Because he did not no secret

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 16:29
() Ling River Bridge after the case, police in the province jǐng under the auspices of the Office for Zao launched a highly secret investigation, police have even secret jǐng office, including Zao, Lu Jiang home bedroom, living room, and all ki The Relations Department, are bugged. Obtained through the preliminary investigation and eavesdropping, day of the incident, Zao never left Fengshan half a step, and since then a few days, Zao Wou-ki's performance is totally acceptable, If you insist on the two, and that is Zhao Promise is the best cadres of our party, because he read all the time, research people, study documents, etc., every word he said, both the theoretical basis, there are facts, but also forward-looking xìng. Such eavesdropping devices, how likely hidden Zao, not to say the system is Canada Goose Montebello Zao my spiritual knowledge, you can very easily find out where to place these listening devices. But not to control him Zao. Because he did not no secret, because his secret is with the system spiritual exchange. Modern technology, never could find. Kill Yang Lan in this special event, Zao greatest achievement is that he has finally figured it out, "Silver Eagle One" can be achieved completely automatically controlled autopilot, he is in Canada Goose Online the 1st Silver Eagle, have no relationship. As long as sufficient energy, can even fly to the moon. Because "Silver Eagle One," the emergence of the system with this "intermediary", we can take advantage of those satellites in the sky, especially rice country's satellites, said that even Annan Guo jungle guerrillas smoke screen can be clearly seen that this , etc. So let the "Silver Eagle One," with the "eye in the sky." That is, since Zao want to deal with someone, as long as the system "human flesh search engine" to find the location of these individuals, Zao sitting at home, even in the conference room, you can bombers kill its people. However, Zao's IQ at this time how to fudge the system could be passed, he immediately raised a question: Previously, the human flesh search engine to locate a person can not do? The system's answer is: Prior. Although it can be positioned. But there is a lag xìng, but is not a panacea. Of course, there is no lag xìng find information problems. However, the system does not make Zao satisfied with this answer. He had a feeling that this system in addition to efforts to encourage him to promotion, but also for the murder of these things seem more "conniving." He is a bit do not understand what is the purpose set such systems; same time, he not only did not question the system itself reduced. But also adds: Well, in the end is a fantasy, or science fiction, or so-called prehistoric civilization? Do not say that Yang Shu Lan dead is madness woman is Zao themselves, sometimes very madness. In his hesitate to kill Yang Shu Lan after. Not only did not mind the idea of ​​accessible, but still a little clogged. Practice before the results were no better. To this end, Zao is quite depressed, but can not find a place to vent. Because jǐng side only bugged, but also sent at least three people to monitor their own, so in jǐng police dismiss these monitoring equipment and personnel, he did not dare to go and Tong Zixin tenderness. The same. Li Xinxin did not dare to go there. Ping Li Fengshan is to come, when the shuttle is Kuaiqukuaihui Zao. Dare to stay. Zao not afraid, but to consider the value and worth of the problem. If you let jǐng party caught point handle, it is easy to put their mayor position to win. For the promotion of the problem, the system would have jǐng sued: officialdom thing, only through official means to resolve, and must not resort to violence, otherwise, the same should be blotted out, so if you want to remove his official superiors hat, Zao only fate one way. But to ensure that no official cap is removed, including participation in three hundred and three of the things seen to accelerate the pace of achievements had got out as quickly as possible. At Zao wrestling with how to stabilize their position, the county propaganda department mong ngen away suddenly called and said China TV station invited him to participate in the Kyoto chūn Festival Gala performances, if Zao intend to go, just today within China, as a call to the past, in order to better arrange CTS aspects. "Nigerian media, which is really broke character, even CTS chūn late invitations come?" Zao thinking for a few minutes, then according to the number of ministers Bangladesh played in the past. After a few phone adapter, and finally connected to the CTS chūn evening program group. "Hello I'm Nishikawa Province Lu Jiang County, Zao Wou-ki, find your Zhang guide." "Oh, Zao Yeah, I'm Zhang Guangyi we chūn evening program group is rehearsing your song" To tell the psychological words " Who knows singer actor sudden onset of high fever hospital, we changed a few actors, feel too smug, but feel that you write this song Well, then, we know, it is said that you are the original singers of this song sing out, I have heard good and you can come live audition program group chūn night about it? do not worry, if you can come, we come and ticket program group responsible for reimbursement. Also, I have let Nishikawa TV flights scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to give you a ticket in Kyoto. "Zao Zhang Wenyi not finished, he had already had an idea:" Zhang guide, I was able to come, but could you please Nishikawa television set two tickets, Oh , my girlfriend to come to Kyoto, as the ticket money goes, by myself out, and how? "" ki Yeah, I