the Kunlun or between clouds and other

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> Shen looked broken flew down the wandering son is three, mouth bursting out with a trace of a smile from the heart, only to see it is a trusted friend to appear in the expression! Somehow, this time Shen Yuan Yin feel broken, at least for her, that smile as much infinite magic! Chaoyang has Dongsheng, Rays falling on Shen broken body, so the people are like broken sink exudes brilliant shine. WWw. qUanBen. But in the eyes of COm Yuan Yin, Shen breaking that very tiny smile, forced Rays pale! It struck her heartstrings smile, no sign, somehow, was deeply printed in the Yuan Yin hearts! Shen was not aware of what is broken, just came up and patted just almost fell down Feijian Wang To said: "Yes ah, Taku, can Yu Jian flying ~!" Wang To awaiting to say something, but "puff" sound spit something out, vomit several successive eloquence breathed: "The broken Brother, you do not pastime Ah me, I have him do even car sickness, just in heaven, I fear that it ......! "This Baggio even have some fun, and just the tension instantly swept away. Wandering Son and Yuan Yin Baggio are seen, but Baggio masters can they actually do not understand some friend or other broken sink, in short, I feel strange. Wandering Son is very pleased to see Baggio, came up against a ritual deeply Baggio said: "Thanks to the master shot ice, wandering child was able to rescue out, last no time thanks, please accept my guru worship!" Baggio did not claim credit, said: "The idea is broken, I'm just a point force, just little things." comprehension of the people, the so-called kindness, or to put down when the drop, otherwise the realm of practice for enhancing both no good, wandering child see Baggio so generous, will credit to sink broken, also smiled dropped. Glance at some haggard Patriarch sister Yuan Yin, wandering son said: "Shen brother, the last time you walked out, causing the three of us are worried good to see you all can rest assured!" Wang To break the most familiar and Shen, exclaimed: "Brother broken life as Xiaoqiang, not so easy to be dead!" Yuan Yin finally "Puchi" laugh out, scoff Wang To: "You are Xiaoqiang it!" in the earth removed for some time Yuan Yin, already know Xiaoqiang is a very tenacious vitality creatures. Yuan Yin beauty, no doubt, that she broke Yan smile, even Baggio stared! Just listen to breaking Yuan Yin Shen said: "Do not leave it alone, okay?" Sound was actually speechless gentle, yet faint with begging. Not just sink broken, and wandering on Lian Wang To all thought it was my ears broken. Yuan Yin is beautiful, but she is never enough gentle! Shen also like being fascinated breaking in general, some dreamer nodded and said: "Well ......" Yuan Yin is also aware that just like their performance so that everyone around panicked and immediately resumed its former look and sound: "uh ... throughout China comprehension six decennial On the Road General Assembly, will be held in Penglai Pavilion in, this time I come to find you, just want you to go with me long experience! "is what the General Assembly on the Road, Shen broken Although the interest is not particularly high, but after a lively, after all many people, may be able to inquire Road On the Road General news about the snowy forest is also unknown, the best course is also to participate in a snowy forest on the Road Conference, Shen broke directly in the Penglai Xiange met her. Shen broke and said: "Well, we went to see, but start with the good, that what is seen on the Road End after the General Assembly, the United States you going to find someone to help me!" I was a snowy forest, Shen felt broken heart Some distraught, could there be any danger Suet original? Shen Yuan Yin broken willing to listen, have been very satisfied, Xiangyebuxiang promised: "The line of the line, anything you say ... Well ... it seems a lot of people came." Shen breaking That they are in Ukrainian remember Mrs Hill, Leshan Buddha head on, although there is no comprehension of much nearby, but still a lot of temples. Although most of the temple's monks do not practice, but after some human comprehension, Hong Yifei l leads to a lot of vision, they rushed over to see also normal. So breaking Shen said: "We still get out of here before it ~!" Do not go, and so the people came near Fozong, I am afraid will tangled up. -------------------- Baggio back to the Temple with the demand, Koichi leave too many things, some details need him a good reference. Before leaving, do not forget to leave Shen Baggio breaking a rosary, no matter what, as long as Shen crush broken rosary, Baggio rushed over to help solve the problem will be full! After all, no matter which one of Shen broken identities are desperate Baggio can not serve it. Wu family, Shen breaking Baggio in the eyes of God and the old witch designation "God"; seeking Temple in Sui Shen breaking is Koichi Master, you figure it Baggio Shizu; apart from these two points do not say, Shen broken or Baggio fair-weather friends! Shen also rude breaking, it is natural sinking rosary will take it, smiled and said: "I'm afraid this gadget lost, can give one?" Baggio Shen broken now, but that can use the best resources , not white do not, right, the most important thing is to use Baggio is white with! Baggio can I say, I met Shen broken, he is naturally what requests are promised, so he handed out two rosaries broken Shen said: "I hope you do not have to use them!" Shen breaking laughed: "Do not worry , I will not just be used, for example, tea and delivery of water and the like, would not trouble you came all the way up ... Oh ... right yo, Kournikova and Sharapova has not come back, I'll let them go with the Find Temple. "Whether Koichi or Baggio, are not men and women accept unclear dirty thoughts, it is natural to be down. Everyone understands that blonde double Johnson went to China on the Road Conference, indeed too harsh! Shen broken do not want to own too noticeable. For jiu pawnshops, Shen break some more or less to worry about. Jiuyou pawnshop terrible, and now it is also fully understood broken brother, it almost endless master, as well as a strong presence of the underworld unfathomable. Honestly, there is no certainty Shen breaking jiu pawnshop can escape hundred days fatwa. Hiding in China, but some are relatively safe place, if accurate information about the location of the broken sink, jiu pawnshops really come out in force, will be able to sink killing one fell swoop break! Comprehension