the important Military officer responsible

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 16:45
() See squadron leader surnamed Li Mei Hui outraged, with the deafening voice yù deaf children shouted: "What did not dare, and malicious beatings I Military senior officers, we are entitled to take back the assailants, subject to review! "beauty tit president said:" The so-called high-ranking officers, in uniform wearing the rank yet? we are not blind, he also did not identify themselves, but also take the initiative to provoke the man, so it most, regarded as a civil dispute, it should be handed over to the police to deal with jǐng instead you these soldiers! "Just do not let the gang soldier away, Mei Hui believe that there is room for mediation to Houbao relationship with jǐng sheriff, can let this major issues to minor ones out. See her squadron Canada Goose Parka Sale leader surnamed Li, who is Mens North Face Ski Outlet knowledgeable about the law, immediately change a tone: "Chen is the captain of the important Military officer responsible for counter-terrorism in peacetime, so we have reason to suspect you and the terrorists, so right take home examination. "Qin Feng laughed, with a strong sarcastic with mean tone, said:" It will give us buckle hats, upper lip lower lip touch, good citizen becomes a terrorist? Captain, you President of the Supreme Court thought he was right, even if it is, give a man-xìng time, they have to have evidence! "speak the same time, he raised his cell phone in a video recording, continued:" You will for his own phrase, to pay the price. "Not only is he, plum flowers are doing the same thing, but she's way better than the Qin Feng Ming, up to now no one noticed it. Commander face sè a change: "It gave me something to take it over, we must not allow the video to the web to go." A Republic Commando, unquestioning, directly to the man-xìng as terrorists, which if reached Online, the army finally all these years, huh glorious image, it will directly fall into the bottom of. Therefore, including Chen Sicheng, including the owner, can not sit by and watch this happen. Rob, is undoubtedly the most direct way. Several special forces around us, Mei Hui is a smart woman, knows not drag Qin Feng is the greatest help, so give her a hint ranging Qin Feng, she has volunteered retreated to the back. Qin Feng suddenly felt pleased, so he had no worries. Commando hands are holding 99 assault rifle, but Qin Feng is very clear that these are no bullets in the gun. In peacetime, the soldiers only time will receive training in shooting live ammunition, peacetime training are blanks. Gun without bullets in his hand, to be honest, not as good as than Shaohuo. For a long time, the Republican Party ** with "gun is the second soldier Mania" such criteria to train soldiers. Soldiers strict compliance with the regulations on firearms cherish degree, almost to the point of a heinous. So cynical Shaohuo can freely waving, after a big kill; gun bullets can not do, not only can not be used as a stick to make, have ceded a majority jīng take care of it. This way, special forces combat compromised. So the experience is very important, surnamed Chen is because there is no experience, they ordered heavily armed. He thought this very handsome, very impressive, no one can think fundamentally, since it is a fight over the newspaper with a rubber stick not better? Qin Feng like a tiger Botu general into the array, feitui kick turn a soldier kicked out of the tripod screw skip step back, in the middle without making any arrest, taking advantage of the body's center of gravity is just ahead, punch blasted. A split, five soldiers had been knocked to the ground, knocked over a good few tables, smashed the bench are just countless. They hand gun, really into cumbersome: even be overthrown, they have firmly in his arms; even severing the bone, and will never be able to gun crashed. See men beating squadron leader surnamed Li, immediately fly into a rage: "Well, would dare military hands, this time to see what you are good sophistry! Pressed Timberland Men's Leather him to give me myself, I want to make him a glimpse of a few horses princes Eye! "speak the same time, he pulled out a pistol at the waist. His gun, pressing a shuttle full of bullets, which he deliberately engage before departure, when I was not much thought, the spirit of the idea of ​​being prepared. Just raised his gun, not enough time to aim, virtual shadow flashed in front of him, and so when Hui Guoshen children, holding hands have become empty. "In front of me a gun, you do not qualify!" Qin Feng will be copied in his hands. Component of the right! Because of the experience of using the 92-style pistol, he immediately determine that the gun was loaded the bullet, even heavier than the last that put some pressure that clip in full 15 rounds of ammunition. Nima, do not empty the gun? Qin Feng how much I was not scared, mostly angry! You called the people's army and defend the motherland is calling, I was the one people, I do not protect it even, they even used to hold a loaded gun against I, aunt and uncle can endure absolute bear! Him a turn, stuck his left arm, fist middle squadron nose. That guy is too frightened to be won for the gun, without any preparation, a blow nose, nosebleed flying. This is not finished, Qin Feng, a move that leg sweep, turned in its sweep, and then the top gun at his head. "I told you people all stop, otherwise, you know the consequences would be like!" Qin Feng said coldly, in order to raise the stakes, he calmly opened pistol Insurance. Others do not know, surnamed Li, is too clear gun bullets. Chen Sicheng catch in front shouted: "Do not stop, no bullets in the gun, we continue on!" "Stop!" Surnamed Li screaming shouting: "Do not come, my gun bullets, 15 rounds of full Denden , everyone do not impulse! "Chen Sicheng suddenly dumbfounded, bullets? Ah you mind being kicked ass, do not come to pick individuals, but not what Desperado, why do you take a bullet, it is discipline you understand? Qin Feng a winner expression, hum laughed: "I said, you are not eligible now believe me. Guy who, things have developed to the point where you do not intend to do surnamed Wu please come out and let him see for himself orchestrated drama, but also think about how to end. "Chen Sicheng certainly will not be the fighter, he hissed:" Boy, you're dead! blatant assault officers, and military personnel fight, but also robbed gun threat officer, which together enough to shoot sins! sensible, then put the gun down for me, may get leniency. "" By now, still legendary, you can really republic good army! " Qin Feng never afraid of threats, which did not mention the threat of technical content, he told the beauty CEO, said: "Now you can call the police to jǐng, I'd like to see how they end up the way, direct call Shu jǐng spend it, you should have her number. "
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