because there are too many people

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 18:10
() That kick for Qin Feng, Wei dyke direct stunned. Look Ho Mu Qing, Romain and Shuya Jing three women, the performance is very normal, they are very much aware of the Qin less, is simply put forward to the extreme violent guy. Especially in face of such a thing, no matter what the other people are kick out. Waiter frightened, and quickly shut the door. The old man directed his thumbs up at the same time, said: "Young man, anger is not so big, beating after all is not right." He did not think there is anything wrong, said: "Father, that guy you want to tune - play your baby granddaughter, it is necessary to reason with such a person do? reason is because there are too many people before allowing such goods sè more daring, anyway, you do not think he'd do, I want to do whatever , King I are not afraid. "No matter how you think Father hearts, lips or should I say:" There is some truth, marked with room for three days without exposing watts people, these many years do very much, but then, I still do not advocate violence me on a toilet, but old people on this little bad meal drink wine have to run several times, I remember not to drink all night on the toilet. "" You do not always blow, and quickly go, Do not Biechu fault with. "Ho Mu Qing said. Four continued to eat and drink, the door once again been pushed from the outside, no its people first heard the sound of a tone sounding voice came in.: "Who is so bold son, under the light rì days of beating, but also Is there no justice? "voice of the master, is wearing a green and yellow shirt guy sè military models, carrying two bars on the shoulders of four stars, the rank of colonel. In Plainfield, Military leadership is the biggest Colonel, this guy is likely to be the new number one, at least have to be second in command of the political commissar, or chief of staff. Because a person can achieve the rank of colonel, is only so three. Chen Jinzhong last incident involved a lot of people, subdistricts were big shake. I have been kick that guy is dean Military General Hospital, the colonel is his brother, the newly appointed Military Commander. Brother in law was hit, and when her husband how could sit idly by. Plus they drank a little wine, a table with children who heard a beating, have now come to its justice. The commander even called his jǐng bodyguard, so he took two classes of fighters over, starting with overwhelming momentum on the other side saying, let them know that bullying is not good Canada Goose Women's Palliser Parka soldier. As the "culprit" Qin Feng, this time failing to speak, Shu jǐng He turned around and looked beautiful flower: "Leadership, you do not always look down jǐng observed, these soldiers can be strong than jǐng police where to go?" Ho Mu Qing Qiao blushed: "bullying such skills, we are all self-taught, at least not actively soldiers bully people right, you admit it or not, jǐng scrutiny than others do?" Roman put down the chopsticks, Road : "To me, all Snakes and Rats nest." Colonel was hanging on the side, which makes him feel humiliated, you guys are doing, how so arrogant? I like talking to you, love A ignore count mean! More than a dozen heavily armed soldiers rushed in, followed immediately emboldened colonel come up and see if you still xiaonianqing how these arrogant. He was too aware of their brother in law, and met beauty on the walk, the total backyard by his female nurses do not know how many of the unspoken rules. But he still do not know enough, met a beautiful woman shy to strike up a conversation face to telephone, formerly the top but be scolded a few only, endure kick the first time. Regardless of who is right, you're always beating did not care, he felt his side accounted for a reason, naturally fierce. "I put a few people catch back to jǐng police authorities after interrogation." Colonel hum, this time you guys live Detuo layer of skin. Ho Mu Qing to the table a beat: "I do dare!" Colonel laughed: "voice children than me, Who are you?" This table children among four people, three are within the health officer, as well as a quasi-internal security officer, you say who we are? Seeing the four necessary confrontation with, the bathroom door opened, Wei Father was in front of scared shocked: "how so many people, you do? I do not say that a meal, put what pomp?" Military Father who thought it was over, "Table faithful" know where they had come to finding fault. Ho Mu Qing told grandfather said: "These people come out to catch us, my grandfather, I think you need to make jǐng Wei who come up and we are in numbers accounted for under the wind, the parties account for less than the same height, quite a handicap." Father immediately to understand, without hesitation pulling out the phone: "Hey, you're all up, a treatment program." Military commander surprised a moment, how this old man looks so familiar it? In what seems to have seen, but also seen more than once, the impression seems to have seen these days. By the way, the TV! I drop Mom, he does not do that Vice President Wei Wei dyke? Commander scared legs and soft, almost did not kneel on the ground. Wei Vice how to Plainfield, and did not notice ah? Far beneath welcome no problem, but also with soldiers arrested others, this is not their court death? His brain has crashed and I do not know how to deal with the immediate misfortune. Jǐng dozen dressed in civilian clothes guard rushing over, several people cover your Wei dyke, another commander, and those facing the gun soldier. Also in the number of soldiers to frighten people only, Wei Wei dyke jǐng But these heavily armed, have been braving the cold barrel head, that feeling can be painful. "Reports Deputy, who has taken control, whether shot on the spot?" Jǐng Wei Long broke asked. An opening and asked if he killed on the spot, Military commander no longer stand up, legs and soft knees, begging for mercy and said: "Wei Deputy, I did not mean, this is a misunderstanding, I senseless crash your ...... "" Shut up! "jǐng Wei long cry burst drink, to beg for mercy, he was scared of a Ji Ling. This dyke opening Wei said: "You can really uphold good soldier defending the homeland, ah, Yiyanbuge can mobilize the army, shock me nothing. Collision if today you are the people, is not to go dead bully? I remember Plainfield Military leadership is just for it, because the last negligence and north face clearance sale abuse of power, a few people on a full court martial! Since the warning, failed to draw your attention to these latter people, I think it is necessary again warning to others, all these people away, strict custody. "Commander completely dumbfounded, finally proudly, and when the party high officials, Canada Goose Yorkville Sale not enough fun, we must repeat the mistakes of their predecessors , whom reasoning to go.
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