Fengming white Lehman meaning of words

September 24 [Tue], 2013, 12:13
"Qin Feng, how do you?" Liman La of Qin in his chair, and she really can not understand why this rì Qin's tyrannical impulses. Qin Feng shook his head and said: "I do not know," In fact, Timberland 2 Eye he was very clear. Ever since that rì was assassinated after because there is no clue that his heart has been very distressed. The taste has been suffering with him. Although he was casual coat the surface, but it is not. And just in time to see Hao Yingjun even videotaping himself, his heart all those violent emotions instantly broke out. This is also the reason he just crazy. He glanced back, the police are all those jǐng afraid of him, and have dispersed. Blink of an eye, leaving his office with Lehman two. The woman looked at his eyes still mouth, tears, Qin for her out of a paper towel to wipe away tears, he spoke and said: "Manman, crying, the day was not any fall down," Lehman tightly holding Qin Feng, head nestled in his arms, some scared and said: "You said, just my day almost to collapse," Qin Fengming white Lehman meaning of words, he was "Oh," laughed: "Your father knew this, fear is not forgive you, "" Who cares, as long as you properly, I fear nothing, "Lehman lying in the Qin Fenghuai in softly whispering. Qin at the moment to calm down, to remember the purpose of this coming. He took out a long box, and handed Lehman said: "Look at me to buy you a gift", "gifts" Liman Xin endless joy when she opened the box and saw the piece dazzling diamond necklace, she once again disappointing Qin tears ....... This is the first time to send her a gift, but also such a precious diamond necklace, her heart how not excited. "Do you like it?" "Like" Lehman whispered: "how people think to buy things?" Qin "Oh," Le said: "recently made a small fortune, I pondered not bought anything for you , so a person to buy Timberland Euro Sprint a diamond necklace "Lehman pouted complained:" Can not you could fool people happy, I have to say it, "Qin said:" In fact, I just bought the first one gave you sent "" Really is the first one, you do not lie to me? "Lehman hearts delight, she asked. "Really, than real money even true" Qin Taiguan people swear on the day of the show of hands. "This is more like it," Lee endless ........ great beauty heart coursing phone rang, Lehman had a sweet little face filled with happiness suddenly tense up. She knew without looking phone call from his father. Sure enough, she had just connect the call, I heard a muffled but full of air, harsh voice came: "Give me back quickly," "I do not go back," Lehman is not a good temper, ever since her father banished to a small Ning When household China jǐng police, she had gone with his father to stop outdone. "Manman you this girl, come back to make things clear, otherwise, you will not be spared your father," the microphone after a faint noises, I heard a female voice sounded cool and bright. "Mom, can I have something to explain, that I'm busy at the moment, looking back to say," Lehman Yuehua Jian hung up the phone. "Hey, you said that the child actually hung up Canada Goose Women's Kensington Parka CG55 on me." Xijing provincial compound within a building, a middle-aged woman frowning America depressed road, next to a forty-year-old middle-aged jiǔ is livid face looked at the pile of photographs on the coffee table as well as a letter. "Nonsense, is simply nonsense," middle-aged man is the father of Li Yunan Lehman, he saw the contents of the envelope, but also anger the table and looks loudly. "Dad, letter to let you be so anxious, now what stuff is not fake, not to mention a few shots." Study door opened, and a man in pajamas, about XXII-year-old young man was out of disdain. "Li, Ai Ai is right, this photo might be false, or else we find relevant technical departments identify what" Lee mother listened to the words of his son, also has some truth. "Also identified what Laohao handsome son sent to, to have false?" Li Yunan loud voice, and he was panting mouth whistling, apparently was angry not light. Li Hao Tiankui mother never liked, even with his son also has been implicated. She "cut" a cry and said: "I think this is not Haoying Jun Gesha good thing, snitch such despicable things, they had done" Ai has always been with the mother of one mind, he echoed: "No wrong, I've seen this Haoying Jun, he is a donkey pulling S, only shiny, inside full of chaff pickles. "" Ai, what you are talking nonsense, "Li Yunan Hengmeilengdui, an eat person's appearance. "Li, are you okay son roar what will your temper, are not you?" Ms. Li is not fuel-efficient lights, in this house, but she has the absolute position. Sure enough, Ms. Li a head, a faceless, Li Yunan temper also suppressed. "Hey, Ai Ai, the young man looks can be really good ah, if this were your sister pick, and can indeed stronger than that kid Hao much," Li Qin mother looking at photos on, but also ever more like it. This kid has dice unspeakable temperament. "That is my sister's eyes, it is Leverage. Nor see who born" Ai flatter flatter road, this kid jīng yet, in the home, as long as pleasing mom, then everything is OK. Lee mother crowed: "The born dragon, chicken born chicken, I Guo Ailing species, can not go wrong" "Well, okay, look at your son that virtue, and quickly put Manman That girl called back, which Whether it is true or false, have got, "Li Yunan both inside is notoriously, this missing wife and two children, patrol, his tone is soft and down. "Dad, Mom, you see, this is not the Li child thing?" Ai suddenly scared Shengjiao up, he suddenly some nervousness and said: "Oops, my sister if children struggle with Li, fear is not very big chance of winning." Li Yunan couple fine fine a look, to be sure their children are met Li, Li Lao baby granddaughter, it can Jingui go again. "Wait, Ai Ai, your kid is not already know this?" Director Lee suddenly wake Road. Ai punctured by his father, and also some timid, he scratched his head and said: "I'm just guessing, I swear my sister told me that it really did not matter." In fact, some time ago, said Lehman did this thing on Ai They siblings feeling good, never conceal each other. "OK, OK, and told you how many times, do not be so loud, frightened child, here is the home, not your unit," Guo Ailing not help but burst complain, in fact, she knew something was wrong. Son must know something. (Seeking collection, seeking recommendations, thank you!)
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