can ask, your girlfriend is doing what works?. " Zhang Guangyi thought, and asked a strange question. "She is in Lu Jiang a music teacher, I have worked with her a" good wife "." Zao said. Zao says, to not put Li Xinxin into stars, but to give Li Xinxin a little surprise. Later many female stars, its image, voice is not particularly outstanding, at least not much special sè, of course, twisted up on stage special sè good, but after all, not the music itself, but these people are very famous, natural causes is to seize the opportunity, depending on China or other large talent show list. Li Xinxin from the image of speaking, in a first-class actress absolute; voice, although it can not first class, but at least you can accompany Christine superb back seat. Li Xinxin poor, may stage presence. However, when the same stage with her own performances, Zao are confident Li Xinxin expressive force to mobilize it. Of course, the premise is Li Xinxin Zhang Guangyi be fancy, foul mouth is chūn evening program group selected. "Oh, That would be nice, let her have to try voice, see it is appropriate requirements chūn late As tickets, a mere trifle matter." Zhang Guangyi said. "Well, I arrived on time tomorrow 12:00 plains and then take the afternoon flight to Kyoto." Zao heart cool. However. Put down the phone Zao Wou-ki, how feel that Zhang Guangyi little harbor chamber accent it. I do not blame Zhang Guangyi, do not blame Zao fuss. At this time China, Hong Kong and Taiwan pop art has entered the "worship" stage, and in this year chūn late, big beautiful leaves from Hong Kong and across the Atlantic from a biracial guy will get the most enthusiastic applause. In fact, Zao may not know. This went to Kyoto, his risk is very large. He attended chūn night, is a completely unexpected. Zao-related cases with the mysterious xìng, and finally in the ministries and agencies such as forensic experts Zhao Yongzong Huyan Evergreen careful analysis of the human sort out clues. They set xìng of these cases are: 1. Mysterious natural phenomenon, such as wind; 2 have beyond the current level of technology weapons, such as Ling River Bridge that case; 3 are Zao or his friend's life is threatened soon after; 4. Zao I Department's top martial arts master. Have the strength to kill easily. Advanced technology weapons, not just the police bureau Azusa City jǐng HE Qing a person sees, then, in the range of ten kilometers, at least 12 people near or far to witness the shells like white, of course, some because of the angle is different, some too far away. Not the same as the description. But experts in ministries repeated simulation demonstration, they all prove that these witnesses have said is true. Therefore. Ministries and agencies, forensic experts agree that the criminal sense, then right Zao investigation, has not any sense. Therefore, they agreed to submit to Zao material conditions Nishikawa Provincial Office, the country hall after receiving material, promptly submitted to the Ministry of the China's North Face Outlet Sale national conditions. However, including Zhao Yongzong including the later can read this material and that they are able to read Chinese do share files, therefore, who would not easily stand. Conditions to the Ministry, the situation became favorable for Zao. Because the conditions there under the Ministry of Intelligence Bureau IX, the official known internally as the "National nine innings," the Bureau of very few people, but all of them are equipped with special abilities skills, among them a person can even create Kazamaki can be condensed into Feng Ren. "If the local materials are true, at least one wind Lu Jiang protoss, but not the Zao not judge" who belong to the wind protoss said. Originally, the other monks of this argument has some opinions, but local monks in China where there is really no one to practice technique is similar to wind this thing. Because China is the repair of five monks, or repair the sword, the wind is xìng characters seem never appeared. "National nine innings," Although there are some super people, all of whom are also other aspects do not care, but the situation does not mean that the Ministry of the people do not understand Zao. In fact, the share of Zao nanotechnology materials to China Academy of Engineering Chen darshan after just a few days time, the Ministry of Zao entered the national conditions of vision, whom later also established a special file. "According to Zao's performance, including these speculations if established whether this Zao got a super alien technology, or to obtain some kind of super power? Look at this guy, across the literature, English, science, engineering, arts, martial arts and many other fields, he gets an achievement, all human life is hard work done ah "conditions a person in charge exclaimed. Sigh sigh go, but these people do just that file are read Chinese people know more than Zao is a small town officials, a private person, or even that he has entered the China head of vision, how to do this? "Well, well do we allow material to be reported to the head of the directorate decided it." Someone suggested. "This is something that doll out out? These were good, very capable ah" department heads to see conditions for materials and analysis, not only did not criticize Wou-Ki, but also praised one. VIP's way of thinking is not the same with ordinary people forever; VIP insight never the are not the same. As China's top VIP, naturally seen many Oddities. Zao Wou-ki's performance, at the directorate opinion, nothing wrong with that abhorrence of evil thing (To be continued.) Ps: this rì four more. Support ah
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