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September 25 [Wed], 2013, 18:36
() As the saying goes, three women in a drama, living room, three women talk very happy, Yingsheng laughing constantly, so Qin less reduced to pour some tea, take a small snack two, but could not get the kind words, too much to do that, three women talking about Women's Timberland 6 Inch his series of embarrassments, Hey, put their fast built on the suffering of others, which is a very moral behavior, of course, he That is in the heart of prison sāo hair only, if the dare, then, is sure to be surrounded and attacked, and finally had a chance to speak, with the fastest rate of speech he said: "Hui Hui, Fang Fang, you're not There are many questions to ask Vicki comprehension of it, how does quickly asked, "Qin large and small self-taught, a lot of things still do not understand it themselves, can be described as a less than one half bottle bottle sloshing, he taught out of the students' problems even more, "For ah, Vicki I ask you what this sentence means," plum flowers read: "However, deliberate research jīng, Exploration Solitude, or deed you really want to know, then head cattle without full, Therefore, moving the success ...... "This is a" pass Xuangong "in the sentence, not only Mei Hui, Fang Fang also stuck in here, as did the Qin Feng is how rushed past, he could explain, Lin Caiwei start detailed explanation for the two women, and soon they became a chicken kept nodding, listening with relish, then, Fang Fang and Mei Hui successive questions, for them is an insurmountable problem, but the beauty of the forest is a piece of cake, Qin could not bear to disturb them large and small, alone destined restaurant, clean up the table large enough to draw characters better and better, the first painting in the glass on the table covered with a layer of felt, took yellow sheet of paper, cinnabar, etc. things, looking for a white porcelain dish into cinnabar, and then purified hydration open, picked up a Langhao pen, he will ink a, Keke, in fact, with Stop being a hypocrite to describe some of the more appropriate, Langhao pen dipped in a saturated cinnabar, he took a deep breath, then exhaled aggregate chest, shouted "good", and then they pen down, his research on the system operator is limited to the last time in the woods, listening to those answers forest beauty, so dare to draw characters, his confidence really is not an ordinary tough, three women were that of a "good", take them to attract the attention of all the past, "Feng brother doing," Fang Fang asked, puzzled, "Stop being a hypocrite it looks like, Vicki, you say, "Mei Hui also asked Lin beautiful smile, said:" Hui Hui sister said was right, that Stop being a hypocrite, I do not believe he will succeed, draw characters through the most basic force surgery, he did not even spend, "but look at Qin less Langhao pen turning around in his hands, before the sudden backward, feeling quite flamboyant, but three women do not think so, they are more inclined to fly chicken dog jumping the word, use the word to describe it more appropriate, penmanship, and finally put pen lift up, he Chen Sheng said: "Done," Fang Fang Lin Caiwei clutching the hand, said: "He will not be hit Grand Canal of it, really you're done, "Lin beauty shook his head, said:" It is simply a waste, the above is not a shred of spiritual power fluctuations, befuddle barely enough people do not understand, "Qin Feng pen down , raised his head and said: "Vicki, you this is easier said than done, a character pattern so complex that if you can not grasp a coherent strokes at one go, even if it is done through the power stroke, but also a symbol of waste," " So to say, you are the first practice pattern myself, "Lin beauties stood up from the couch, with three women move toward the restaurant, he shrugged:" You got that right, brother of the next one, we must use spiritual power through Over flicks, you just wait for me to applaud it, "Rejoice, sarcasm was almost right, once again dipped saturated with cinnabar, three women do not believe in the eyes, the tip slowly away toward the yellow sheet of paper, a few ten centimeters of distance, even spent a dozen seconds, before falling pen on paper, in the process, Qin Feng constantly adjust how much spiritual power, the pen is not broken, do not turn into the same stroke flying stud hairy, his ability to grasp a good trail, to know the intrusion of spiritual power, molecules inside the object will change dramatically, not to mention made of bamboo pen, even steel can Zhenduan, flicks come into contact with the paper when the strips of yellow sheet of paper obvious shock, and he rushed to spiritual power reduced by 10%, regardless of paper bear stand, began Stop being a hypocrite, with flicks of constant motion, on paper, to form a strip seemingly messy lines, patterned, Mei Hui and Fang Fang stared, a look of incredible, Lin Caiwei although she admired his psychic powers to control, but still can not quite believe that he will succeed if magic can be so easily drawn, comprehension long spell flooding, because the focus of the reason, he is full of sweat on the forehead, with the pattern of continuous improvement, yellow sheet of paper from the dead appeared before a trace of life, spiritual power fluctuations gradually produced, With the completion of the final sum, he grow breath, refused to wipe it asked: "Vicki, I succeeded yet," Lin beautiful face jīng color great, big eyes wide open rounded, mouth is also open to the maximum extent, one hand clutching his chest, one hand on the desktop, and murmured: "how could so simple, it is impossible ......" see Canada Goose Snow Bunting Sale her so an expression, Qin Feng know successful, he picked up the spell, smiled and said: "Well it is not that hard, just test once, and successful," Mei Hui asked: "Do you draw this thing, what character," "fixed body breaks , "Qin Feng replied at the same time, toward her shoulders shot go:" Hey, try really easy to use, "snapped ...... spell plum flowers shot in the right shoulder, the pattern followed by flash, then her face appeared a dull, rigid upper and lower body also followed up, "Hui Hui, you will move you," he asked, Canada Goose Solaris Parka this time in addition to eyeball will move beauty CEO, other places can not move, Lincai Wei gave him a slap in the face: "Why do you, this body will break very overbearing, and is applied in patients who can not be restored within an hour zìyóu," one hour, two hours is not that right, trouble, Qin less look of the black line, quickly picked up the plum flowers horizontal lines, while towards the side of the sofa, said: "Hui Hui you have to believe me, I did not mean that I do not know this little piece of paper there is so much destruction, you obediently lying on the sofa to rest two hours, and I give you most like to see the show tune, but we have to say is good, so you restore zìyóu, and not allowed me any trouble, "and he put that beauty CEO moment, the restaurant in the forest beauty has rolled up sleeves, Qin Feng able to, there is no reason she can not, Fang Fang in the side along the way, and my heart is the same Yueyue yù try,
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