Shen Weiwei was very true

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 15:22
Shen Yi Chen Weiwei is seen heart hair is true, now listen to this word, it is not a natural expression, like a thief was caught handling stolen goods in general. "What do you mean what you say? Do not understand." While listening to the tone of Chen Yi, have seen through her tricks, but she still pretend to know nothing of the way, to look at their teeth. The old saying goes: frank sit in a hole; resist strict, home for the holiday. "Let's understand people understand, do not understand people still do not understand, these words have a point." Chen Yi still seemed so calm, without any earthly emotions. "Never forget, my uncle Renzai good." Shen Weiwei, then listen to these words floating in the ears, feeling weighing over jin, have said that to understand and do not understand the extent of the ...... "This guy always give our home delivery goods, so ...... "Shen Weiwei ready honest account began,, Chen Yi was interrupted:" So do not say 200 pound, 2000 pound, he would not frown, right? "" probably yes bar. "Shen Weiwei was very true, for fear that her behavior give money to stimulate the nerve to Chen Yi, and quickly said:" Uncle you do not get angry ah, I really mean nothing else! "" You had good intentions to help me , I was born and what gas? "Chen Yi faint smile, said:" Do you think I've been sensitive to just be a little grace to feel himself in the realm of Chiruan Fan? Then you misjudge my skinned it. "This faint smile, North Face Gore Outlet like a ray of warm chūn wind blew away the hearts of apprehension and Shen Weiwei yīn haze. "Well, I know uncle who is not so hypocritical." "Actually, I really psychological level is 50, did not think it gives you a direct offer for 500, really black ah." Chen Yi Parka Canada Goose said that, do a little more exaggerated facial expressions. "Uh, not for your uncle later dropped to 200 Well, let pits him a good even after all our career has just started, even if he sponsored." Shen Weiwei mouth to say, but my mind was thinking: 500 pound count a cheap guy. Move the little girl mouth, turn his millions of business directly to the PASS out, he would be willing to bargain? This year, everyone is not stupid, he is not to learn from Lei Feng. However, the uncle who is to face, work stress, can not do it. "Otherwise, the next point to give him lower price?" Shen said Vicki with a questioning tone: "I know you do not want others to suffer uncle." "He probably could eat deficit, the next had price increases." Chen Yi said: " I offer 50, because it is the first batch of goods, not the market, have to give people some sweeteners eat, but this fruit value, definitely more than such a point does not believe you see, he would chase prices. " Shen Weiwei This will be listening to understand, Chen Yi reason do not get angry, do not mind eating "soft rice", it is because he did not think it was his to give him give money, this money will not only earn hard gas, but also slightly ate loss . Uncle xìng this grid, seem very casual, very good way to deal with, but encountered what he considers a matter of principle, is really a stone toilet, smelly and hard! However, this is the man should temper. So now there is a man of principle, really less and less, one looking at the money, just like watching fathers, anxious knees. "Not surprisingly, then, the guy is soon to come, we took advantage of today when the mouth, get another one hundred pounds of fruit out." Chen Yi a look at the time, almost went to 24 hours, and he and Chen Weiwei with picking the fruit. The Lida Shu is trying to help, Chen Yi walked over, secretly stuffed a thousand dollars in his pocket. While the action is very light, but once it was discovered. "Chen teacher, what are you doing?" Lida Shu hard to put money back into the hands of Chen Yi, said nothing. "Lida Shu you busy busy, and we make money, have your copy, reasonable in the circumstances is a must." Chen Yi categorically said: "This is the rule!" "I'm busy, which can help much ah, all your science teacher Chen work, I nothing more than a hand, so that the point force. "Lida Shu waved their hands. "Make it the power to take money." Chen Yi said: "Let's make this a sum of twenty thousand, a thousand points, it is not too much, there Xieshao up." Then he lowered his voice, gently said: "You see that girl Vicki, that is pishi quit, light waiting cents, I'm not properly her partner ah, so this money you have received, or else I was sorry." "Female doll out of the force can be a lot of Oh, look at her climb to pick the child, the general town girl, how casually as she did on the tree? "Lida Shu paused, finally received only one bill:" If you have received a maximum of one hundred! "one hundred in his concept, it is already not a small sum of money. "Well, let's continue next settlement." Chen Yi sigh, he knew these simple country folk, in which principles are obstinacy. This is one thousand dollars, he is