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September 24 [Tue], 2013, 19:01
() Lin family was the main words, uttered here the voices of all merchants. While in Henan temporarily experiencing difficulties, but these merchants are there to get out of the storms, and Wu Shigong for solving the conflict, and there is nothing special to worry. Because to solve this problem, is simply a matter of time, it is nothing more than spending money problems. Which for these merchants are not a big problem. The key question now is, this time of prayer and Wu Shigong hostility home, they are definitely in Wu Shigong control on the site, to give up some sales contracts and salt areas, and these areas will be determined by what home merchants to fill it? And pray how much weight can come home again to eliminate Wu Shigong gifts hearts of anger it? Because the relationship between cover and Wu Shigong, is to use real money to speak of, empty vernacular simply achieve any effect. Can those merchants, the thought in their onslaught under the Chi Chun have struggled much about, but God did not expect to pray Chun sè composure, slowly said: "This sudden change in the house, Xiao Zhi has heart Italian cold ash which Ru Ningfu and Duguid salt cargo business, Xiao Zhi do not want a hand in, but this time in addition to Xiao Zhi's prayer house, there are several of my colleagues in huge losses. more worrying is According to Xiao Zhi inquire about the news, and now ChangLu salt stock has entered both the government and if things continue this way, these sites, we will no longer wins Yangzhou merchants do not come back. "" Also, today These Salt is our colleagues in the chat can be a loss in addition to our outside garrison that Wu Yu Ning Fu behavior, it also undermines the interests of salt transport tube adult, if we so ventured Canada Goose Tremblant Jacket back to the Wu garrison knees bow, then again placed in tubes where adults do? Salt order that the court should not complied with it? "Chi Chun's remarks, in which a large amount of information, so that all merchants here have trying to digest some. And to now this scene, pour one forty-five no hurry to speak. The first of these merchants did not think, pray Chun could be so bold and warrior-like arm, and immediately decided, let out a Ru Ningfu and Duguid salts goods market. And he's the behavior, but pray for those who decide to give up the home goods market, some salt merchants caught unprepared. Because, the problem now is not the onslaught prayer house, but rather how to distribute Men's Timberland Earthkeepers the air out of the salt stock market. In other words: Chi Chun of this step back, pray for those merchants at home on the contradictions, the conversion to the contradiction between the merchants themselves. The prayer house was temporarily stay out. Then, pray Chun also reminded those merchants, foreign ChangLu the merchants, merchants have begun to seize the site of Yangzhou. If the merchants of Yangzhou internal fighting again, it might even be assigned to the air out of the salt goods sales area, may be among those areas, also ChangLu merchants to provide goods to the flooded salt full. In the end, Chi Chun also focused implied, Wu Shigong behavior not only undermines the interests of Yangzhou salt merchants, but also damaged the Men's Timberland Euro Sprint salt transport tube adult interests. If too many concessions merchants of Yangzhou, then it definitely is offended salt transport tube adults. It should be said that in this unfavorable situation under Chi Chun also resorted to such means, and indeed regarded jīng Ming capable. For his father's hatred and revenge Choi wins the Wu Shigong, pray Chun indeed in a short time, is not able to do nothing. But it certainly will not let Chi Chun Wu Shigong very proud of, so it with these words, in the hearts of those merchants, buried some of the Wu Shigong knot. But Chi Chun's motives, is not nobody see it. See other merchants do not speak, Lin family was the main on a waved, said: "Other things, we can only wait and see it. Here we will first discuss how the aftermath of it." Lin family was the main idea is to cut the Gordian knot To those who are not indecisive of Salt, and other problems do not consider, first prayer house vacated those salts goods sales area to assign a repeat. Lin family was the main, then obviously the point at, here's merchants also immediately active again. Chi Chun saw that he did not fully achieve the goal, we can only secretly in the heart sighed, sitting around Grossly, nose, nose view carefully observe them. And just when the party merchants of Yangzhou, Wu Shigong mountains and also the leader of the Secretary - Xue Zhinong in conversation with. Zhang, like a leopard these actions players have returned to the Ru Ningfu, when I, Wu Shigong has met these players, and these players were praised. And after this, Wu Shigong also taking advantage of this opportunity to talk individually and Xue Zhinong some things about the mountains and the Secretary. "Chi agriculture, the Secretary of the things you mountains, doing really good addition to the team action was beautiful outside work to do, and you collect the information merchants, as well as assisting the army against those merchants, are doing remarkable The It looks like the situation when you arrange the mountains Division leader position, it is in the best use ah! "" Uncle You flatter me. "Xue Zhinong Although modesty of the mouth, but his happy expression but also how to conceal live, "This is a small men Yongming, small indeed done much." "Oh? Since you say so, I would not reward this Guye you." Wu Shigong mood is clearly very good, on and Xue Zhinong joked. Xue Zhinong also accompanied Wu Shigong laugh for a while. "But Uncle, although the matter was fairly run properly, but this is the Secretary to the mountains or just now put up a framework, which are short of manpower or something, mountains Division in Henan cloth points are also not completely. That actions teams also need to improve their training ah. "Wu Shigong smiled and nodded:" It looks like your mind is still awake, which erupted Guye I am also relieved. Well, I'm taking advantage of a good mood today, Uncle, what need help, just Guye I say. "Xue Zhinong immediately grin, he just said this aim was to Wu Shigong generous support of the Secretary for the mountains. "Other aspects, comes in a small can overcome some of that money matters too tight, which recruit people need money, distribution also need money, while the mountains in Ru Ningfu Division, set up a dozen new line, which is more need money. smaller thickly also forget about Uncle of which ten thousand taels of silver to simply not enough ah! "" Do not cry poorer. Guye do not think I do not know, this ye mountains and corporate actions from those of salt business there can be a lot of fishing smuggled goods. Guye I do not care about those contraband Division mountains even subsidize your right. now Guye me, everywhere I want to reach out to the money and you do not know, ah, you Division mountains here every year to have twelve thousand of silver, you do not know how many people are jealous that it has provoked. "Wu Shigong still have to beat it Xuezhi Nong. Although this company is in the dark mountains, but his strength was quite strong, dúlìxìng have been particularly strong, so Wu Shigong addition to Xue Zhinong Division as head of the mountains beyond, still in the mountains Division organized a few dark lines custody of Xue Zhinong. And Wu Shigong this beat is so not put Renshan Chuan Xue Zhinong understand Wu Shigong Division, especially Xue Zhinong I matter, let Xue Zhinong ambitions do not swell. After listening to the words of Wu Shigong Xue Zhinong also had bitterly nod. However, Xue Zhinong still did not give up hope, he went on to Wu Shigong said: "Uncle, a small silver also know the family tensions, but there is a way to engage in a small silver, I hope your son-nod."
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