Liu Ye can feel the sincere

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 11:43
() Chūn light bright noon, the two in bed Red - Naked relative, this time Liu Ye has to wake up, I do not know how to deal with this woman, just touching, her has been dominated by the initiative, the response has been enthusiastic . At this time Suofu Na surface sècháo red lying in front of the eyes filled north face sale with happiness and contentment taste, journeying looking at myself, "Little six children do not worry, I will not let you charge it all all my voluntary "" The amount that "Liu Ye hesitated, not knowing how to answer, do not tell her that they are not prepared to be responsible for? That too is no grace, right? Yourself how that is a man. This time, Suofu Na gently sit up, gently stroking the cheek Liu Ye, meet, said: "Being able to feel your love again, Sergeyevna has contented, since I'm your lover, but also your nanny, belongs only to you a man "" Oh, "Suo Funa reveal the truth so that he Xinchan, love, no right or wrong, says that when the young who have not encountered a few scum? Suofu Na Liu Ye can feel the sincere, henceforth, she would be a good woman. Unfortunately, once something happens, it is difficult to change the Liu Ye helpless sigh, thrust the Suofu Na wrestled on the bed, covered with blankets to help her, and then began to dress myself this is what has become of sin? Finally once the waves are not on their own initiative, this is simply one thing in playing the "small six children, will you come to me?" Suofu Na pitiful asked. Liu Ye smile back and said: "Certainly will come back, I'm very greedy," "I will wait for you to" "嗯嗯." Back to the Ye family manor, since the accident, Liu Ye's heart becomes quite contradictory and tangled , depressed into the house, Ms. Ye is cooking, after seeing Liu Ye, chuckled stepped forward and asked: "Primary Six children you come back? exactly, dine with me" "No, just eaten," Liu Ye grateful smile, quickly returned to his room. "This is how a kid today?" Month exquisite face sè Liu Ye upstairs looked weird, really hard to imagine the guy actually has Xipixiaolian have a bad mood, "how I always felt that you saw this kid, But why do not remember? "on the line after Liu Ye wasted no time to find a random 25 leveling area began to brush strange leveling, fighting in the game before the update rise to 23, to the time they will take great advantage . Brush strange leveling undoubtedly boring stuff, Liu Ye is half-hearted, while strange brush while attention to other things, for justice has risen to five guild, now a member of the upper reaches of terror 1,600 people, even so, you want to Join for justice of the players are still numerous, such as Wang walked back door of the players are quite lucky. You know, as the justice of the division's rise, their incomes increasingly harsh conditions together, want to join for justice definitely not a simple matter of justice division can now have sufficient comparable to those of large Society, the most Importantly, 15 and 20 of the two copies of the records are for justice to win, for a guild, the copy of the record is absolutely free publicity. "Bite" Friend Jiuxuan month: "Great master, do it? '" Leveling chant, mysterious boss month What can I do for you? "Liu Ye side brush aside the strange reply said. "Well, we center on the other side of the law has been written complaint, the afternoon will be submitted to the Northern Region ZF, I believe that soon there will be a result of the" Jiuxuan moon laughs. "That would be great," Liu Ye pleasantly surprised. "Well, do not say scarlet moon girl's mission has been to the final stage, to hear her say that two days to complete, and then we do the task together Canada Goose Victoria Parka again" "Yes." Close the dialog box, Liu Ye begins again the boring leveling brush strange, but fortunately his good character, an afternoon actually broke a lot of game currency, experience has also successfully raised to 22 and 32%. 6:00 o'clock, Liu Ye received from Missy's Call: "Where do you brats? Quick to roll out this lady today, yet guiding me cāo make it," "nice, but you have to promise me wrong with my shot. "Liu Ye replied laughing. "I was so Xiaodujichang people do? Hurry up, I'm in Phoenix (4534,5288)" "Yes." Close the dialog box, Liu Ye quickly ran towards the direction of Phoenix forests, because to kill Matt boots speed bonus, Liu Ye now moving speed is enough disdain for the whole "Gods" Server leveling Phoenix Lin is his place yesterday, but also a close encounter of the NPC feather old man, it is rare to get has been resurrected props "chūn brother Mao, "Liu Ye right here so impressed along the way, a dull Chocobo only a leisurely swinging, did not notice the arrival of Liu Ye. Distant Jianguang flash, the eldest being entangled with a Chocobo, a cut in her hands mouths blast hit, Chocobo soon be hung up, "wow, Missy take severe" in order to give Missy vaccination, Liu Ye ass shooting, curious glance four weeks and asked: "That woman master it?" "Well, you dare to say? not that relied on their own career advantage before you beat the Master? have the ability to Master looking for a hidden career, you must not her opponent "Missy exclaimed angrily. "I go, do you think is the hidden job cabbage ah? Help you once had is to face a" silent Liu Ye said. "What did you say?" "How, think singled ah?" Men's Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid Liu Ye interesting to see Miss Xiang Tai. "Who is afraid ah" I saw Missy Jiao He heard, directly open Wind Walk, brave sword come, without the slightest dragging its feet, vowing to Liu Ye put to death, "Feng Ren sword dance" countless green sè fengren raging around her, knowing it difficult to hit Liu Ye, therefore Missy direct use of xìng damage skills, Liu Ye took the lead length value of life. System prompts: Players (mythology Xuanxuan) for you to use the skills fengren sword dance, causing 267 damage and additional retardation effect, reducing movement speed by 20% for 10 sec "It appears Missy wings hard, even as a teacher dignity are dry challenged "hurt Liu Ye did not panic, this grade opponent to deal with the eldest, is absolutely Shoudaoqinlai thing, although slow, but this does not affect the game cāo as Liu Ye, raised the sword toward the big storm Miss killed in the past. "Today, let you look at what is called the real swordsman cāo as" Liu Ye confident smile, want to open the Sword surgery to give her a shot, but just as he is full of confidence when a pretty figure from the bushes next to teleport out directly gave himself a trick ice archery. System prompts: Players (next month alone reward) for you to use ice archery skills, resulting in 291 points of damage, additional retardation effect, reducing movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds, "Khan, when his wife came?" Liu Ye eat already face sè immediately become bitter, these two slow increase in the body, their movement speed by only 50%, to walk like a tortoise crawling, but fortunately this situation he is still confident response. However, behind him so that he played a murderous jǐng sleep, surprise turned around, I saw Widowmaker do not know where drilled out, a trick the devil's hand has been hit over to his vocal. In the inactive state of Liu Ye can not escape, hit directly by the hand of the devil, bound 3 seconds, while the myth Xuan Xuan, the next month alone reward and Widowmaker three beautiful launched their own set fire to be tied in Liu Ye can not help but burst out foul language: "I went, people without such yīn" and then nothing else, Liu Ye decisive hung up.
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