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Here, there may be some people's minds wondering: To know whether Wu Shigong the loyalist army, or the Qin Liangyu's loyalist army, to go to Beijing loyalist. Loyalist, by definition is to save the emperor, and in particular Men's North Face Nuptse Down about the "loyalty" of the big Ming Dynasty, the Emperor rescue but that is at the top priority. But why northern province of local government, unwilling to supply these loyalist army supplies it? This is from the Ming Dynasty, a fiscal system to start. In Yuanzhang established the Ming Dynasty, the kind of small farmers out of his thoughts to the financial management of state finances idea, he developed a spread to the Qing Dynasty approach to financial management. Zhu Yuanzhang found that each local government to be turned over to the treasury every year a lot of money and grain, and every year, the treasury should be allocated to the various parts of a lot of money and grain, which is not their own to find their own trouble you? So the emperor on the regulations: those fixed annual cost of local government, it is no longer the state treasury, and let each have their own place to stay, as long as the home department annually audit the books clearly on it. The financial system, if there is a modern accounting knowledge at a glance, you can see it is certainly very inappropriate. Because of modern accounting basic rules that revenue and expenditure. As to the emperor that the financial system, what is wrong, and that learned knowledge of modern accounting can certainly speak out twelve thousand three hundred forty-five come. However, some people say, specific conditions. In the Ming Dynasty and no banks, transportation was so poor, so the court and the rulers also had to adopt this fiscal system. Anyway here is not to discuss the merits of such a financial system where. The key is that this financial system to supply the Ming army supplies caused a lot of trouble. We already know where the Ming army war military families and soldiers both institutions. In the early Ming Dynasty, in addition to part of the border troops, but also there is no other war soldiers. War must rely on military families to complete. And these military families where they are fighting to supply the local government rations. Because in the early Ming Dynasty, the situation in various places are relatively stable, so there is no battle to fight the mainland. Thus, the local government serves local army rations mode, there is no big problem. Of course, if the court mobilization, so that these places together leaving the local military combat, then, in addition to the place where these military rulers supply these troops outside supplies, the court will supply these troops as part of rations. Those who leave their homes after the army in other parts of the official no obligation to supply these military supplies. Unless these forces with money to buy. Of course, a kind of workaround. The official first supply these troops supplies, or wait until later imperial army again where the local government to ask for. This can be seen, those who supply the army rations official after the event, and afterwards to the court or other official request, and that is a very troublesome thing. As a bureaucrat, will surely be much less attitude to follow principles. This situation has led to the Ming army reluctant to leave their home to go to battle. Later To compensate, the Ming court on states: combat troops to leave their homes for war on doubled. May be regarded as such, the Ming army or not, because in the country, their army rations supply is simply too difficult. We look at Wu Shigong the loyalist army, if he marched from the edge of the Grand Canal, then his army rations supply is made on both sides of the canal water transport depot responsible, because these water transport warehouse is managed directly by the court, so Wu Shigong military supplies supply issue is not how big. Later, however, turned to Wu Shigong the loyalist army. His army rations in Henan province encountered the problem of supply is still relatively small, but left in Henan, to the northern province, where the official who is completely unwilling to supply it. Wu Shigong will not rogue, his army already starving. Unless Wu Shigong use their own money to buy forage supply its own army. Understand this problem later, we all know that the white rod soldiers Qin Liangyu challenges facing it. The next day, Ma Xianglin Wu Shigong here to announce the Qin Liangyu let Wu Shigong auxiliary army soldiers do after the command, did not think Wu Shigong very readily agreed. This allows Ma Xianglin pour a little surprised, because the strict sense, although the official Qin Liangyu Wu Shigong significantly higher than the official position, but Wu Shigong and Qin Liangyu no subordination relationship. Wu Shigong Qin Liangyu also can not obey the command. Yesterday, Wu Shigong relative to that arrogant attitude of today's Wu Shigong that behaved as a kitten-like attitude, most people are too strange. Ma Xianglin do not know, yesterday Wu Shigong not arrogant, nor despise Qin Liangyu this woman xìng. But only after doing something wrong kind of evasive attitude only. And Wu Shigong why so readily agreed to do it Qin Liangyu auxiliary soldiers? The main reason is that, for the strength of the Wu Shigong want to save it, auxiliary soldiers are doing