girl, I do not see it does not matter, I have seen, the Soviet Union natural gas to be crooked nose. Shadow pity girl with hats, in front of a black gauze covered the face, can not see it. Shadow pity girl stature is very good, the punch has caused, there is a feeling that appeals to the imagination. From the figure Look, Shadow pity the girl is not old. Takes fifty-two silver, the price is too high, Su Tiancheng mood is not very good, to see such a situation, even more uncomfortable. You said shadow pity the girl have a skill, or even great reputation, are possible, Qinhuai girl, identity nature is not generally ah, you can cover the face, what does this mean ah, aged two silver, or even one hundred two silver, and they come to hear you play the piano, the invisible face, could there be something wrong with me Su Tiancheng ah. Bawd saw Su Tiancheng face sè bad, quickly smiled and explained. "Two son, shadow pity girl has their own rules, slavery itself has been said, but please bear with two son ah." Su Tiancheng not fight a gas, this is what singing out ah, meaning If I am performing well, no suave romantic temperament, shadow not pity the girl lifted the veil, I dignified a man, a brothel girl wants you to evaluate ah, if you pity the girl's shadow a bad mood, I lost money, but also come to gas vomit. Those scholar sour gas, Su Tiancheng's body is not. Soon, Su Tiancheng cold spoke. "Mom, shadow pity girl, I SuMou but ordinary mortals, Liuxiong not a rich person, there is nothing out of place color, probably shame the shadow pity girl stuff, or do not disgrace the good, the shadow pity If the girl also with such a veil, do not play, we asked for the girl to Timberland Men's Chukka accompany a few worldly enough food to accompany singing, shadow pity girl condescended to come here, SuMou not say anything, these money, but also Please kindly girl. "Su Tiancheng took out two gold leaf, on the table. Bawd was ready to speak, saw the gold leaf, the eyes are straight, she rarely seen gold leaf, and a gold leaf, is almost worth more than two hundred denarii, Su Gongzi do not feel bad to pull out, so there is Qian Zhu Er, where to find ah. Bawd momentarily worried, angry if Sugong Zi, Wang Fung House came less than the future, this is a great loss, you can shadow pity girl, she is not too offended. Hesitating between bawd did not know what to say. At this point, the shadow pity the girl spoke. "Sugong Zi, Liu Gongzi, a small woman I apologize, the little woman has its own rules, presumably her mother also introduced, if a small woman initiatives, there is nothing wrong, please Su Gongzi forgive me." Shadow pity girl crisp voice, enunciate, indeed every word Abas, just such a voice is enough awesomeness, Liu Zhongji has shocked, stunned by this sound, there is no pity for the girl concerned talking shadow meaning. Su Tiancheng is understood, shadow pity the girl meant, in this house, this girl is the boss, since you asked me to thinking, we should do things according to my rules, otherwise, no matter how much money you have, the girls do not care for. After all, this girl think much of you, naturally lifted the veil. Su Tiancheng will not eat this set. "Girl, SuMou already said, this is a mortal fear of the girl can not make satisfactory, SuMou also seen some aspects of society, not only whichever shame, girl pure, countless young people to admire its own, does not have to I Canada Goose Store waited a grudge, the girl with the girl's rules, SuMou have SuMou rules, you and I different phase for the plan, said bluntly some SuMou to come here, but also the thinking can relax here after all not consider school talent of the land, SuMou own weight, had an idea SuMou no malice against the girl, the girl also requested generosity. "Su Tiancheng say these words, bawd's face has become bitter, and she is really The regret, why introduce shadow pity girl ah, do not think about Su Gongzi such talent, but also a temper. Shadow pity the girl did not leave, but once again spoke. "Su Gongzai, nor is the son of a small woman like the kind of person, just a small woman said, has its own rules, a small woman may be great care, and this is the comedown dust in front of son, also so keep up appearances, probably angered unhappy son, and son if she maintains, there is no way a small woman, a small woman have come, to play a son of two silver is an unnecessary money, please son to take it back. "Su Tiancheng Dailiaoyixia think shadow pity girl so to speak. A little bit shocked, Su Tiancheng some blush, and he really is a bit wrong, that there is some money, we can have yù order, we are looking for fun, and completely