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September 27 [Fri], 2013, 16:39
() "And so on, Song brother, I did not understand it, you said slowly, my jade how a Reform?" Chen Yi in jade has indeed was a rookie, very sincere and asked: "What is the yang green, what is emerald, what is the difference between the two? "Song Dong completely silent: would someone actually asked this question, is simply too wonderful work! "Go big difference, the many times it." Song Dong such an interpretation is both intuitive and vivid, do not bother, so Chen Yi suddenly understand: Who cares, anyway, more valuable. "I said, you are not the other brothers for a piece of jade, carved into the same style ah?" Song Dong really can not understand this wonderful phenomenon, this is the only explanation is reasonable to think of it. But this thing, it should not be difficult to verify their own to ask jade fasting, there had been an emerald, carved jade with their same style, not on it? "You look at me like Song brother jade afford people?" Chen Yi helpless shrug: "It is poor to chink, soon reduced to the point where Hexibeifeng, really want this brother playing the Song autumn big capitalists. "" Brother ah, do not laugh Na Gege it. "do not believe in killing Song Dong Chen Yi real money. Perhaps less cash flow, but by virtue of his superb talent and exquisite craft, as long as there is money in mind, to ensure that extra cash, unstoppable. If, just say if it is really him from the sun green jade disc into the emerald, it is no different with the skills of a Midas touch. Nothing on the Mens North Face Ski Outlet plate after playing jade, profits than selling to a large white do not know how many times ...... "Brother, I am here yesterday to start a piece of jade, or you help me dig disc tray?" Song Dong did not know is out of test school mentality, or let jade appreciation, in short, come up with a jade, Chen Yi would like to help raise a raise. "Well." Chen Yi actually no opinion on this. Anyway, it is raining smacking - idle is idle, say that he also wants to understand. Drops of water body is not really magical Midas touch to the point. If just one of jade, one by his own hand, the value will be able to increase the number of times a hundred times, it earned twenty million, it is also worthwhile six months time? Basically half won. Song Dong took out of jade, carefully looked at. Even as a very professional rookie, Chen Yi can see at a glance, this piece of jade into sè, this is better than their own, of course. Refers to the state before the disk playing. Logically speaking, this piece of jade better foundation, the potential is even greater now. More like a gifted athlete, through professional training, enhance the space qualification definitely better than mediocre is much higher. But Chen Yi on the piece of jade hands, was surprised to find that your body drops, and did not produce any slightest feeling of sympathy. This is how it was. Drops are not eager to moisten jade it? Now a good jade on the front, how not move. In order to test, Chen Yi gets himself a piece of jade on the hands, suddenly felt drops of water there was a reaction. Surging. "This piece of jade, is not xìng has never lived up?" As a rookie, Chen Yi can only think of such a possibility xìng. "I did not live xìng? Impossible ah." Song Dong kept shaking his head: "You look at this as sè, the degree of purity and refinement Where might not dynamic, long-time members keep it up, and will definitely getting better. "Song Dong in expertise above. Chen Yi to be significantly higher than the more solid, he said so, and certainly nothing wrong. Chen Yi to wonder: is clearly a good jade, how in their own hands, but there is no resonance of it? Piece of jade, with their own what difference does it? The thought of this "own", Chen Yi suddenly thought a move, which will not vest because the reason. Own piece of jade, is in the original stone inside, he himself detected, that is, before the finished product is not the main thing. Playing an inappropriate analogy, it's like a baby, it was claimed not sensible, and that for him, father is the biological father. The Song Dong piece of jade, is already a finished product, like is has grown to a certain age children, you have to do his stepfather, it would certainly be excluded. Of course, if you are a girl, you have to do her godfather, it is another matter ...... uh, beside the point. "Song brother, sorry, I can not rent this piece of jade." Chen Yi apologetic tone, said, and my heart is also a sigh: hey, it seems that the business of Midas touch, is not so easy to do. But this is normal, if you can no section cāo everywhere as godfather, that brother would not become a money machine. "Unable to disk?" Song Dong Yi Chen somewhat surprised at this statement, this kid has not started working plate it, can not say, this is not too easy excuse rude. Well obviously a pretext, but think also, no reason why he should do to help me raise jade? "Let's brothers, they do not say so beating around the bush. Piece of jade if the appreciation I would certainly not indifferent." Song Dong and bad speak of money, but