Qin Feng is busy investigating

September 24 [Tue], 2013, 16:25
() When the tender night, Qin Ruoyun eventually go. She received a phone group, because it involves a great deal of business, you need to Qinruo Yun personally, Qin Ruoyun last resort, can only eat their words. But before you go, please Qin Qin Ruoyun women all around into a meal, which makes her daughters also flattered endless. Qin Ruoyun for their kindness and courtesy, so that they understand her position. Obviously Miss Qin Tai will they not be seen as rival, but as a sister. Daughters in the understanding of this point, the heart of the burden completely put down. But play acting, they also understand that the future Qin big women, non-Qinruo Yun perfectly. Regardless of appearance, temperament, identity, and share control of power, affinity, are doing my part. Times rì, Xiao Lan, Zhongli Yuan, Luo Li Ran, Tang Anyun back to Atlantis, and Bijing Lehman has been out of danger, they will calm down. Guo Ailing stayed with Li child, Qiaoxue, Lin Xiaowan four turns into the care of Lehman. Du Xinyu time is running quite diligent, as long as one has free time, so we came to help, one to two to go, but also with each other conversational up. Qin Feng is busy investigating two rì Lehman accident truth, he listened Liyuan An analysis, the feel of this thing is very strange, it seems there is only black hand somewhere in cāo vertical. Rather than the greatest suspicion Hao Yao Kui, Bijing Lehman was sent to perform tasks that Hao Yao Kui. Accordance with the truth, is in charge of the Lehman had missing children cases this case, reasonable in the circumstances, but also fail to intervene in other cases Lehman. Hao Yao Kui This is definitely shady. After several rounds of discretion Qin Feng, Hao Yao Kui is aware of the issue of the best entry point. He decided to send this guy into the right for twenty-four hours a comprehensive monitoring. He can not believe this old guy fox's tail is not exposed. Considering Hao Yao Kui Bijing are experts in this field, very strong anti-reconnaissance capability, Qin Fengsi to want to go, or choose a tender eye. Everything laid out, Qin now need to do is be patient. Lehman woke up, but the mood is quite unstable. Bijing see his face was destroyed in the after, who can not accept this cruel reality. Guo Ailing few women had simply not been able to persuade her, no way, I called Qiaoxue hastened to Qin. Qin rushed to the hospital, Lehman was hurt too much stuff, ward room full of mess. Qin Feng understand her feelings, he rushed forward, demur, put Lehman tightly in his arms, he understands what is needed at this time Lehman. Lehman saw Qin Feng, she instinctively want to avoid, Bijing her like this now, it is ashamed to see him again. She did not want to let him see his like this. Seeing Qin holding her tightly and hold Lehman struggling like crazy, biting, hitting with, but just do not let go of Qin. She was a radical, according to Qin's arm bite down. Guo Ailing some could not bear to see her crying her daughter relent, but Lehman seems to have lost his mind in general, any who have not listen to the words. Qin endured severe pain, he gestured Guo Ailing own right, Lehman wants to vent, let her vent it, so simmering is not always a good thing. Guo Ailing, Qiaoxue, Li child witnessing a sight, is not crying. Lehman Qin tightly holding his right palm posted on Lehman behind entered an infuriating, so that some of Lehman can stabilize mood. His arm came the pain started to fight back, opening: "Manman, no matter what you become, I will always love you if you want to vent, if you feel a little more comfortable this heart, even though you directed me, "" Do not worry, there I am, did not dare to bully you into the "warmth Qin received the results clearly offensive, Lehman slowly relenting, she lying in Qin Feng's arms, burst into tears again. I do not know how long cry, she stumbled and fell asleep Qin put her in bed, cover the quilt for her careful, did not mind his left arm was bitten badly mutilated. Guo Ailing distressed was not, she came to the Qin side, face tears, he kept apologizing and said: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Qin North Face Apex Bionic Clearance Sale said: "Mom, we are one in, these things should be, you do not say these" Guo Ailing wipe the tears off his face, choking: "My child, mother gave you wrap Erh, play basin of water, the snow, come get some wine jīng disinfection" help Qinfeng Qing Guo Ailing careful to wash the wound and looked two rows deep teeth marks, it was nearly bitten off flesh and blood, her heart Women's North Face Pink Ribbon Clearance Sale in the blood. She was deeply touched by Qin Feng, she is proud of her daughter's choice. Such a good man in, I'm afraid too hard to find a lantern. Although there are no girls into his side, but was willing to let his daughter Guo Ailing followed Qin. Followed this man into, will be really happy. "Does it hurt you? Child." Guo Ailing moderate tone inquired, her movements are very light, it looks cautiously, for fear of hurting Qin like, tears, "patter" of flowing down, the perfect interpretation of the At the moment her mood. Qin Feng Yu Guo Ailing recollections of this love, he would not let her be too sad to deliberately squeeze out a careless appearance laughed: "Mom, hurt, I am rough skin and flesh, and raising two yao all right." Guo Ailing said: "You do not lie to this kid mom, wounds so serious, how can I hurt. Anyway, since you are the mother's own son. dares to bully you, Mom is Huochu try any of this, but also to protect live your "Qin heard this, a warm heart, and he seriously abnormal opening:" Mom, you are my real mother, I would be good filial you for a lifetime. "" Good, good, nice, "Guo Ailing tears uproar Wow streaming down, and she reeled off three sound good. Qin Guo Ailing will see their wounds bandaged after his opening: "Mom, you did not take these yao rest, I'm here watching you go next door to the room to sleep for a while" "is o A, Guo aunt, you have a tender night did not sleep a wink, here I am, light snow, Canada Goose Borden Bomber and Qin Feng brother, sister Man would happen, "Li child echoed up. Guo Ailing smile: "Your kindness, I understand, but Xiao become so, how do I sleep?" Qin said: "Mom, you do not believe us?" Qin Feng Guo Ailing understand the meaning, she really is some tired, she thought: "Well, I went to sleep for a while, if there's anything you have to call me" "Guo aunt, we will" Qiaoxue open road. Guo Ailing see these kids so naive, and was so pleased. She told a few, went to rest
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