disregard the feelings of others girls, which a practice, and what those dandy essentially different ah. He was crossing the person's face is not so strong ideas, while respecting female xìng thinking, in which his consciousness is rooted, and with the backing of money, forcing people to do things the girls certainly can not be justified , he is also held in contempt, and think through a few months time, with some small successes, some of dandy unconscious contamination of breath. Fortunately, Fung House rebuffed in sight, and if in official circles, go on, do not know what provoked. Thought here, Su Tiancheng quickly stood up, facing the shadow pity girl Baoquan salute. "The girl learned that SuMou some abrupt, did not scruple to the girl's feelings, SuMou apologize to the girl here, and I do not want the kind of girl who has just some faint head, do not know Lianxiangxiyu, thanks girl teachings, I will remember for life, girl or do not play tracks, and I am not qualified to listen to the girl playing, which say good-bye. "Liu Zhongji hear Su Tiancheng said, also stood up, ready to follow the left. Some young madam's face, do not consciously stand in the door. Shadow pity the girl froze a moment, she had stood close to the location of the door and saw Su Tiancheng ready to come over, and my heart tremble a bit. Su Tiancheng looks, it is indeed very handsome, covered with a kind of refined atmosphere, speak politely, that temper of the time, show up conservation, it is difficult to see that their TALENT, just how, Why do you see Sugong Zi said, his temper also come up. Desperate, shadow pity the girl spoke. "Su Gongzi absolutely do not leave, if Su Gongzi this left, a small woman's reputation also destroyed." Shadow heard the girl say pity, Su Tiancheng outstretched foot retracted came. He was a bit dizzy, and he left, how it affects the reputation of the shadow pity the girl, supposedly raise the shadow pity the girl's reputation ah. Bawd finally caught a golden chance, had previously been no speak, already regret dead, now is not that she does not deserve the charge of Wang Fung House. "Su Gongzi, shadow pity the girl said was the truth, ah, this line is has such rules, if customers are not satisfied after listening to music, it is nothing, but if guests do not listen to music, nothing to do, directly left, this is the right girl satisfied, and such things spread out, shadow pity for the girl's reputation is ruined, son and shadow pity the girl Timberland Leather Cheap said so much, then it is destined ah, son of the large number of adults , what is unsatisfactory, although the body came against slavery, slaves themselves are not ready to son apologize, the shadow condescending pity for the girl to be here less than a year's time, slavery was the first time I saw her body So much so. "Su Tiancheng's face a smile, saying much what's the use, the key depends on what is being said, then pity themselves and shadow girl, obviously a grudge, but the end result is your own defeat under the array to, and good men and women fight, lost his own magnanimity, what to say, thanks to bawd will rounders ah. "Mom said, but really, my mother does not have to apologize, this rì things, I was wrong." "Slave body where it would deceive Su Gongzi ah, really." Su Tiancheng sighed, standing in the original ground. "Shadow pity the girl, now rì things, because SuMou abrupt, since there is such a rule, SuMou is not able to break the rules, let the girl play one, SuMou listen." Su Tiancheng not sit down, intends Zhanzhao Ting pity girl playing a video after turned away, looking Fung House today to come, is indeed a fool, and some of yīn dark inside the heart of things, not consciously exposed, of course, these psychology, it is not necessarily bad, in almost all men, all will have a way of thinking of. Order Su Tiancheng Strangely, he stood, shadow pity girls are standing. "Girl, is ready to appreciate SuMou track, just do not know why do not you sit down to play the girl ah." "Son did not sit down and drink, a small woman afraid to sit down." Su Tiancheng blinked, sat helpless next. This is his first visit to the Qinhuai to spend money, think on the face of so many things, everywhere in the fool. Saw Su Tiancheng sat down opposite the film also pity the girl sat down on a stool. Bawd very moment got the message, and quickly went out, and got the two look pretty girl, accompanied Su Tiancheng and Liu Zhongji. Bawd purpose is very clear, and to find ways to retain Su Tiancheng, not because of previous unpleasant, broke impression Su Tiancheng but the God of Wealth ah.
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