Especially a lot of blue body sè flowing

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 11:44
Bird watching here two sea monsters, while understanding, and discussing up. 78 battle skills are even Ting Speaker has been studied, but has not spread. Today, in this sea monster's body, they seem to see a glimmer of north face sale store Duan. In two studies, it has been playing field became intense. Sea monster though well built, but can also look out that it does not practice what ancient weapons, but by relying on the natural variability of the body after the meet, and the use of energy is the energy within the body of water. Kraken jīng God forces perhaps not strong enough, but the innate spiritual power pro-water, or it's fighting skills so powerful. However, the opposite of that round after round silver sè of heterogeneous Pilian poked its body, it is always very easy to puncture the body of a layer of body care blisters, mark shot blue blood! Silver sè Pilian like without a body, but when the sea monster in focus, but can easily break through the defense, and each time be able to give their hit. "Bang" bludgeoning sound, sea monster hit in fly tens of meters, crashed into a building next to the room. "Boom", suddenly a lot of blue water from sè rushed out into the streets below, the building was sliced, Orca will soar. Smooth zombie too caught up. "Boy, it shall not be a sea monster, turned out to be amphibious animals!" Will be water, will go, will fly Yes, it is amphibious animal Mody. This particle stream erosion, which can not just variations, and this is entirely evolved it! However, this sea monster looks like hanging. Especially a lot of blue body sè flowing water, Qin-sheng able to feel these blue sè degree cold water, and the weight of them. Look at these water after landing Zadao those buildings it, these water quality than ordinary water, far more than ten times heavier! But still is to suppress these two zombie. Smooth flow of zombies who would only look red sè context, every boxing Meiyi Zhao are carnage circulation. Who are playing in the sea monster punch a hole, the kind of meat ah! "Bang!" Is a silver sè Pilian turned into a long rope to come, when the sea monster rush to escape. By zombie punched out. Hit the ground, punched a pit, and soon. Water will diffuse up. All in all, the alien zombie skills, more powerful than this innate a zombie. "Wait a minute, if there is an opportunity shot, put that alien zombie kill!" Baili Xi Qin voice suddenly sounded in the ears of students. And Ming Yu turned around to see him together. "This alien zombie, should be that space systems, or battle abilities, release for development, will be a big threat, as the opportunity to get rid of." Ming Yu nodded slightly. "Of course it's magic crystal I do not, the two of you who are willing to take on anyone." Space-based magic crystal, it can fight the space items. Space priceless items. "I have space for items, which gave out magic crystal jade bar, but kill the alien's last look. Want me to!" "Ah?" "Ah?" They own doubts. "Magic is the Ming jade crystal, chrysanthemum is my!" Qin-sheng mouth a Alice. In a few people talking, zombie monster had been two large black and blue, it is necessary Canada Goose Borden Sale to withdraw it. But at this time, suddenly lost an arm and a leg, then a priori zombie kick out. And kick out the direction of the side of children born just Qin. "Prepare yourself!" In just the sea monster when broken arm broken leg, looked around some humans have puzzled some. But Qin-sheng and Ming-yu feel it is very clear, Baili Xi is innate state, changes in the surrounding environment, but also very clear. Obviously there is a sudden spatial distortions, spatial distortions that moment, sea monsters still avoid them in a timely manner, or had been cut short. Baili Xi Ming-yu, and would have wanted to open here, go around the alien zombie attack, but saw Qin-sheng did not move, they also did not leave. Seeing the sea monster toward Qin-sheng five people coming here. Qin-sheng eyes are shining a bright Si Ming Rui. "Audio Bible!" Qin born one up, use out until now, their understanding of the strongest single skill, sè between a light blue water droplets from the Qin-sheng palms give birth, with the Qin-sheng jīng divine consumed by the light blue sè quickly became a navy sè, finally turned into a black color sè. Aimed at the opportunities in the Qin-sheng, shot after breakneck speed skipped sea monster's head, the crowd do not react, when they run through the monster in the sea behind with congenital zombie, and then it disappeared . And in this moment, Qin-sheng minds of jīng divine rapidly depleted in ownerless jīng divine complement of the circumstances, is still consuming a blank. Immediately, they began to divine ownerless jīng supplement under the fast recovery up. This time, Qin-sheng but emptied his jīng God forces, issued a sharp blow this. "Ten billion Experience!" To be honest, for this level of Warcraft, the contribution to the value of these experiences is not too much. "Seven billion Experience!" Upgrading the system could be reminded twice. Qin-sheng be seeing go, not just that a sea monster, sea monster out even follow that an innate skill zombies are under this one die a! "Touch! Touch!" Twice successively fell down. Including Baili Xi Ming Yu and including all the onlookers eyes look to the Qin-sheng has changed. A trick to kill two or more opponents priori realm! Although, these two opponents are seriously injured, the Qin-sheng another attack is suspected. But even so, it is enough to make people shocked. Moreover, not only these people, Qin-sheng himself feel some Wood, and some can not believe this trick emptied himself of all jīng God forces and unite long time shaped condensate droplets, even with such a strong power. Previously, Qin-sheng also used this skill, but has not been evacuated all jīng God forces, takes full cast off this trick. Until now, Qin-sheng discovered this trick could be so strong plastic xìng. Today, Qin raw jīng God speaking from the amount of power has been having holy Canada Goose Store order protoss much worse, especially just trick, no more than holy order protoss worse, plus trick skills of Granville, had the impossible, there is no imagined thing, it seems it is not so difficult to understand. Just double-edged sword. "Terrible!" Baili Xi could not help but praise uttered toward Qin-sheng. Qin-sheng disrespectful. Qin students themselves feel this move is really very powerful! Seventeen billion empirical value, plus save time down more than fifty billion experience points, as well as the beginning of the ten billion empirical value, leaving more than twenty billion experience points, will be able to upgrade. So the math, kill these advanced creatures, provincial thing really is more! "Hands!" At this time, the whole city of zombies began sāo move up. The more angle region, but where the Pearl River Delta, the number of zombies can be called is one of the world's largest cities, the same, and there's zombie strength is unparalleled. Today in the jaws of death among this heterogeneous kill that, if necessary, is a quick word. Zombie knight on the other it just died, no protection, it will kill it, otherwise there is no chance.
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