toward the brain location to Chung

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 11:57
The red fire, flame can be turned in morphology, the whole iron prison to package. The numbers of heaven and earth, nothing more than the large number. Red fire is the basis of its operation, can be broken the world of all evil spirits. Three shadows is fire lotus to repression, burn out, completely disappeared, no condensed form may. "No amount of tower second layer through." A voice of the wind Fei mind. The wind flying in front of a black, appeared in the dark stone side, standing above the hanging aura trail, palms are also posted on the wall, can clearly feel the Shek Pik to upload the cold breath. Hua lala! The whole piece of stone wall suddenly collapsed, countless Blackstone caving, there are countless black sè gas toward the wind flying together, into his body, have all kinds of connections with, all toward the brain location to Chung, condensed into a knowledge of god. The brain has third general god. No amount of second layer tower reward turned out to be a knowledge of god! If in accordance with the wind Fei own self-discipline speed, at least to spend a month's time, it may work out third God consciousness, but through the second layers of infinite tower, instant third general God condense forming, save a month practice time. The more to the back, God consciousness cultivation is more difficult, who developed the seven divine consciousness, eight God God of knowledge base peak monk, not by a number of years, even decades of penance. Third layer tower is no amount of reward if a God consciousness that is too good! The wind Fei heart even more urgent, rapid return to that piece of vacant Shitai, in preparation for the third layer of infinite tower immediately into third layer, no amount of difficulty will tower, three times than second storey. After condensed out third God consciousness, the wind Fei Feel strength has increased by a large margin, this is a clear sense, all full of energy, even some are keen senses. "Rumble" vacant Shitai sank 100 Canada Goose Men's Calgary Jacket meters, the ground temperature becomes more and more high, although this change is very subtle, but the wind Fei can clearly feel. When entering the measureless tower third layer, the suspended piece of Shitai finally disappear, that is Canada Goose Trillium CG55 Toronto to say the next road, the wind Fei himself to go, will be more and more difficult. Walk along an unknown road, the wind Fei did not dare carelessness, want to know a lot of genius had defeated in third layer without weight tower, there is no lack of natural top strong. In a dark cave, at the foot of the stone stairs long, winding down, which is very quiet, only hear the sound of his own footsteps. A stone staircase channel inexhaustible, like the earth, hell, hades. The wind Feiyun step by step down, the beginning is with great care, but when after hundreds of ladder, they accelerate the pace towards the underneath, for thousands of ladder, but still did not come to an end, but Timberland Boots Store like in the same place. "It is no amount of Zhenfa, tower in the matrix is too much, too!" The wind Fei woke up, suddenly stopped, palm toward the stone wall on the left to bomb to go, this one foot with one hundred thousand pounds of force. "Boom!" Like a hit in the mountains, cliff, no loss, but the wind Fei arms trembling tingle. Isn't magic matrix, but the real stone?
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