Yanfeng this is nothing grassroots workers

September 26 [Thu], 2013, 16:50
Although Guo Xuejun some haughty look down Xu Yanfeng, but Xu Yanfeng or to accompany a good him. However, Xu Yanfeng Guo Xuejun then do not drink so much now, began with a small glass with Guo Xuejun drink. Every clink, Guo Xuejun are just sip a small mouth. And Xu Yanfeng small glass of wine sucked dry. Yaozhen Liang and Wei Zhaoxing carried there also more intense, Yaozhen Liang thirty-two almost drank liquor, while Wei Zhaoxing also a big cup of the wine into the belly. These wines for Xu Yanfeng this is nothing grassroots workers, but for their leadership cadres, has been regarded as drinking a lot. "Guo office, I respect you a cup." Yaozhen Liang Guo Xuejun reach for the glass on the road. Guo Xuejun quickly cup your hands, smiled and said: "Yao county kind, should I respect you." Then, you breath into the belly full of wine. Xu Yanfeng after reading, smile shaking his head, look at the people with Yaozhen Liang is how to drink. Level, level, ah, this is so important where. "Xiao Xu, Jing Wei mayor cup." Yaozhen Liang Xu Yanfeng commanded the road again. Xu Yanfeng this time for a goblet, poured a cup, Wei Zhaoxing came around and said: "Wei Mayor, I respect you are." Wei Zhaoxing see Xu Yanfeng cup so much alcohol, sidewalk: "Young man, drink less." Although Wei Zhaoxing trying to persuade, but Xu Yanfeng still drank all the wine. Wei Zhaoxing seeing, but also under a big mouth red wine. Look at the people Wei Zhaoxing, even higher status than Guo Xuejun, still drank so much. After drinking, Wei Zhaoxing said: "young is good. Ago I just had a job when he met senior inspectors are holding a large mug to drink with them. Oh, now older, so did not dare to drink the. "Yaozhen Liang also said:" Xiao Xu drinker is very good, in the case of him in our zhèngfǔ good drinker. "Xu Yanfeng busy few modest. Subsequently, Yaozhen Liang also said: "We wonseo County that eighty million, but also thanks to Xiao Xu was to engage in." "Oh?" Wei Zhaoxing has heard Yaozhen Liang said that eighty million dollars West County is a young man By chance, someone with senior officials in Beijing children became friends, and then people looked Xu Yanfeng's face, through the relationship found a reason, which gave West County eighty million dollars. However, Wei Zhaoxing not know this young man is in front of Xu Yanfeng. Today is the first time I saw Xu Yanfeng Wei Zhaoxing. Then, Yaozhen Liang also said: "There TANG Zheng thing, and this Zhuren things are Xiao Xu helped solve, before we focus Sen county mayor to research, but also thanks to Xiao Xu." These three things, and some Wei Zhaoxing know, some he did not know. The following detailed description in Yaozhen Liang, Wei Zhaoxing hear could not resist: "Young man, yes. Energy and real power of the three provincial level cadres an opportunity to drink together, but not much ah Some chance, we must grasp the grasp, slightly a relaxed, may never be won if Xiao Yao said that this has been true a few things not happened, I really thought he was in the series of stories to tell. "finish, raised his glass and said:" I told you to drink a future, but a lot of effort. XiaoYao very good, I also admire him, you follow him, there will be promising. "Xu Yanfeng busy flattered pour the wine, and then drink a glass Men's Timberland Boots with Wei Zhaoxing. The Wei Zhaoxing put a small cup leftover goblet of red wine, drank breath. Wei Zhaoxing told Xu Yanfeng so drinking more on his previous efforts for recognition and appreciation, but also encouraged him to continue to work hard in the future. "Xiao Xu is now our zhèngfǔ Office deputy director, Fu Keji cadres so young, the city is also not afraid of a few." Yaozhen Liang continue introduces Xu Yanfeng. In the face of such a presentation Yaozhen Liang Wei Zhaoxing Xu Yanfeng, Xu Yanfeng is also a tie-up. Allows higher-level officials recognize Xu Yanfeng, appreciate Xu Yanfeng, which Xu Yanfeng, it is definitely a good enough endless benefits. Yaozhen Liang Xu Yanfeng understand the idea, it is also very grateful for Yaozhen Liang, then immediately pour the liquor on Yaozhen Liang said: "Thanks to Yao county also you give me a chance, I will work harder in the future, never let you down." Yaozhen Liang nodded his head, and Xu Yanfeng with a cup. And all this, look in the eyes of Guo Xuejun, really surprised him bad. Although Guo Xuejun is Wei Zhaoxing's secretary, but a lot of things just to Yaozhen Liang Wei Zhaoxing report does not need to talk Guo Xuejun report. So, a few things that do Xu Yanfeng, Guo Xuejun ago really is not very clear. Today a hearing Yaozhen Liang said he just found Guo Xuejun Xu Yanfeng really a little look down upon it. Did not think there is such a small town character, he did these things out although there luck, but Guo Xuejun afraid he can not consider themselves as Xu Yanfeng that. Next, Guo Xuejun Xu Yanfeng eyes to look somewhat different. However, Guo Xuejun Xu Yanfeng, after all, much larger than the age, and the level is high, so that he suddenly will Xu Yanfeng equal treatment, he still can not make. But Guo Xuejun for Xu Yanfeng attitude has a lot of polite than before. Yaozhen Liang drank almost, by Jiu Jin, and filed a million West County Deputy County candidates. "Wei Mayor, you are too busy morning, I did not have the nerve deep talk with you more, but our county executive candidate, you had better settle down quickly and my job more difficult, you know." Yaozhen Liang Tao. Wei Zhaoxing know Yaozhen Liang is not without the ability to