master, come and go like the wind, there are very hard! Koichi before the old monk, Shen also temporarily broken lives comfortably, and now Hong Yifei liters, Shen broken side can really protect the back of his left with a Baggio, but even Baggio [believers] rely on the power, but also But can the enemy to live a strong g Sri Lanka only, jiu pawnshops other experts, but also invincible! Shen is not worried about breaking a pawn jiu action, on the contrary, since the grid jiu pawnshops Beowulf's death would have never been sent to kill Shen broken, but so very surprised Shen broken, do not want to let go jiu pawn break brother this traitor? Or have a greater conspiracy? The calm before the storm? Darkness before dawn? Although not the slightest sign,Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Clearance, but Shen breaking always felt cold wind! Jiu pawnshops, would be absolutely impossible to sudden kindness role ah! Baggio has returned to the temple with the request, although Shen break now wandering around there in the Son and Yuan Yin, and Wang Tuo, although many numbers, the strength is not enough! Wandering Son the already Mahayana master, but unfortunately had just finished crossing the robbery was shangqinggong clay Habu et al siege suffered heavy losses under just fled to Earth, after passing through the cutting wind band also left up to the level of the mid-fit , then a desperate fight, almost blew the release of the body's Day fire, was also very cold Xuanbing sealed. Baggio will break and sink until the child was rescued after wandering, wandering child already leaving only distraction of the repair order. Fortunately, Xi peak above the Yuan Tiangang gently refers to wander in one fell swoop hit sub-vivo anshang scattered, gave a single life-Plough, wandering child always chic, not too wasteful life-Plough will direct Dan dose, but now it is also restored to the level of the mid fit. Of course, if not met jiu pawnshop massive attacks, a few of them meet the twelve master jiu pawn shop, or not too big a problem. Four Yu Jian and the line, wandering child with Wang Tuo, soon came to the East China Sea. Wandering Son said: "We are here to spend the night tonight, tomorrow morning to go to Penglai fairyland it!" It was along for the ride, but now I am afraid of Penglai fairyland real buzz too far, from all corners of the monks are gathered in Penglai, where there is on a good place of refuge? Patriarch sister went to Yuan Yin squeeze a cave with others, she is not willing. Remove one Yuan Yin gossip, like earth in those money making, like playing with a lot of feng shui, the south one means: "The south is at a good place, Reiki adequate, we will go there to spend the night!" Shen broken only can nod, and gossip pawnshop people speak geomancy, feng shui, reiki,Christian Louboutin Sale, not in front of Shuada Dao Guan What? Shen Yuan Yin broken with his party of four, had just come to her so-called Feng Shui, have not had time in the foot, I saw more than ten road flashing silver, the valley again appeared more than a dozen individuals. Judging from the clothing, which should be more than a dozen people from the same martial art, is likely also to participate in the General Assembly on the Road fellow. As the saying goes, the different phase for the plan. Can even fellow, nor had a good face, Yuan Yin and later those people obviously do not want their selected sites occupied by others. Although fellow, although also can work together on the road tomorrow,Softsided Luggage, one to Penglai danger. However, the same does not phase adjacent channel! "This place belongs to me, this girl is selected, and it is us first!" Yuan Yin cold opening, first stopped processing. Among the gang led by a man but a chunky late distracted elders smiled opening: "The girl remark poor men, where neither gate temple, nor the girl cloth under the tactical deployment ban, how can you say here it is the girl? girl just got to be afraid of it? "chunky elders behind several disciples OBE but cried:" Shishu, gender and their nonsense, straight away got! "" Yes ah, I finally South to send the selected places, and we dare to fight? '"singled out, who left who won, who lost who get out!" Obviously this Zhongnan faction door rules are lax, the elders in negotiations with foreign countries, but juniors unbridled growl behind. See Yuan Yin complexion becomes difficult to see, chunky elders restrained busy loudly said: "gave me to shut up! Prank in front of outsiders, Whatever next?" Put a smile on the child Tao Yuan Yin and wander : "Yang Qiu Pindao Zhongnanshan live in, I do not know where several fellow practitioners?" Yuan Yin too lazy to care for him, only a wandering child replied: "Happy to send the next Wandering Son, has been practicing in the Blue Star rhyme." "Aha ... Jiuyang heard so much about! "Qiu Yang live side had long admired, while thinking: Happy to send? A broken martial art! Blue rhyme star? What broken place? Many of comprehension on earth have not had the earth, so do not know Landwind wheel star field star but a planet, thought it was China one small place unknown. Zhongnanshan group of people, a lot of people immediately relieved, Yuan Yin just listen to the tone, but also worried that they are from the Kunlun or between clouds and other top big school, but did not think Wandering Son, who was actually called Blue rhyme from a star small place, even the elders have not heard Chiu corner. Since it is no background no background in small sects, then do not think twice what! Qiu Yang real still smiling and said: "Wandering Son Daoxiong, and that you look at our people, to move to move to inconvenient, so it, or ask you four Forum Search, otherwise find a place to stay it!" Yuan Yin angrily : "What, what are you people not convenient, we have to find another place on the convenience?" Wandering Son also see each other's intentions, looking good together. Why did this good scenery, Reiki is plentiful it, no one wants to occupy naturally. Shen has been broken for these so-called door upright not much favor, smiled, took the next wandering son, learn to just Zhongnan camp shouted: "Shishu, gender and their nonsense, straight away got!" Wang To always act in harmony and Shen broken, also shouting and said: "singled out, who left who won, who lost who get out!" (to be continued, as more information on how funeral, please visit, chapter more , support, and supporting genuine reading!) (full novel network <
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