in any case impossible collected. Then give it a few good points. Lida Shu took a hundred bucks, I feel embarrassed, work harder, and almost did not let Chen Yi and Chen Weiwei hands, soon to pick a lot of fruit, Chen Yi put these fruit thrown disinfection, the into the water and the "recipe", and then began lying asleep on the grass. Skilled people, that is so enjoyable, not asleep put income-generating livelihoods ...... Chen Yi expected, the next morning, the boss came, saw Chen Yi, the two shine. Uh, rather, is to see the fruit ...... "Brother, what are you fruit though expensive to outrageous, the taste is just in general, but run into a few friends, especially like to eat, so I give them more points, I myself do not care , but fail to beat them, you have to buy and then come back. "boss Chen Yi of the call, directly from the" young man "has become a brother, just an opening, or habit xìng to want to keep the prices down. Businessman, how can not change habits. Shen Weiwei had wanted to stand out as a bargain like yesterday, that fellow will certainly obediently prices. But yesterday listening to Chen Yi confidently say that this guy will take the initiative to chase their prices, some are not convinced of her. Business people, who may not be a good class, eat a piece of meat, bones, never mind the above, and can not wait for the inside of the bone marrow to the absorption, who take the initiative to give you a price? Either look at the girl's face, let you a discount are good. Hmmm, a rare look at a kind uncle, first open our eyes today. Wait until the uncle die, and then the girl personally appeared, to turn the tide, and let Uncle understand that he can not do without me! "The boss, very unfortunately, ah, I have these fruits may not be able to sell it to you." Unfortunately Chen Yi shook his head: "I thought, this destruction of the ecological environment, things can not do it again. then stay here, I how worthy of future generations? "At this point not to mention the boss, even Shen Weiwei are almost scared a somersault flutter to the ground: This is what Uncle thinking ah, somehow? "Brother, do not joke with me, you'll feel a low price is not?" The boss is very direct when he said: "In 200 price, the price is already sky-high, and people lack Tunxiang.", "Money does not really a question of money, I consider is the harmony between man and the environment. "Chen Yi a very serious face and said:" can not order a little money, you do anything, we must respond to the call, take the road of sustainable development. "Shen Weiwei almost Yun Cai, evil uncle is sort of hit? This boss touches Za point out flavors, and a very foreboding in my mind: Is there anything else people are eyeing this fruit, and out of the higher price? Well, certainly the case, otherwise this kid how could such a drag? It is also only willing to bid 50 yesterday, and today I felt 200 low? The only explanation is that someone compete! Environmental protection? Nima pull eggs too! All of a sudden, he felt tremendous pressure. Yesterday came, he is simply to curry favor with Miss Shen Tai, but totally did not expect really dug treasure. Those Taoyuan fruit pull back yesterday, he did not sell them, but after a good package, four Song Renqing, the result was surprisingly good effect. This year, send something that is a very difficult thing, simply give money already obsolete. If the relationship is not hard enough, people simply can not close, so only send so many pains antiques or something, not necessarily to be seen touched upon; yesterday whim, he sent a fruit night received the results Many phone, asked him to help buy some ...... this inside, not a little bit of the profits of the fruit. Even cut his flesh, and he also have to send out the fruit. Besides, even if not to give, through their own channels to sell high-end market, it will certainly make a small fortune. Today came, he also self-confident, thinking is a private business, how significant are easily won, might even make a discount for each purchase something, did not think, there are people actually cross into a thick stick! "Brother, you tell me the truth, you receive the highest bid is how much?" This boss gritted his teeth, cross the next one mind: "I'm at the highest, based on plus 50!" "This is not about the money thing." Chen Yi relaxed and shook his Canada Goose Mystique Parka head. "Plus 100!" "Can be re-earned money was gone, the environment did not, then we've got nothing." "Plus 300!" "You are insulting me money, I said, and not about the money." "plus 1000!" "Damn you how this man so afraid I count you. Transaction!" (Yesterday sleep when they are seventh, and night waking, and gave to get the end, almost on the next home of this world rhythm, really getting old wet do not understand. pursuing big guy more effort, we struggled for almost a week's results, not sleepwalk on wood of the bar. seeking recommendations votes, seeking collection.)
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