there obviously is full of words imply, definitely not mistreats Chen Yi. "Song brother, that is not a question of money, this piece of jade, I feel the energy." Song Dong Chen Yi know misunderstood, thinking that they look at the money, he explained the sentence: "I keep jade way, very strange , we must feel the energy, but I feel the vitality, with the ordinary standard is completely different. "words are said this sake, Song Dong had nothing to say, even though his heart is still some doubts, but I know not France reluctantly. What's more, one for him, what of jade, compared with Chen Yi befriend, cotton, is really not important. "Then next time we'll talk the way, that the wine you yīn Scriptures to study how Mens North Face Denali Fleece Outlet the earth?" Song Dong is a very experienced person, homeopathy changed the subject, but said he is very interested in things: "The last time that the wine brewing, and now a month passed quickly, the situation is how the?" "Tomorrow is just a month, can be baked." Chen Yi In this regard, it was filled with hope. This can severely a fortune, came out to see the results of tomorrow. "Tomorrow, ah, I really can not wait." Song Dong a, felt worm hook up the wine, not greedy manner, and quickly said: "Then we went back to the village, I live in thee tonight a , so North Face Ski Outlet that the delay time on the road tomorrow. "Look at this posture, really do not want to wait even one minute. ...... Evening, the two returned to Taoyuan Village, I found the old summer gone, presumably because of the upcoming birthday, as the protagonist, naturally, is to go back to co-ordinate arrangements. And birthday a few days before, there must be a lot of people come to visit, Father was not at home not. Strange to say, the old is not reasonable to say that the summer, here is dominated by the old Don, who knew the old Don is gone, but did not take the time to Chen Yi a phone, but left a note and said to go back to live a few days, and then over. Tian Tian also put to the summer time, you can bring it together, to save the little princess every day, clamoring to see his brother. Uh, unconsciously, must go to when the summer vacation, the school's sāo years who also fast almost a bar exam? Chen Yi suddenly remembered that he still has a "future teachers" status, this time gave ignored, not at all concerned about sāo years have grown up, dereliction of duty, ah. So he made a call Vicki Shen. "Oh, you actually remember my uncle is really the sun from the west, ah." Just a phone connected, Shen Weiwei side tone is very unhappy, but also mixed with a hint of excitement, as well as a hint of powerlessness: " I now feel like a palace ...... uh, outside the palace minister, always waiting for His Majesty summoned. "Khan, Look That is right, His Majesty the Emperor brother are into it. Overbearing brother feel good, she looks good wronged. Yes, she had wanted to talk palace what? Eunuch, the maid? Uh, that would not be right to say concubine ...... "It's not thinking about the final exam you have to do, how can I interfere with your teacher preparing for, let it distract you?" Plausibly Chen Yi said: "Yes, the teacher gave you martial arts Cheats, come in handy no? '"usefulness is simply too big!" one of those talking about Chen Yi cheating nirvana, Shen Weiwei feelings were suddenly flying up: "Uncle ah, you not only save time me a man, but to save a group of people and we struggled in the incomparable environment to a very full battle jīng God, strong tenacious willpower, jīng wonderful exquisite fit, staged scenes of heroic struggle history, achieved the stage of the revolution xìng victory! "I rely on, not that cheating on exams Well, like the epic as confused, do not know yet that you are to the founding of the ...... uh, words can not talk nonsense, one will be sent The courier arrived. "Examination passed like, once summer vacation, good to play, to travel a trip or something. Let's see the next semester." Chen Yi a sāo years who pass the exam, will be assured, feel good to hang the phone. "What, next semester see? Uncle what are you doing airplanes, this lady wants Zhizou? No way! Hey, hey ......" Shen Weiwei reluctantly came to hear the phone beeps, almost did not hit excitedly the phone. "Well, the lady with you forever! I've thought of a plan to give you a good time to surprise surprise, wow Kaka!" Of course, her belly full of bad water, Chen Yi is not known. He slept well, until the next big morning, knock on the door in the Song in the East, did not wake up. "Song brother, sleep well last night?" Song Dong Chen Yi looked slightly puffy eyes, asked: "Is not your condition worse, not suited to?" "You let me sleep palace, I could not sleep, ah, looking forward to today's wine yet. "Song of the East a change to rì placid, an edgy posture. Khan, not that wine Well, what all the fuss, Look at point breath. Calm, to be like brother so calm, considered practicing home. Chen Yi how much my heart still some disdain, With such a mood, he opened the brewery door ...... (to be continued. Mobile phone users please read.)
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