work, but officialdom glazing work is not enough, but also settle monsters around you. At this point, the Yaozhen Liang capacity are limited. And fear is no Xu Yanfeng help Yaozhen Liang this county has long not become dry. Therefore, this deputy mayor candidate, not in dollars for West County firm foothold Yaozhen Liang, is essential. "Listen you said before, you wonseo County really nothing right person to do this deputy mayor and I think about it, no one from the city to give you tune the past, but this person is really bad just the right ah you also know that the old Liken will go away Qiu, deputy secretary of the relationship, he also wants to arrange their own people to do this Deputy County ah. By that time, the sea Secretary Jiang who do not necessarily agree. "Wei Zhaoxing said. Secretary Jiang Wei Zhaoxing said the sea is the party secretary Hu Haijiang, Qiu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee Qiu Shuanglin is. And Wei Zhaoxing and Qiu Shuanglin in order to fight the next mayor, is already the face and heart irregularities. Yaozhen Liang also aware of this situation, since Wei Zhaoxing on the candidate to be considered, and that he did not say any more. However, Xu Yanfeng been snooping everyone's mind, when he suddenly turned round to see to the Guo Xuejun. Although Guo Xuejun bulkhead just bite, but was able to see him look a little lonely. "So he wanted to go ah." Xu Yanfeng heart could not help but smile. Although this can often secretarial duties and leadership contacts, level l is also relatively fast, but the only thing is too tiring. And what position does not serve as secretary, how can even the Deputy Commissioner. Usually do something or to the name of the leadership banner. Although the last thing can do, but not brilliant, there is always sought power is suspected. However, if they can be a deputy mayor in the county is different, absolutely real power positions. A secretary, are looking forward to one day get the chance extroverted. Guo Xuejun no exception. However, despite this he thought, but can not take the initiative to go and Wei Zhaoxing said. Xu Yanfeng thought, Guo Xuejun now this may be a good candidate. Guo Xuejun and Yaozhen Liang age almost, is Wei Zhaoxing confidant, if he went to Yuan West County, will certainly be Yaozhen Liang lead. But if the election is a be older, even if he is Wei Zhaoxing confidant, but it may not be completely obey Yaozhen Liang words. Another point that is favorable for Xu Yanfeng, Guo Xuejun eager to redeployment. Although Guo Xuejun Xu Yanfeng attitude before is not very good, but after all the others in that it official position, even if the change in the other level cadres, it may not be able to think highly of Xu Yanfeng. However, if the proposal Yaozhen Liang Xu Yanfeng Guo Xuejun let things go wonseo County, let Guo Xuejun know. That will never Guo Xuejun heartless as before, right Xu Yanfeng. It also facilitates rì later and the new Deputy Mayor Xu Yanfeng closer relations. With care, the Xu Yanfeng Wei Zhaoxing go to the bathroom to take advantage of the effort, with impunity came Yaozhen Liang side whispered a few words. This allows Guo Xuejun moment some dissatisfaction, what is it you can not explain, do not put me as an outsider. Yaozhen Liang hear, could not help but startled by startled. He really did not think Guo Xuejun come. Now Think small, Guo Xuejun really quite appropriate. And just Wei Zhaoxing concerns whether Hu Haijiang secretary agreed to do, should not be too have a problem. Party Secretary Hu Haijiang because knowing this year to the point, he put the end of last year to arrange a secretary, deputy secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to do. This is a power sector, and this year will be able to monitor the Bureaux and on. Today Wei Zhaoxing to arrange his secretary to do wonseo county executive, presumably Hu Haijiang not object. After all, this element less affluent West County deputy county magistrate, deputy secretary of the city than a lot worse. He can not just Hu Haijiang always arrange their own secretary, other city leaders to arrange a secretary, he would not do it strongly opposed. He almost dropped out, not worthwhile, as to offend people. Therefore, the matter may xìng Hu Haijiang consent is still very large. If he agrees, there is no way that Qiu Shuanglin opposition. Yaozhen Liang Think of it, glanced Guo Xuejun said: "Guo Department ah, never mind, just Xiao Xu whisper to me just ask for my advice, he wanted Guo place that you go Outlet North Face to Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka Sale do our deputy mayor, however, this matter I would like to seek your advice, if you agree, I ought to mention the mayor Wei ah. "Guo Xuejun heard this, his face immediately poured out a wave of joy. Then glanced Xu Yanfeng, saw Xu Yanfeng is smiling at him. Guo Xuejun uttered can not help feeling that this is really too Xu Yanfeng will work, no wonder he can help Yaozhen Liang solve so much trouble, he really knows what people what is missing, but also know when to do, to do something really out of the people are very gratified that the other party will naturally very grateful to him. Such a figure, rì after incredible. Guo Xuejun Xu Yanfeng time for full recovery of the contempt of the heart, looking Yaozhen Liang said: "Yao County, I actually want to stay around in the Wei mayor to learn something, not the past grassroots training exercise I have no opinion. I individuals, it is quite the meaning of respect Wei mayor. "
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