can live for five hundred years

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 12:52
"Bi Xian Xian, Su blood, Lu Wei, are you hold, according to the most began to talk about a good Women's North Face Gore Tex Sale price, a succubus is three strains of lingcao, you can get nine strains of lingcao." The swallow feather frowned, reminded the sentence. They all know the wind Fei now is God based Dzogchen realm, in urgent need of lingcao promote to fix for, want to Ling grass to the wind Fei blocking back, "I think he has put evil Zong under, unexpectedly also want to take away evil Zong witch." A host of tower students cold voice laughed. "The nine strains of lingcao gave him, let him leave quickly, really do not want to associate with him." Mu Linghua was unhappy. Mu Linghua fix for high, has already won the destiny, the destiny of first, can live for five hundred years, would like him young strong, have rarely went out walking, but in order to deal with the evil Zong ten hall, young master Wanxiang tower had all arrived, including up to heaven realm of talent. "The tower" list of top ten monks, are heaven realm of culture. Mu Linghua came in eleventh, not long ago, has entered the realm of heaven. The wind Fei said: "I must take Su blood today." "You......" Mu Linghua stood up, a sharp momentum, as the essence of general toward the wind Fei press in the past. Those who had to rob the people, can borrow earth potential, overlaps with its imposing manner, can not spend to rob monk to deter, or even by the momentum of the other to the extrusion die. Heaven realm really into practice first realm, did not reach the realm of heaven, is a mortal, once you reach the realm of heaven, is Xiuxian person. This is the day and the difference of people! Human nature is not the day to! The wind Fei stood in the hall of zh ō ngy ā ng, the body upright, eyes without the fear of looking at Mu Linghua, forty general God rotation in mind, easily blocked Mu Linghua momentum. The entire hall while seemingly calm, but the wind Fei and Mu Linghua's air, have such as solidification lived, half are not flow. There is a generation of young top Yingjie, natural know Mu Linghua this is in to the momentum to suppress wind Feiyun, are exposed to take pleasure in other people's misfortune God sè. The mentality of these people is no more than two. One is because of jealousy, envy the wind Fei became God's successor, has inherited the barons may become God, Jin Dynasty's top that a group of people. Of course also envy the wind can be the best in all the land of beauty in favor Timberland Winter Snow Sale of Feiyun, although they say is your mouth Nangong confidante in confused wind Feiyun, but Nangong confidante to wind Feiyun, will release the will to kill, but also exposed the identity, it also can not explain the world's number one beauty moved feeling the wind Fei? This is cannot eat the grape to say grape sour attitude. In addition to jealousy, there is another reason, that is to float the princess. Luo floating princess is what person? That a daughter but the Jin emperor favorite, genuine goods at a fair price of the Royal lady, but also by the Royal holy "make", have been eligible for the position of crown prince and Prince, someday in the future is also a female emperor. Timberland Boots Cheap Present, status, who is better than the Rose floating princess? Between the fan and Luo Fei floating princess, they naturally chose the Rose floating princess. "Boom!".
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