nothing bad. Anyway, Qin Liangyu fought with white rods soldiers rushed in the front, in case of unfavorable war, the army is behind the Wu Shigong also have plenty of time to escape. For Wu Shigong speaking, just throw some face Bale. Wu Shigong not know Qin Liangyu and white shot soldiers hehe name, or else he is even more clear conscience. There is a reason. Although Wu Shigong order to avoid war and marching speed like a turtle crawl, but he also understands the truth as fire military, arrived so late for their own capital to loyalist, always a bit worried. And now that his army did Qin Liangyu auxiliary soldiers, Wu Shigong absolutely can distinguish such accusations against him, said: "My army is deliberately Qinzong Bing as her army auxiliary soldiers and I also have no way to get to capital so late. Who Qinzong Bing's office is much higher than I do? "In fact, Wu Shigong do not know, almost all to the capital loyalist troops marching speed is not how fast, not every soldier officials are and Qin Liangyu, as has very strong loyalist thinking. Even the loyalist troops had reached the capital, they are also in the vicinity of the capital city in each camp, calling to say that in order to protect the safety of the capital, the military defense Tartars live again shocked the capital Shengjia immediate concern. Simply not right still raging after North Zhili Golden Army initiative to attack. More funny is that those loyalist troops although it kept defending the capital, but they shrink in their own city, the neighborhood even now in the capital of the Tartars army raids, they are afraid to go out to touch it. Ma Xianglin see his mother, requiring Wu Shigong army soldiers do auxiliary command completed successfully, although I do not know why the Wu Shigong promised to be so straightforward, but Ma Xianglin Wu Shigong this is certainly followed by pinching any punches in. Ma Xianglin Wu Shigong army Mens North Face Down went on to claim responsibility for military camp, cooking and other logistical work, and requires Wu Shigong army for three hundred stone grain and a few hundred soldiers shot on white horses to big business, the strengthening of the white bar soldiers fighting strength. Also, Wu Shigong for several handguns and all of the artillery, and cāo for handguns and artillery officer, owned by Qin Liangyu to command. After listening to the words of Ma Xianglin, Wu Shigong suddenly shocked. Let his soldiers do encampment and cooking and other logistical matters, which There's nothing, but let themselves down and out to save their belongings finally, this is not being taken advantage of as the Wu Shigong do? So Wu Shigong was flatly rejected, only answered Ma Xianglin two words: "No way!" That Ma Xianglin also a hot temper, saw Wu Shigong Bushihaodai, but also roll up their sleeves cried: "Today you have to give to give, not to have to give voila you bear these soldiers like such a good guy, you stay in the hands of these soldiers are ruined. "Ma Xianglin said this is a tiger with a face, and he was in the past and fight the Tartars were bows and arrows shè blind in one eye, so the whole face appears to be particularly ferocious. What kind of people can be Wu Shigong ah? He will be intimidated by you a few words? He rolled up his sleeves, for Ma Xianglin cried: "Cyclops, what do you want ah? Like daylight robbery ah? Called the old woman do not do chūn autumn big dream, what is the trick to make over, Grandpa I'm here then. "To see Wu Shigong again insulted his mother, Ma Xianglin anger blooming, immediately rushed over to Wu Shigong. And Wu Shigong to be outdone, also told Ma Xianglin rushed past. Seeing two people is to play all martial artists, both bodyguard quickly stepped forward to put two people separated. In the end, Wu Shigong Qin Liangyu promised to do in addition to auxiliary soldiers, other conditions have nothing promised down, Ma Xianglin also had angrily returned to his camp. He answered Qin Liangyu announce his Wu Shigong after mother and son talk a bit, but found that it is also not able to Wu Shigong overnight how. After the march, Wu Shigong'd done the auxiliary army soldiers work, both armies in camp and cooking and other logistical work all take down. Is Wu Shigong and Qin Liangyu, Ma Xianglin between mother and son, as if somebody else gets, I'll never even meet with each other to speak, what do you have to go around bodyguard messenger. However, although the relationship is finally in sight, however, Qin Liangyu on Wu Shigong auxiliary army soldiers work is not very satisfactory. White soldiers shot at least a lot less tiring work. Especially Wu Shigong rogue foragers law, let Qin Liangyu, and her hands are white rod soldiers look amazing. However, some distance away, Wu Shigong but found some wrong, this is simply not the direction of the march to the loyalist army collection locations - Tongzhou go. In the end, Wu Shigong could no longer hold, the opening to the Qin Liangyu asked: "Qin Zongbing, we in the end is where to go ah? Though this road is not going Tongzhou Road ah?" After listening to the words of Wu Shigong, Zhou Zhao Qin Liangyu brow on Wu Shigong scolded: "Since it is a loyalist, you go to the capital to fight the Tartars you coward if not daring to go, then go back home, and bring you to the soldiers of firearms and horses Laoshen Canada Goose Whistler Toronto stay."
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