because the reasons for drop

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 15:00
[This book is definitely the main line of officialdom, as other episodes, including practice included, are occasional embellishment, without affecting the overall style of the book. In addition, new shoes, please rest assured that the book collection, book contracts have been sent, is contracted works Ha] In the eyes of the weak, two such people like uncle guiding lamp, the key moment is very useful. But in the eyes of those who self-confidence, two uncle such gusto, is tantamount to God stick purely to play casually said. I charge home, so scenery fee home, you also need to give pointers? If you really have the kind of great ability and how your children and grandchildren that there was no one when the township party secretary?话不投机半句多. Two uncle to Jiacheng did not because of the attitude of charges affect his meal. Uncle for two such people, "Three Kingdoms" There is a saying very suitable for his state of mind: a non-success turned empty, spray depleted hero Zao a monk, but also learning system [Chinese Language and Literature], where " ancient books ", the first thing is to be on the group after the first of the" Book of Changes ", of course, can only be a" Book "was. Perhaps, when one day his "Book of Changes" to reach a certain level after repair, will understand this today evening, he met a strange man. Of course, this strange man and then odd, too odd, but I Zao. Therefore, Zao after leaving the toll house, laid down a heavy heart avatar general, the idea of ​​special accessibility. He starlight through micro-thin, went to Bamboo River. Bamboo River, Gu name Incredibles, Bamboo River certainly abound. However, in reality, Bamboo River, in addition to rich illustrated, there are also many other bamboo trees. Mountains, the biggest advantage is abundant vegetation, green is good, fresh air. Real storm season does not come, then only the deepest river Bamboo Yandao Zao chest, though, because the reasons for drop, the water to be urgent. By Starlight, Zao jumped into the river, all the body except the head into the water are among the water feeling the momentum, and the water flow over the skin away to the distant Yiyun. This is the benefit of comprehension. In the past, Zao is impossible to feel this level. Or this understanding also, reading matter Jirye Ming, the first time in life enlightenment, that is the first level of Timberland 3 Eye Sale enlightenment, as the essence of life, seems to hide deeper, life's destiny is also among the faint, no fathom; while comprehension or practice, it can be understood as a second life, enlightenment, ie deep enlightenment, at this level, you can face the essence of life, the truth, so that life faint fate clearly presented in front of their own. By being of the practitioner who is a higher level of life, thus deduction, comprehension will profane man as ants actually God's intention. However, at this time Zao also unable to grasp their own destiny, he can very optimistic about his future, but his own future in the end is what he is actually unclear. Comprehension? But infuriating tactic】 【Yuanyang only one that is built to North Face Denali Hoodie Sale Joyoung saver of the environment, proved to be equally saver Avenue imminent demise. Enriching? This goal is also false incomparable. Because, what is rich this problem, no one can explain; What is strong, equally no one can explain. Because times are changing among you today a stronger, tomorrow I strong you weak, this is the law of Heaven run. Then the rich countries also have poor no matter how poor countries have rich, because people can not all be the same. When the officials? This may be a good choice, but the fact is that the vast majority of senior officials, their lives not as ordinary civilians, they are worried about the status, fearing power, fear discipline, worried about the body, fearing yīn seek, or even worry about the assassination. Ordinary people, Tan Cheng Cheng, upright, emotions, in accord with one, which is not good as this there are water erosion, scene after scene of these thoughts to glide Zao mind, so difficult for him to himself. After one hour, until you feel some cold water views, Zao only came out from the water. He did not find the answer to these questions may never have the answer. In fact, Zao have been exposed to the meaning of life, that is, from / by a! A person, regardless of wealth or social status, self / by being his eternal pursuit, also reflect the value of individual life. So that more people, through their own efforts to obtain this value experience, perhaps, is the individual as a member of the human population so-called social significance. However, short-term thinking and realized this, and let ki be harvested, it is calm. Past, Zao's performance is not calm, but negative and escape. Calm, it is not a low profile. Composure is failing to panic, is the face of the enemy belief. Behind the calm self-confidence, one kind of the strength of the confidence A great pains confidence. Back to Zhang grandmother inn, Zao simply nod and great-grandmother, will enter his room. Fengshan 1980s, it is not particularly backward, township electricity, television station also has three programs. But did not accompany Zao grandmother watching TV, because he has more important things to do. One star to the realm of the West is being further consolidated, pubic region last night, 60 hours after the stars of the practice have been brighter. Twice 40 hours of the "Chinese Language and Literature," the study, so that he came to realize that the text has been wonderful world; English 40 hours, so he learned