is the mere hundreds of thousands

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 11:15
() Looking at the table mountains of newspapers, DIGESTOLOGY revealing a proud smile, and this is his film made, since so many celebrities can cause critics to write together, and if future generations will definitely get any cooler. "Yi less amazing," eternal youth "actually provoke various sectors of celebrities with the hair critics, this is not yet over in the history of Hong Kong." Looking at these substantial reports, Fu Baorong not believe their eyes a little bit , said excitedly. Hong Kong better than many other regions, the entertainment has been very prosperous, but a film in order to give rise to full attention in each row, so that those who do not say no to it, but it is certainly unprecedented, which itself is a huge success. And so he did not think the movie box office, not only in the United States swept rival in Hong Kong has gradually showing a blowout of the state, to know its cost plus publicity costs, is the mere hundreds of thousands. If you do not see the box office, killing him would not believe, in his opinion, but the film investment is to achieve less Springboard promise, do not lose money pretty good, did not think it would be the scene now, really unintentional positive outcomes shade inside the most exciting way to say, none other than non-Chao, before all he had to beg someone to release the film, one good turn now to ask him, which made him quite a bit proud of taste, emotion, said: "Yes, I am in this industry for so many years, have not seen these big names evaluated over a movie together." "ha ha" DIGESTOLOGY touched the tip of the nose, happy laugh, "Would not it be to those movies people have learned a lesson you? '"eternal youth," the release for many of the audience was completely shocked, everyone have rushed to theaters to watch this highly anticipated film, there is not only the fans, as well as those previously The reporter called and filmmakers. In DIGESTOLOGY seems that now the scene is enough to give Hong Kong people a lesson on those movies, the box office the better, the more they will be able to remember this lesson, and screenwriter treatment will be improved accordingly, screenwriter treatment improves , it will create more excellent screenplay, this is a virtuous cycle process. Fu Baorong drink a coffee, very definitely said: "Yeah lesson is far more than those who do not remember the lessons of the boss's strange, but we return this movie thousands of times, if they are not fond of it before Strange Look at their suit movies, believed not sure how long such a large number of movies. "Chao grin on his face, then said:" I believe that together with our movies boss, I do not know smashed How much tea? "They looked at his face looks like spanking, laugh. In the "forever young" hot box office at the same time, it will definitely split the number of cinema, Bureau of media to incomplete statistics, at the same time release of the film attendance is less than 50%, while its deteriorating trend as well, so certainly those movies boss throw the cup. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Longsheng cinema ticket office. "Hey, is not it, even they all full? There is no mistake, ah, I have to find four or five theaters, and how even a empty seats are not ah! Ye cinema is not playing us ah!" Fans rushed A discontented Members of the ticket roared. "Brother, you are content with it, just fifty-six theater, but from Kowloon to find my brother here, legs are running fine, you did not turn to look at me now, you're content with it" looked excited fans A, fans have a look. "That kid that you go there," expression, patting the shoulder armor fans, said gloomily. The fans behind hear no ticket, no one away, seems to be going a look, nothing else rushes to begin said. "Is that you content with it I'm a big fan of small Yi, came a few hours do not buy tickets, but for Golden Harvest Cinema City and less combat Yi, I'd watch the movie in the cinema" "hey every times must this fighting each other, TMD interesting? they can not sell their movie tickets movie did not shoot well, I just do not spend the time and money to see it? "" That, determined not to see, let them pay a upside down "proper face angry fans, rushes to denounce fellow sufferers and the new Cinema City Harvest, the conductor looked like a grocer's arguments, frowned become a 'River' shape, shouted:" Please be quiet about , there are two "eternal youth" movie ticket, there is a hurry to line up "Suddenly, Harmony fans, solemn eyes are not perceived it, are showing a hostile look, looked around strangers, a a scrambling to squeeze past sales window, quite the courage of ten thousand potential. "I want to double the price to buy me out," "Go to hell, money is great you? I dislike to see people like Canada Goose Women's Camrose you, obviously I first came, and I do not rush, I three times the price "" You said you first come in, is that you first come in, did not say how the cinema is open your home country, long a kidney sub face even told I fight, you lose it? "atrocious fans watching the conductor, fear way back a few steps, I really do not know how to do, this could be the biggest since she became the conductor 'riot', a small movie ticket, how to become the meat and potatoes of it? True fans you compete with each other so when, from behind a guy cry day rush to the rushed past, flushed the edge with a tearful voice shouted: "Hum, brothers and sisters, my girlfriend is a faithful few Springboard fans, and I died under the order, if you can not buy "eternal youth" movie tickets, we must break up with me, this is my first girlfriend, managed to happen, no matter, you see my looks , you will find mercy mercy now I must be grateful · · hum .... "devastated fans looked at this man, I saw come, three sevenths hair, aquiline nose, mouth toad, rat eyes bandy legs, camel hump jug ears, which look terrible thing, the time must come to the ground face first, long too arbitrary a. Fans, you look at me, I look at you, while a step back, in order to delay the family life of two movie tickets, so not worth it. "You go to buy, you do honor, put forward a wife is not easy!" "Thank you, you are my second parent" is pockmarked face Timberland Men's Shoes looks human evolution is not complete man, took the hands of two conductor precious two "eternal youth" movie ticket, laughed loudly, but how to see how the same is like crying. Canada Goose Online "Ha ha ha ... Baby, you finally do and I broke up, I got the movie tickets" Then, the pockmarked man ran quickly ran out, directed at a "woman" ran, and everyone looked back , looked at the baby called "girlfriend", Dayton time cold sweat, have turned his head, afraid to look at one, hearts are complaining again. "Find this girl is really too great, the province out of scary, but unfortunately it goes white blind movie tickets" movie ticket scramble things in front of the cinema has occurred throughout Hong Kong Island, which from the side reaction of the "eternal youth" hot, · · · · · · · · · · · · "eternal youth" box-office hit, after the first premiere one day, took down two million dollar at the box office, a record box-office champion in the same period, from the attendance of view, has reached more than 90%, while its well blowout trend continues, box office sales foregone conclusion. Although the final result is not saying, but we all know, a movie at the box office of the good or bad, depending on the audience a reputation, the second is the box office hit, "eternal youth" No matter from which side have reached this standard, it can be concluded that this is a blockbuster movie and good reputation [Because learning reasons, delayed updates, guaranteed brother here will not break even, and delay sections must make it up next month, the younger brother begged here support for the first time about the younger sister writing a book, there will certainly be a lot less, your support is my greatest motivation, seeking recommendations seek collection
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