recognize that sword of the monks

September 26 [Thu], 2013, 13:05
Stopped behind a tree, Li Hao look to the sound of fighting coming from the direction, but it is found to have ten of monks dressed in leather armor of god, god is Weisha a tiger-shaped Wicked period, while those Leather monks on both the emblem, obviously they are Zhang trappers group of people. Li Hao and Zhang trappers groups do not want to have any intersection, so a direct U-turn away, so that he can not think, he just turned around, I heard screams coming from over there. He thought someone was injured by Wicked, mind could not help a little curious, ten gods of the monks against a black tiger should not have damaged son. He did not wait to go back to, and then another prescribe screams pass over. Li Hao feel right, and therefore turned to glance at, but it is just to see, a monk holding a sword to cut off his own sword Zhang trappers a group of monks head. Li Hao recognize that sword of the monks, that is, before the tavern with the Changs trappers from the conflict of the two groups of monks, but did not think these people actually will go inside the forest to avenge it. Li Hao do not want to be involved in non-being, is the decisive potential to go. He had just come out also in less than five Zhang Yuan, suddenly from behind a Jianguang flying from his reaction can be considered fast, the moment it sideways to dodge the past. Not the slightest stay, then at full speed toward the direction of the forest outside away. That Jianguang suffices to show others that they have been discovered. But the monks who did not chase sword, Zhang trappers should still kill the remaining group of people that squad. Not affect the way all the way out of the forest, he did not re-enter that bistro force directly bolted to the Peach City. In the same way, and Xiaoling Yu hurry monk flew a lot, we just like a kite in general, on the big ups and downs, continue to move forward. "That sword of the people do not know what backing, even the city and the first family peach Zhang enemies, since the man saw me. Do not know will not come to me in trouble?" Li Hao side at full speed on their way, side of the road in the heart ponder. Successfully enter Peach City, Li Hao did not linger elsewhere, go directly to the purchase of a special evil flesh, demon Dan's place. Li Hao do not mind the price tag for this shop is low, eight hundred and eighty thousand in exchange for goods jinseki rested breath. In the spirit world to find the origin of that world, one person alone Li Hao, general nature such as the needle in the haystack problem, consider him a little, then it is destined for the task that issued the square. The task of looking into the world of origin to a stone tablet, the Lihao Gang just out of the square. They encountered three less that Zhou Zhou Hongzhi. At this point Zhou Hongzhi behind, still with two maid master. "The last proposal to Li's brother, Li's brother does not know how to consider too?" Zhou Hongzhi asked with a smile. Li Hao Zhou Hongzhi know the meaning, he smiled and shook his head, "is really not Xiangman, the next there is a down to business without finishing, if after finishing down to business, to consider Zhouxiong proposal, perhaps after finishing that piece down to business, Lee had already vanished the. still talk about how to help Zhouxiong? "" Oh, if Li Xiong Zhou able to join us, I believe you have to get down to business handled more easily. "Zhou Hongzhi smile. "I am down to business of running only on my own, others can not help .. Thank Zhouxiong kindness of." Li Hao wry smile road. "So, it does not bother Li Xiong do get right to it. Hongzhi Li's brother if you need help, you can find me to Zhou." Zhou Hongzhi finish the sentence, he took two experts into the square where the maid. Li Hao did not immediately leave the peach city. But in the city wandering among the four, the purchase of some special materials. These materials are not for promotion purposes, mostly for refining military weapons. Peach and turn in the city for a few days, Li Hao in the tavern heard a message that the city first family peach Zhang are posting wanted two sword monks, peach streets of the city at this time has held that two Sword monks images always appear in the eyes of passers-by, even where there are many pubs restaurants. Chart touches did not say it two monks committed any thing, just say whoever can provide useful clues, Chow will be a very lucrative reward. Li Hao seen tavern two monks images, and seen in that tavern that two monks generally goes sword, he also wanted to know why this duo Zhou. Together with the monks wanted two sword coming out of there is a message, that is to recruit forty Zhou god of hunters, so they can be easily surmised that two monks in the primeval forest sword , group life and kill forty players, so no wonder Chow will go to war. Know that two sword repair Shiming Zhou in the city's large peach, peach probably is not going to to die inside the city, which wanted the role is not great. Li Hao this matter and has nothing to do, he was not really serious, stay in the city, the general period of time, their own and no one to complete that task, he also has to go out of town. Moreover, when they set up their own publishing tasks under a relatively rich reward, now his body jinseki number actually insufficient to pay the fee. World news of origin to come is not cheap! Soon Li Hao went to the little tavern outside, at the door, he saw Chow wanted list. In the tavern purchase some delicious wine and meat, Li Hao rededicate ourselves to enter into this piece of virgin forest, the same is a direct walk through thousands of miles, there are a large number of gods north face jackets clearance into the haunt of evil. Also came once before and made a fairly lucrative harvest, Li Hao already have experience, but also have their own set of hunting routine, and therefore came here, he is hunting step by step, very careful and very decisive. And will own thousands of troops as part of the ancient gods are also put out to ring in white from leading the hunt! This time, he was not prepared to go back too early, because he needs a lot of rock god. Fast forward two years in the past, Li Hao and his Pa knife were hunted nearly three thousand troops god of evil, but he did not go back. He wants to take advantage of these evil demon Dan will own troops as soon as possible to enhance some of the repair, so that they can protect themselves or to form a powerful fighting force, Li Hao needs is not tough, he needs is absolute power, is rolling like strength! Temporary cut in a cave, Li Hao will extinguish the fire, and then out of the cave, and a stone to the hole plugged. Identification of a slightly downward direction, and then he took a deep breath, the breath of the body restrained, and then toward the depths of the mountains away. Army has temporarily quit the convergence in the ancient god go with him. Still behave hunting, Li Hao not want to risk, just be secure in the hunting god of evil, and the accumulation of wealth for themselves. Do not want to own a huge Pa evildoer like zombie army knife were found to the spirit world. If in the jungle inadvertently ran into the other monks. Li Hao did not Canada Goose Women's Trillium CG55 Parka hesitate beheaded. And twenty days of time, Li Hao wanted to return to their picked and chose the relative safety of the cave that some rest, but it is ten miles outside heard the sound of fighting coming. So the forests in the Pa knife were incorporated into the army of the ancient god ring. This time, he did not run again in the past the sidelines, but very decisively back to the sound of fighting coming from the direction. But let him not think that the failure to take long, then the sound of fighting was actually chasing himself from. Under his curious mind, they marched toward the left of the number baizhang, and then he stopped and hid in a leafy canopy of trees being. Interest also one hundred times in the past, a team of monks dressed in leather armor from his travels on the route just after, and in these monks behind, then followed by three tiger-shaped Wicked covered with scars. That team is definitely ready to hunt before the monks that three tiger-shaped Wicked, is difficult to estimate and later scored before choosing rapid retreat. That team monks have ten people, all of them are of the Sale North Face gods, can be seen from their attire, they are also Zhou strong. To ten-handedly killing three gods of the tiger-shaped Wicked, had a little adventure, and this three tiger-shaped Wicked seems there is a god in the presence of late, this makes it ten squad, had to give up the hunt program. But they want to give up, they have been provoked and have wounded tiger-shaped Wicked but will not easily let go of them. The tiger-shaped Wicked speed quickly, the late tiger-shaped god who travels on the occasion of the Wicked is like a black arrows in general, that ten Zhou monks only war and back, simply can not get rid of the formation. (To be continued.)
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