nearly constant dialogue language sentence rì words, Zao believe, or the How long he can and foreigners normally dialogue; physics progress and advancement of music are in the normal range. The problem is, this over two nights, and today is the third time practicing and learning, according to the plan, Zao same will be practicing and learning 140 hours. Just enter the system to learn when Zao, Fei family feast is gradually drawing to a close. Drink high noon 10 000 Shusen, this time being put to the crowd about a big secret: Fengshan county to township sent a new cadre of university graduates, named Zao, I heard that the son of the deputy governor Zhao positive "Zhao deputy governor's son?" Although we all look a little warmed with wine, but this news is alarming enough Nigerian media, I Canada Goose Men's Yukon Bomber am I if the deputy governor, has long been returned to the city, stay in Fengshan doing? Sick ah "Fengshan be windy" two uncle put the glass down, no head no brain to say the sentence. Others only know Zao is deputy magistrate's son, uncle, but may be two to understand, Zao face brought some kind of noble, far from being a deputy governor of households cultivated. Perhaps, Wan Shusen said this was not malicious, purely nonsense after drink high, even, his words against him is still a loss. Because Zao lineage holds the secret, he can gain an advantage, took the lead with Zao connective better relations. Therefore, the poor man must have hated the place Wan Shusen, dreaming transferred to the county supply and marketing people, because this mouth, so he has been staying Fengshan this barren land. A person can not keep a secret, certainly not trustworthy person. You can give the county supply and marketing cooperatives Wan Shusen game to send the leadership, but also looking for people to send, this is not just being you want people to know your relationship with the leadership it, such a situation, how dare use your leadership? And though others may not have the game, but you can get other things, but others are more than ten thousand Shusen advantage, because they can always into the city, there are more opportunities to meet with leadership. Of course, such a big mouth full of Wan Shusen said to him, in fact, nothing to lose, because Zao already announced his death: this man will never be his friend. Because Wan Shusen such people, their first consideration is their own, their own interests. Even, Wan Zhang Shusen not as great-grandmother this old lady judicious, euphemistically tips Bamboo Village is only three miles from the township road, suggesting Zao leadership can go visit. Although performance declined Zhang Zao great-grandmother's advice, but they are fundamentally have brought this situation. Because the center of lively illustrated Kawamura, Fengshan village very quiet tonight, even Zhang grandmother the night watching TV can see 11:00 of the elderly, the mood has become quiet up, he saw Zao back to the room, too, wash after bed rest. And, it seems, to the rì insomnia problems is not, after going to bed, and soon entered the sleep. Streams of life, in fact, like a trickle. Zao past life fared quite poor, the environment is certainly a factor, but his own not also a factor in it. League leisure stay as department promoted if someone above you to do things that would be capable of drip proof, proof of performance; And if no one is above the promotion, the more things you do, the more people will say you immature . Because, the Communist Youth League in the final analysis is to engage the authorities to engage in activities thing. Like dancing like trouble, how can it be said to mature. Life, in fact, is the way to go is not to float to the top, it would have to sink to the bottom. Floating in the middle of the crowd, never emerge from rì. These words are part of Zao into music learning, accidentally think of. When the study is over, the time to 1:00, Zao out of the system, in Fengshan farmhouse bed, quietly sleep in the morning. Seven o'clock, Zao get up on time, Fengshan deformed along the streets ran. He's such a workout in fact his body significance, but he had to treadmill exercise. Because this day he will officially report to Fengshan Township, officially began work, while his younger image, from that day to re-shape. Zao out, Zhang Zao grandmother also get up to burn breakfast. When Zao back, a bowl of steaming sun chūn surface has been placed on the table. "Thank you, great-grandmother," Zao sit down unceremoniously open dry. Man, when pride first. However, when Zao at 7:50 came to town zhèngfǔ door, Zhang uncle smiled and said, "Xiao Zhao ah, do you think this is the city, at least until nine o'clock in the leadership will come to it." "Nigerian media, ah, how could this?" Zao wanted to BS-ing, but he can not Uncle Zhang angry, then said, "OK, I'll take a look at my other ring back later." walking in the humble chicken Hill Street, Zao somewhat at a loss. He had to go to the butcher's stall to buy a couple of pounds of meat, great-grandmother sent back home; Then he went to buy rice food stores, food stores have to be after 9:00 or even open until 10:00, and then He also supply and marketing cooperatives Homeward, want to buy other things, supply and marketing cooperatives also have to be open until after 9:00. Finally, Zao Wou-ki finally understand, here called Fengshan, the township, not the county, where the work and life is leisurely, where the time is worthless. And Zao Wou-ki, the face of this situation can only sigh, his one thousand election and chose a self-selected areas considered useless, it does not become a nursing home.
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